Alexa Chung’s New Clothing Line is So Alexa Chung

And she knows it


Alexa Chung has the rare ability to reinvent her look again and again while retaining the identifiable elements of her personal style. By that, I mean you can glance at one of her outfits from 2009 and another from 2017 and they will appear totally different, yet still equally and unequivocally Alexa-esque.

She has handily distilled the essence of this deeply ingrained style DNA into 145 wearable pieces for her debut namesake collection, ALEXACHUNG. She unveiled it yesterday in a Danish church next to Regent’s Park in London. A choir of angels (JK they were human girls) sang “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys in unison as models walked down the aisle. An explosion of pink confetti rained down during the finale. I know all of this because I watched the show on Instagram stories. The whole thing reminded me of that scene in Love Actually during Keira Knightley’s wedding when the surprise balcony choir starts singing “All You Need is Love” and everyone is overcome with joy and gladness.

The setting was just gravy, though. Let’s talk about the turkey a.k.a. the clothes. They are really good. The entire collection feels approachable without looking cheap and thoroughly encapsulates everything you love about Alexa Chung’s style without turning it into a gimmick: overalls, ruffles, striped suiting, Peter Pan collars and trench coats chief among them.

A few weeks ago, she told Italian Vogue that she included certain pieces in this first collection, “so as not to disappoint the writers of articles predicting what it was I would make.” I had to laugh. Chung’s wry self-awareness is undoubtedly part of what’s helped cement her status as a style icon. She is adept at marketing herself.

And thank goodness for that, because Alexa Chung has great taste, and she knows how to translate that taste into what I like to call “street style staples” — cool things that cool people buy and actually wear again and again because their distinctiveness doesn’t come at the expense of their functionality.

ALEXACHUNG is see-now-buy-now, so you can get your hands on this stuff immediately. It’s currently available at Matches, Selfridges and I’ve already got the green metallic dress and rainbow choker in my cart.

All photos via ALEXACHUNG.

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  • Bailey Stark

    How do I get my hands on every piece of clothing presented here? Alexa Chung can do no fashion wrong.

  • Lou

    Anyone else love Alexa’s personal style but think these designs are mediocre at best?

    • Abby

      I’ve yet to find a line I’ve been super impressed with that was created by a ~fashion person~ like Alex Chung. It seems like their personal style doesn’t generally translate well to design? I wish it did, though, cause I basically want to be her.

    • kjrobot

      Some are good. But I kinda wish she’d done something even more expected if that makes sense.

    • Hester

      Boring indeed

    • CicelyTysonisInfinite

      precisely. looks like Madewell & H&M with some vintage threads thrown in—i went online thinking it was a collaboration with a major retailer, nope, the prices are designer level. i bet the show was amazing and she puts things together beautifully—and no question, has contributed to us rethinking fashion—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are a designer. some of us cultivate gorgeous homes but aren’t the architects, n’est-ce pas?

    • Rachel Dlugatch

      I’m so bored by this collection =/ – lots of the “staples” you could find better in other places, and nothing really looks all that unique.

    • Olivia AP

      Yes. The fabrics are cheap looking. My love for her style remains unchanged though. Hope next time clothes are better

    • Anna

      i feel like the whole point of the line is to just look very casual and laidback. i really like her stuff!

  • Martina Dörr

    Love the jumpsuits and boho dresses!!

    I am currently doing a study about Instagram, and it would be lovely
    if some fellow man repeller readers could help me out by answering it 🙂 🙂

    Thanks xoxo

  • The designs are okay, but the styling is GAP at its finest and looks like you can purchase them at Topshop. Unfortunately, the spirit of Alexa Chung and the way she wears her clothes don’t translate well with this collection and the selection of models. Perhaps, Alexa Chung’s style is not transferrable! Look at Stella McCartney’s first collection and where she is now, we’ll have to wait and see with Chung.

  • Parinaz

    It is so her! I loved every look. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • tmm16

    I’ll take looks #6, #7, and $15 off the runway, plz.

  • Lindsey

    Ok, the clothes are amazing, but I have a question: is it just me, or do her models look like regular girls?? They don’t seem to be ridiculously long-legged, and their waists look like a regular size. Is it just me, or am I so accustomed to what models look like that they just seem “normal”?

    • majajer

      I think that they’re still “model skinny” but that the clothes are fitted in a way that don’t really show off their bodies. They might not be as skinny as some runway models though, but I think that sadly has more to do with that some fashion houses use dangerously thin models. Ulrikke Hoyer’s story about how she was dropped from Louis Vuitton’s resort show for being “bloated” is frankly mind-boggling

    • rolaroid

      That’s funny, I actually thought they were all sickly looking. Maybe not tall, but they are all extremely thin. I’m a skinny girl, no real curves, just a bit of T&A, but none of these looks would suit me (except the sweaters and skirts looks maybe?) because they are essentially made for stick-thin girls. It’s very disappointing.

      • Pandora Sykes

        In the flesh they were still teeny! It depends on the angle of the photographer. The girls were very much model sized, from a show attendee’s perspective.

  • Rachel Dlugatch

    I also can’t get over the price tag for this collection =/

    • Pandora Sykes

      Read her interviews with Matches and the Financial Times. Her/ her MD addresses the price – it’s really interesting. Basically to do with supply chain and production (which most companies aren’t bothered by. YET.)

      • Rachel Dlugatch

        I appreciate her trying to be more ethical with manufacturing, and I think that’s worth applauding. But it makes the line really inaccessible (I can’t afford clothing like this no matter the label). But even If I could, I just don’t find that the designs are unique enough to merit that price? I guess as a consumer, if I want to spend that much I want it to be really, really special, and I don’t think this line is that, unfortunately. (I still think she’s great but just not a massive fan of these clothes.)

      • Harling Ross
  • chouette

    Eh… aside from “Alexa Chung” there’s not really a unifying theme to this, or anything I can’t live without. She said she was trying to fill gaps in the market, but like, you can get all those skirts at APC already. Maybe she’ll grow into designing something with more of a viewpoint but for now I don’t need another collection based on the designer as their own muse.

  • Amy Mills

    I thought her collections with AG were awesome. Focused, moody, beautiful.

    This … yeah, topshop plus some ruffles.

  • Jolie

    Meh. I’ve never really liked Alexa Chung’s style and have never understood why she’s considered so stylish. This really looks like a bunch of outfits I could buy in Topshop, as someone else mentioned.

  • Carson McCrullers

    Uh. Alexa knows those of us over ~25 still have these buried in our closets (and remember they cost $10), right?

    • Jade-Yue-Ryu

      Apparently not. Thought I do like that leather skirt with the striped sweater tucked in. Overall though…I find this unrelatable as someone with broad shoulders and big tits (for my frame anyway) as none of these styles really look that unusual or would look good on me. Alexa Chung has good style, don’t get me wrong, but most of it is based on basics that I can get from other brands for better prices, or find in my closet…or my mother’s come to think of it. And yes I am indeed over 25.

  • Emmie
    • Harling Ross


  • Brigitte

    boring and overpriced.

  • Juliette Le Bihan

    Some looks seem very similar to APC to me… But the styling is not as good

  • Anna

    she’s just so cool!! i love how she made clothes that you would see her wear. it’s so her! she took sweaters and jeans and took it to another level.

  • Jeremiah

    I love her shirt! I found a similar version…does anyone know what label she’s wearing?