Reformation Just Launched Bridal and I NEED IT



Cool. Well Happy day to you, too. Here I am having a brain freeze over the official launch of Reformation Bridal and there you are doing NOTHING AT ALL TO HELP ME. I can’t buy anything until Thursday! I told my heart it could have what it wants whenever it wants it and now it thinks I lied. What do I do?


*Someone in the comments section whispers, “Calm the hell down. Thursday will come soon.”

Don’t tell me what to do! While we wait in a pool of panic but before we send SOS texts to all of our friends getting married this summer that we can’t come, let’s take a collective deep breath and play a game of hypothetical ownership. It will put our nerves on ice thanks to the ASMR-like effect of dress scrolling.

Priority #1

(via Reformation)

I need this tiered confection more than I have ever needed any FROCK in my whole life. It’s a little risky for a wedding because it’s so white, so I might buy it, take the temperature of a few brides then wear it to crash some nearby proms in the meantime.

Priority #2

(via Reformation)

It is high time we take back the red dress. The emoji dancer has domineered it long enough. Won’t you join me?

Priority #3


The black version shows the front, the green version shows the back — just really confused about where the photo is that shows me wearing it? This here gown is exactly what you’re looking for when the invitation says something ambiguous like, “casual fancy black tie beach.”

Plus I want everything in the slideshow above, including the bride-specific one so that I can trick the registry people at Barney’s, AND, this one with the bow in the back.

Okay that’s it for me. Tell me which waitlisted dress you’re getting, then let’s coordinate our wedding calendars this summer so we don’t all show up to the same one in the same thing. Or should we? Alternative bridal party!

Photos via Reformation; feature collage by Maria Jia Ling Pitt.

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  • rachelh

    soo I am selling this Reformation Ruby dress NWT if anyone needs a lil somethin to tide them over while they wait for this season to restock 🙂 comment if interested

    • Alexis Thomolaris

      Do you have more pictures?!! Am v interested 🙂

      • rachelh

        yes! email rachelhohlen (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll get you what I have!

  • Uhhhhhh that red dress thooooooooooo. Flopping love reformation!

  • tmm16

    I love love the red Gardner dress in Cherry or Champagne. Or Eliana in Crimson.

  • This dress is like a shorter version of the red one mixed with the tiered white one!

  • Selin Güreralp

    Check the white floral in their IG story that does not show up ANYWHERE on their site. That’s the one I want.

  • I bought my wedding dress from Ref, its amazing but needed a lot of work. That’s kind of a theme I find with their clothes: amazing in theory and completely see through IRL.

    • Olivia AP

      I keep buying their stuff but agree they are completely see through

  • ihaveacooch

    pretty! i’d get married in something like that white lace number; i think it’s silly to spend thousands of dollars on a dress you’ll be wearing once.

  • mapillski

    I’m in an August wedding and was going to buy my dress from Ref last weekend IRL during a trip to New York…now I’m really glad I didn’t bc that Poppy dress in Buff is EXACTLY what I want

  • I wore a reformation dress to my brother’s wedding a few years ago <3 and the wedding photographer asked me if my dress was ref!!

  • Kattigans

    Is it wrong that I’m kinda over Reformation? I like their stuff on the site, but IRL everything just gets wrinkly and doesn’t justify the price. Plus everyone wears their stuff now so it doesn’t even feel special. Maybe I’m just un a rut w/ them…

    • Erin

      THIS! Everything is too short, too sheer, too wrinkly… and now too ubiquitous

      • Kattigans

        Too $$$$…seriously a white plain cotton dress should not cost $168. Let’s just all agree that they have verrry good merchandisers/photo stylists. I like the idea of being the Reformation girl more than I enjoy wearing any of their clothes.

        • Erin

          You just articulated everything I am feeling & more

          • Kattigans

            Haha thanks, some of their stuff is good most is meh for the price and wrinkle sitch lol. Nothing hate more than wearing something that needs constant fixing while on my body or makes me look like a mess after an hour just from sitting down or moving around

          • Anni

            Also the fit! I’m a standard size person, but reformation is cut in a way where their fit model must be supermodel tall because all of their long dresses are swimming on me at 5’4 and I’m fairly average height, albeit on the short side.

          • Kattigans

            That’s annoying! Do alterations help? I can’t fully share in your angst because I’m 5’10”. My issue is length on their short dresses. Waaaaay too short but its a problem I have with most manufacturers. I have to stick with midi-dresses if I want anything near work/every day life appropriate.

    • prairie dogs

      YES! I’ve had some problems with their fabrics, too. It’s awesome that they use dead stock, but it’s pretty annoying that they don’t bother to research the fabric’s compilation. After dutifully, gently hand washing a dress according to the instructions I had it shrink up quite a bit. It still fits, miraculously (it was a loose cut), but the effect is definitely different now. So frustrating! I only got to wear it once!

      • Kattigans

        The same thing happened to a friend of mine. I have no idea how that could have happened because hand washing is a pretty full proof way to not ruin clothing. Did you wash with warm/hot water? I assume so but maybe that did it?

        • prairie dogs

          That’s the thing! I even used super gentle cold water and basically just “dipped” the dress in and slowly swirled it around, then I let it dry on a towel. Like as gently as you’d bathe a kitten!

          I think it was some rayon blend that shrank up contact with the water. 🙁

    • chouette

      I was thinking this the other day when I put on my old-school Ref pencil skirt that’s actually made from the legs of old jeans. They totally can’t make stuff like that anymore, I don’t even know how much of their fabric is even deadstock anymore or if they just call it “responsibly sourced”.

      • Kattigans

        I’ve wondered the same thing. I would hope so. I do think whatever fabrics they source now aren’t really that great a lot of the time in terms of quality. Being “responsibly sourced” doesn’t mean they get a pass on quality and fit control

        • chouette

          Agreed! Also it can be sourced “resposibly” and still be bad fabric that won’t hold up – that dress is going into a landfill regardless.

    • I have tried several times to purchase their dresses, but whenever I’m on their website I just get caught up by the price. They have great stylists (á la Zara), but I could never get past how expensive they were for what looked like literally sheer, poly dresses. I’m so glad I read all your comments before I eventually bought something! Quality really matters to me.

      • Ashley Poyer

        you should check out! the fabrics are amazing and price point is amazing!

  • I got married in Reformation on the beach this past December and it was the greatest decision ever.

  • Username

    The fabric on that first lace dress is so tacky– it looks like curtains. It’s been well-documented that their quality is pretty terrible. I’ve bought shoddy clothes from literal street vendors in China that hold up better. Reformation has nothing on Forever 21 in terms of quality. That’s how bad it is. SAD!

  • I have one of last summer’s backless ~gowns~ and it is the BEST ambiguous dress code workhorse. I’ve worn it everywhere but a wedding so far.