16 Important Animal Instagram Accounts to Follow ASAP

Consider this my dissertation.

Collage by Maria Jia Ling Pitt, photo by Teddy the Shetland via @teddytheshetland.

Pet Instagram accounts are my favorite genre of literature. To say I was born to review them would be to understand me deeply and implicitly. My Instagram feed is essentially an animal slideshow, interrupted only by the odd meme and occasional outfit. I keep a tight ship. It’s stuffed with quadrupeds. There’s almost nothing I love more than a paw, but a claw or hoof will do.

Animals are perfect. For one, they can’t speak. Contrary to popular and scientific belief, this puts them ahead of the human species by several evolutionary leaps. Humans simply can’t be trusted. We ruin everything and never understand each other. Pondering what a person is thinking is stressful; pondering what an animal is thinking is my personal passion. They inspire me to live a simpler life. They’re pure little angels.

Pet IG accounts, just like animals themselves, are never braggadocious, spicy or dramatic unless you want them to be. They never have ulterior motives. Unless they’re selling you something, which — listen, animals make the cutest sales associates. Kylie Jenner selling weight-loss tea is annoying. A cat selling a Pavlovian-esque automatic feeder is adorable and meta.

None of this is new information for the modern heart-having Instagram user. We all know our our Toasts, our Grumpy Cats, our Marnies, our Lil Bubs, our Menswear Dogs, our Cats of Instagrams, but do you know your Pinpins, your Pumpkins, your Bagels? It’s time to get more niche. Below, I’ve catalogued 16 of my personal favorite animal Instagram accounts. This is a mere starter pack. And I’ll warn you, I have very specific tastes. Also, please consider my self-editing re: the number of cats on this list as the sole token of my restraint henceforth. Then go ahead and tag the shit out of your fave animal IG accounts below because there’s always room for more on MY feed.

Below, my recs, categorized by [a loose definition of] species.

Raccoon: @pumpkintheraccoon

Pumpkin is chill as fuck. First of all, she lives with two dogs. Second of all, she’s a fucking raccoon living in a house. She sits on the couch like this exclusively and she breaks into the trash constantly because she’s LITERALLY a raccoon. Follow immediately.

Guinea pig: @ludwik_guinea_pig

A post shared by Ludwik (@ludwik_guinea_pig) on

Ludwik is a hairless guinea pig and he’s incredible. His facial hair is genuinely stomach-turning. All of his posts are styled shoots and all his captions are shallow, unattributed aphorisms. This one was: “Be strong. You never know who you’re inspiring.” Where’s the lie?

Shih tzu: @dailydougie


A post shared by Dougie the Shih Tzu (@dailydougie) on

Dougie is a living stuffed animal genetically engineered to turn your heart into a dog bed. His ears are always fashioned into a chic bob and his body is stuffed with cotton. Follow.

Squirrel: @sara4309 

A post shared by sara (@sara4309) on

Sara4309 is bold, and not just because her handle has four numbers at the end of it like a popular girl’s AIM screen name in 1998. Her knit bowler hats are out of style and yet look on-point. I can’t say I know a lot about Sara4309 personally because all of her captions are in Japanese, but her life is colorful & inspiring, so.

Hedgehog: @theadventuresofhedgy

This is an account for six animal siblings, but you’re going to want to concern yourself primarily with Hedgy and Lulu, the hedgehogs. Reason being they’re palm-sized dreams come true and look like the above. All beach photos that aren’t this photo suck from now on.

Fluffy cat: @brimleycat

When you see the treat bag opening…

A post shared by Brimley (@brimleycat) on

Brimley has a talent for exceeding expectations. My jaw drops every single day, I’m not kidding. He looks exactly like Wilford Brimley, his namesake, but is somehow always smiling. Brimley is a meowing cloud pillow that can solve all your problems. Follow and see for yourself.

Goat: @goats_gone_grazing_acres

A post shared by @goats_gone_grazing_acres on

Goats Gone Grazing Acres is not just one goat, but a goat farm. More bang for your buck, really. I have to admit it took me a min to get on board with goats, as I think they often look taxidermied or something (why so stiff?). But, not to exaggerate, this account makes me want to live out the rest of my days on a goat farm.

Chinchilla: @chinnybuddy

Mr. Bagel is a chinchilla that will make your forget bad things happen. Please look at his ears. His eyes are absolutely 180 degrees from each other. His fur looks softer than silk and his tiny rotund body will add two days to your lifespan every time you look at it. Trust me.

Lizard: @macgyverlizard

MacGyver is gigantic lizard who loves grapes. Follow MacGyver so that you can constantly send all the posts to your friends who don’t find it funny or cute. I send out MacGyver posts almost every day and it’s never appreciated. I love my friends!

Pekingese: @wontonsoup_the_peke

I cry every time Wonton posts a photo, especially if it’s a slow-motion video of him running, which is about 50% of the account, thank god. Wonton is a mop with eyes. I cannot confirm he has any limbs nor do I think he needs them. Follow.

Halloween cat: @graveskullthepersian

This cat gives her mom MASSAGES. You heard it here fucking first. Graveskull makes me livid on a daily basis, as I’m convinced she’s too perfect and was created to shame my own cat, @bug.tv, for not being affectionate nor sitting in his cat condo like a grownup cat. Graveskull and I are in a fight actually. But you should still follow, the content is hot.

Bulldog: @3bulldogges

Sumo, Ayumi, Tonka and Mochi are the four dog sibs behind 3bulldogges, but who’s counting? These dogs are extremely relaxed. Looking at this account is akin to attending therapy and/or going to the spa. Don’t know why you wouldn’t follow?

Bunny: @exempelthebunny

Exempel is half-bunny, half-koala and enjoys more outdoor activities than I do. His name resembles a misspelling of the word example, but I’ve managed to look past that because his ears have been scientifically proven to make me more optimistic and it’s working.

Pony: @teddytheshetland

A post shared by @teddytheshetland on

It’s important to follow a pony on Instagram. In fact, it’s required. Teddy is a tiny blond one with attitude and tbh he’s very relatable and down-to-earth. He loves dogs and horses alike and hates leaving work late on Fridays. Don’t touch that dial A.K.A. follow.

Wolf: @atchoumfan

A post shared by Atchoum (@atchoumfan) on

Jk this is also a cat. LOOK. AT. HIM!!!! He looks like a werewolf cat!!! Atchoum is low-key one of the best IG follows out there. He has a disorder that makes his hair grow and the side effect is that he always looks surprised. I love him so much. Please please follow. #hairynotscary

Chill wildlife, generally: @chillwildlife

If you take nothing away from this except one thing, let if be Chill Wildlife. It’s peak animal Instagram and every post is exceptional and meaningful. Look at this creature. It’s a sphere. If you love yourself, you’ll follow this account.

Okay that’s all…FOR NOW. Please share your faves below!

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  • Holy crap, I don’t follow animal Instagrams… but I might make an exception for Teddy the shetland (horse lover here) and MacGyver the lizard (reptile lover too).

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Kadence

    @mybestfriendhank is a pet mini pig whose content does NOT disappoint (watch all videos of him running immediately)

  • Great suggestions, have added many more to my list of animals to follow! While you were restrained with the cats could I recommend: gupitaro – giant ginger cat, he’s so fat and the english captions are hilarious (e.g. ‘Guppy is thick’, ‘White pantie’, ‘Shuttle shape’), cobythecat – most beautiful cat ever, and maamiff – these cats do everything together.

  • lychette

    Where is the dachsie? where is it?

  • Katy

    This is amazing and I have so much to say.
    @msasiakinney, Lady Gaga’s french bulldog, is the actual queen of Instagram. She was in a Coach ad and on the cover of Bazaar and is more fab than all of us.
    Just go look at @venustwofacecat and @lilbunnysueroux, no explanation needed.
    Also, @wolfgang2242 is the world’s sweetest man who lives with like a million senior dogs, a potbellied pig, a bunny, a chicken, and more. And yeah, they all cuddle.

  • Meg S

    Gasps in horror. How can we forget rescuegoats?! https://www.instagram.com/rescuegoats/

    • Kate Barnett

      i’m not sure why i thought rescue goats would be therapy goats for people, but the reality is equally as wonderful.

  • belle


    @saipua is MISSING form this list! all kinds of animals working/living on a FLOWER FARM.

    And of course, Smoothie and Milkshake!

    EDIT: How did I forget Hank the pig? @mybestfriendhank

  • Lola

    The cutest cloud you will ever encounter would have to be @ oliver_the_cat_416 on instagram. Please drop a follow if you love yourself<3

  • Stella Ray

    @shrampton the Scottish fold cat needs to be on this list!!

  • Rau

    Been loving Pumpkin for a while, best IG ever! Thank you for the MacGyver discovery – this has been an instant crush <4

  • Kay Nguyen

    Awwwww the raccoon one is so cute! Thanks for making me stay on IG even longer than normal <3


  • Chandler

    My favorite account is @george2legs, the standing cat.

  • Melanie Gershman

    i might be biased but @ruby_dog.rb is a gem.

  • elpug

    @gusandxena are my babies

  • Emily

    Plz make the word “Account” plural in the headline? Plz??

    Love you MR!!

  • Kyra

    Amazing! This pretty much sums up my Instagram feed as well!
    You should check out:
    @owenthegriff (a Canadian Brussels griffin who walks backwards through doorways)
    @tunameltsmyheart (a chiweenie with a shrivel neck who looks like Mr.Burns)
    @wolfgang2242 (shining stars: Edna and her spandex suits, and Phyllis’ hair post chemo)
    @goatsofanarchy (special needs baby goats, need you say more?)
    @susiethedog (their dad is the creator of HONY, and Simon’s captions are written with a lisp)

  • Sheila T.

    what, no wiener dogs??

    • T


      • Sheila T.

        i follow so many wiener dogs on instagram but NONE OF THESE so thank you for adding to my collection!!!

  • TinySoprano

    @daphne_bulldog is the sweetest wrinkly girl, and often has sweet little body positive tags and captions.

  • Mere Strcklnd


    • Haley Nahman


    • ESW

      I mean do we know how Pumpkin identifies, really?

      • Haley Nahman

        just reading this now and lol’d. TRUE

  • Meg Ramsay

    Omg, this article is my life. I agree that Animals are WAY better than humans. Thank you so much, this is just the post i’ve been dreaming of!! hahahaha
    Some of my faves:
    … #catlady

    Love Meg from Paris @ its.meg-ramsay.com

  • Bo

    I started a pet account called @dogpatreview which provided followers with a video of different dog petting techniques accompanied by a broken english description of said technique, its desired effect, and handy tips for successful dog petting. I expected a lot more follower submissions but have understandably received zero, which is not entirely unsurprising considering I have 15 followers and I know for a fact that 4 of them are friends of mine who don’t even own dogs

  • This is the post I have always needed in my life

    – Natalie

  • Barbara Höfler

    sorry sorry sorry guys. deadly missing: @schaefchenzaehlen a german account with all included SHEEPS, NAZIS, ESCAPISM, NATURE, FUCKING #VANLIFE !!!

  • @juniperfoxx for a happy snaggletoothed fox that occasionally paint-dances

  • ESW

    I follow Marlon Bundo, the Pence family rabbit. The fact that they have a rabbit named Marlon Bundo puts tiresome qualifications on my hatred for Mike Pence.

  • Christel Reid

    @rafthegriffon is my fucking hero.

  • Autumn

    To go along with your naked guinea pig:

  • Karyanna Truby

    @hosico_cat is amazing

  • Crystal

    Goats of Anarchy is also worth the space in your feed!

  • Kayla Hoem

    @morttheworrywart is an artsy chameleon!! @cuyiisanotter is an active otter with attitude. @runnerduckies, @gustheduck, and @duckduo are accounts of some standing ducks. @kuuowl is an awesome owl 🦉 account. I can’t believe @thekangaroosanctuary hasn’t been mentioned. @menwithcats is funny. @officiallyshelby is hilarious #mood! @this_girl_is_a_squirrel @colinthebunny @heygizmo is one of my absolute faves @mycatkyle @underbiteunite

  • Anna Morris

    Great list, I also recommend https://www.instagram.com/b_w_animals/ there are the nicest black and white animals! I adore him!

  • doublecurl

    putting in another vote for @wolfgang2242!!! the pack brings me so much joy

  • Simone B

    More worthwhile guinea pig IG

  • DJ M

    @buddyistheshihtzu is low key adorable!

  • Grace Highland

    You’re right… chilledwildlife is the best! Thanks for the tip.

  • Cara

    Doug the Pug! @itsdougthepug

  • Abbey Leroux

    @pamlovesferrariboys She’s hilarious and has an inspirational fashion sense.”live fast die young bulldogs do it well”

  • Amanda Gervais

    Sweetie the Capybara!! @sweetiecapy

  • Bruno Maiorana

    @mylastvacation if you want to follow the adventures of a dog on the road

  • Charlotte Roseanne

    Don’t forget Onlylongdoggos and Animalsdoingstuff 👌

  • Viivi

    Dusty and Otter, the most awesome ducks! And look at those hairdos!


  • Kelsey Tyler

    @huxxi – a pug from Japan, who will, without fail, fall asleep in the bathtub every week.
    @theladyshortcake – a rescue pibble who has a permanent smile on her face at all times.
    @this_girl_is_a_squirrel – jill is a squirrel who seems to live a pretty posh life with her rescue mom.

  • j23

    @goldilocksandthewolf for beautiful huskies and dramatic ice scenery