This Zoë Kravitz Beauty Tribute Basically Wrote Itself

Seriously though


“Zoë Kravitz” happens to be the answer to many of the big philosophical questions that come my way:

“Who would you want to play you in the super-exciting movie version of your life?”
“What celeb DJ-ing stint did you find the least offensive?”
“Who’s sporadically saved throughout your camera roll for what I assume is a non-creepy reason — like, easily accessible references for a hairstylist?”

For the record, yes, those photos are inspiration for both my stylist and me on a Saturday night aka when I actually feel like drawing and coloring on my eyelids. I’m not entirely sure when I began going on Zoë Kravitz screenshotting sprees (too much upward scrolling to check, also too lazy). Regardless, her new platinum pixie, DOB: 04/07/17, officially inducts her into the Very Inspiring Beauty Chameleon Hall of Fame.

Oh shit: part 2 #newhair #whodis? @majormoonn @nikkinelms

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She’s gone from brunette bedhead to partially-buzzed-bleach-blonde micro braids; from showing off her natural freckles to creating her own lash-grazing dots with liquid eyeliner. Beauty writers have had to use both “chin-grazing” and “waist-length” when reporting on her hair. She wore septum rings back in 2013. She’s descended from Lisa Bonet. She’s had every type of bang. Those are solid credentials.

Having compiled and captioned many a celebrity beauty roundup, I’ve learned that celebs aren’t really that much like us at all, but they are susceptible to falling into ruts. Remember when all five leads on Pretty Little Liars had the same hairstyle for three seasons straight? (You know which one I’m talking about.) There are only so many ways to wear tousled waves.

In honor of Kravitz and her spring-cleaning-themed ‘do (see also: K-Stew), let’s take a look back at the bobs, the braids and the bangs, and answer the following below: Which look is your absolute, #1, all-time favorite?

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