I Can’t Work Today Because the Shopbop Event is So Good

Shopping time! Excellent!


You read the damn subject line! I hardly have time to write this because I’m too busy putting things in my Shopbop cart. The e-tailer is taking 20 percent off orders under $500 and 25 percent off orders over $500. Because I am in a mega closet-cleaning phase right now and have donated/sold a terrifying amount of my wardrobe, it’s either take the plunge or go naked all summer long. (I’d be cool with that, but it seems like a lot of sunscreen application?)

Here is what I’m eyeing:

+ Summer shoes, like these red Tibi buckle sandals and a new pair of espadrilles.

+ Skirts! I want so many skirts, starting with a silk one for the rest of spring and a gingham thing to wear as picnic-blanket camouflage.

+ A red swimsuit that I can wear as a bodysuit.

+ This jumpsuit even though it’s ~*so not me*~ and a white could-be-wedding gown under $250 because you just never know…

+ A wrap dress to drop ice cubes down and a fruit-punch top for barbecues.

+ I’m reconsidering overalls now and know these ones are expensive, but the discount, Duke, the discount!

+ Plus this top will look so cute underneath.


+ I also need a new pair of cut-offs (these look easy on the thighs) to wear with party slides.

+ Could also do those cut-offs with a white tee all summer and simply rotate earrings.

The options are endless, really, until April 14 at 11:59 PM, which is when the 20-off event ends. Ignore your emails and get on this. Time-sensitive, very important matter!!!

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  • Beatrice

    AMELIA I love it all. NOW I CAN’T WORK

    • Beatrice

      Update, I bought the blue striped shirt with tie straps. Too good to pass up.

      • lily

        truly thinking of getting that one too???

        • Beatrice

          I’m really into it, especially at the price!

  • belle

    I honestly don’t understand how people can afford $300+ garments. I understand that if you buy designer you can get a bit of return from consigning in the future, but how are people in their 20s coughing up this much money for clothes?! $500 sandals?! Even with a 20% discount I can’t afford this shit.

    This is truly NOT meant to be a judgment on where people spend their hard earned dollhairs, or on the aspirational items that are featured on this site – I’m just wondering how people swing this, cause I wanna do it too. I’m mid 20s with what I think is a decent/good salary, no kids/pets/student loans, and I still feel like buying sweaters full price at Loft once a year is a splurge….but fo real I am DYING for some Rachel Comey earrings and I feel like it’ll never be in the cards for me. I do spend a few hundred a year on candles, I’ll throw that out there. How do you guys prioritize your clothing spending? Maybe this is something I’ll set aside a quarterly/seasonal budget for in the future.

    • I was just thinking the same thing. Like….did I miss something along the way? What do I do, I wanna be a shop bopper!!!

      • belle

        I know right!!

    • Abby

      I’m gonna go ahead and say probably credit cards, but I don’t know anyone else’s life so maybe they save up for stuff.

    • Tessa Meyer

      I totally can’t afford any of this stuff but that gorgeous red wrap dress is only $70 with the discount and I fell in love with it like romeo fell for juliet and long story short i’m short $70 now

      • lily

        LIVE MAMI

      • belle

        lol i feel you that seems like a solid purchase!!!

    • doublecurl

      I remember an MR piece about what they wore in the early 2000’s (when they were def buying clothes on your parents dime) and the clothes were more expensive than I can afford now. So I honestly feel like parents is still the answer? Maybe not that they literally pay for the clothes but that they pay for others things that frees up $$$ for the clothes?! No idea, no judgment, just similarly amazed and incredulous!

  • rachelh

    easy on the thighs

  • Sheila T.

    very very into cutoffs with white tee + rotating earrings all summer long, possibly worn with adidas slides, definitely with my tevas, bathing suit in place of underwear

  • Abby

    I NEED those earrings but like…$500 for jewelry that does not contain precious metals or diamonds? Gonna go the DIY route here I think.