Let it be known that the summer’s leftover sun in September has some sort of magical carryover power when it comes to spring-trend fever. That round of fashion week never fails to make you wish you could rewind right back back to June for a thousand outfit re-dos (Why didn’t I do THAT with my dresses? Why did I completely ignore the color yellow?) and yet come the following May — a full nine months later, hey baby! — it all looks lovely and fresh.

After new New York Fashion Week ended last September season, we highlighted the thirteen trends (a word to be used loosely post-2010) we most identified with. These were the ones we found exciting while sweating in an isn’t-it-still-August denial, before the Paris shows could turn the heat up higher. These were the ones that had to hold. Would they?

Look at your calendar, then look outside: the answer is a resounding yes, which is why we’re here celebrating right now.

Narrowed down from a baker’s dozen to a high five are a handful of trends to consider or try. Scroll down to see runway creations out in the wild and get excited for what’s to come…

Why, summer, of course!

1. Synchronized Country Club Kids

Tory Burch blazer, skirt and cardigan and swim cap; Miu Miu jacket, stole and swim cap

Clothes in a pastel palette, suited-up shorts and all things antithetical to jeans — these are the things you’ll think you need to pair pearls with…but you won’t. Too literal. Instead, for novelty’s sake, slip your feet into funky, rubber pool slides. Just remember: no running!

2. Space Clothes for Moon Women

Creatures of the Wind dress, Pawaka sunglasses; Creatures of the Wind top, Tome skirt, Birkenstock shoes, Pawaka sunglasses

Shiny metallic fabrics catch the summer breeze with more ease than you’d think. You still need SPF, but the tinfoil-like nature of these pieces offers great brain protection from outer-space aliens.

3. Your Call: Dresses Over Pants or Pants Under Dresses

Creatures of Comfort dress and pants, Marcela B. shoes

If a giant dress is summer’s wearable fan, think of pants like a shady spot. Both keep you cool, but together? Heaven

Dion Lee dress and pants, Rosie Assoulin shirt, Edun shoes

4. Yellow is the New Orange

Prada skirt, top and shoes

Boost local lemonade sales by wearing subliminal messages that aren’t so subtle.

Jil Sander dress
, Trademark shoes

5. Let’s Wrap This Up With a Bow: Stripes and Rainbow Ribbons

Rosie Assoulin shirt, Adam Selman dress; Ports 1961 dress and blazer, Diane von Furstenberg belt, Tory Burch shoes

The clash-ier, the better.

Now let loose and splash into it!

Modeled by Giwa Huang and Lau Van Londerzele of APM Models NY; follow Giwa @wawagi and Lau @lauravanlonderzele on Instagram. Photos by Edith Young, styled by Amelia Diamond with market assistance by Elizabeth Tamkin.

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  • Harling Ross

    GOODNESS GRACIOUS i am so in love with this shoot.

    • Jillian Colin

      me tooooooooooo! gorgeous + i LOVE those polka dot Marcela B. shoes ( heart eye emoji here )

  • dietcokehead

    Oh great, now I desperately need the perfect “Beautiful Girl” montage-esque swim cap.

  • Mary

    Beautiful shoot and styling but this story is so far down the front page I would have missed it if not for some dedicated scrolling!!

  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    This shoot is wild (in a you guys did this?!??!!) way. CHILLS.

  • I watched the behind-the-scenes Insta story of this shoot and was anxiously awaiting it, and it sure does not disappoint! GORGEOUS images @ Edith!! Another MR winner

  • Christel Michelle

    I love this, and feel like I need to start wearing swim caps in lieu of dad caps. THX.

  • arthuranddaughters1

    Loved this! Please do more editorial

  • Georgie

    I love this so so much! Where are the shoes from in the countryclub look?

  • I’m into all of this. BEAUTIFUL shoot. Seriously inspirational.


    WOW so Amelia really killed it eh? My reflections:
    1. The all striped on striped on striped on striped look is really the only way stripes should be worn for eternity.
    2. That all Prada look. Thank god you didn’t even mix or match it. It’s perfection. I almost crashed my car when this Prada skirt was in the window at Holt Renfrew (Canada folks) and just screamed out loud as I almost crashed because what.a.story if I crashed while literally day dreaming of every single goddamn way I’d be wearing that butter yellow Prada skirt. My mom would obviously yell at me when I retold the story.
    3. That yellow Jil Sander. As my brother says, “Say no more”, and in that fragment, it says everything in three words that aren’t I love you.

    But Amelia, yes yes y’all to all of this.

  • Oana

    Brilliant shoot you guys! Looks super professional, could have easily mistaken it for a shoot taken from pages of Vogue!

  • Wow!! I am feeling all of these looks, especially the yellow ones!

  • Senka

    And now, thanks to Man Repeller I really want a pair of those satin Trademark slipers with pompom. Also that Miu Miu jacket.

  • Molly

    I just got a yellow dress and I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about it. Now I feel pleased with my purchase 🙂 #lemonbabe

  • Jenny

    Love this photo shoot! Also like the stripe dress!! 🙂