A Fresh Spring Face in 5 Steps and 15 Minutes

This coming from the girl who rarely wears makeup


I am not a frequent wearer of makeup, but that does not mean I hate makeup — that I would admonish those who wear it, or frankly, that I believe I’m going to feel this way forever. I don’t opt out of wearing makeup because I’m trying to make a point. Historically, I have genuinely preferred how I look without it, so the reason I don’t wear is motivated by the same vanity that would probably compel me to wear it. Which, by the way, I have been thinking more and more about. Maybe I haven’t liked to wear makeup because I just don’t know how to do it — how to make myself look less like a dying turtle and more like through hell or high rain counts, spring is around the corner.

With help from La Mer’s lead makeup artist, Patrick Ta (he is, coincidentally, the man responsible for Gigi Hadid‘s face), I learned a five-step beauty process that takes 15 minutes and made me feel like I was going to a gala. A gala! This is how it goes:

5 Spring Looks Patrick Ta La Mer April 2017 Man Repeller-2063

Step 1: Primer; the product we used was called The Concentrate. It’s a La Mer product packed with their “Miracle Broth” (it’s made from sea kelp that grows six feet EVERY SINGLE DAY in Vancouver — who knew?) that is supposed to give your skin energy, like coffee down your throat, for example.

Easy enough, right? Just rub it all over your face like you’re giving yourself a lymphatic massage.

5 Spring Looks Patrick Ta La Mer April 2017 Man Repeller-2144

Step 2: Create a combo-platter foundation. Patrick used La Mer’s Renewal Oil and the Soft Fluid Longwear Foundation (SPF 20). On a plastic surface, he mixed the two products together (and was really scrupulous about recommending a medium-to-full coverage foundation because it stays on much better; if it’s not your bag, you can always make the texture lighter by adding an oil). Then he brushed the entirety of my face. It was very luxurious.

Oh! And pro tip! When you’re brushing, Patrick recommends starting at the center of the face and working outwards. This eliminates harsh linez.

5 Spring Looks Patrick Ta La Mer April 2017 Man Repeller-2123 copy

Step 3: Spruce up your eyelashes. Start by curling them because it opens up your eyes. You should do this even if you don’t plan to use mascara but Patrick says, “use mascara.” Patrick curled the S out of my lashes (so much so that I thought my lids were going to look like Kim Kardashian’s hair), and then applied a layer of mascara. I totally get what he means by “open up your eyes.”

5 Spring Looks Patrick Ta La Mer April 2017 Man Repeller-2162

Step 4: The goods! For step four, an orange-y blush (YSL’s Volupte in Passionnee) and lipstick (Tom Ford’s lip color matter in Flame) were introduced to my face. He danced around my cheekbones with blush and then, with a smaller brush, he applied lipstick. I never understood why makeup artists use brushes to apply lipstick, but it’s so much more precise. My lips feel huge. I am Kylie.

One other thing I’ll say: I tend to stay away from red lipstick because I feel like it ages me, but orange kind of does the opposite, which is potentially also because the foundation/oil combo gave me a glow.

Now you’d think we were done, but actually the most important step comes next and last.

5 Spring Looks Patrick Ta La Mer April 2017 Man Repeller-2171


You finish with the mist (the one he used was La Mer) by spraying it lightly on the perimeter of your face. You want to concentrate flow on the outer edges of the face, keeping the center more matte. Now I look dewy in a good way, no? Not like Gigi Hadid, but more like myself. Which is very much the point.

5 Spring Looks Patrick Ta La Mer April 2017 Man Repeller-2179

The entire process, again, took us 15 minutes. I tried it myself on Monday night when I was getting ready for a dinner and this is what I looked like:

Yes, I’m wearing self-tanner. But never mind that; if you try it, can you send a selfie — preferably annotated? Cheers!

Oh! And the earrings!! They’re Dolce.

Photos by Edith Young.

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  • Senka

    You look stunning with red lipstick. Woman with beautiful dark hair, strong eyebrows and just bright red lipstick was always the epitome of femininity to me. Somehow it’s so summery Italian, and very D&G.

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    You look so polished! The lipstick really brightens your face! Personally, I couldn’t live without make-up. Even if I’m just going to the supermarket, I will put on lipstick if I don’t have time for anything else.

  • haha love that your lips match with the lobsters now.

  • I shake my fist every time you say lipstick ages you. First of all you’re 12 so what age, and second of all you look AMAZING in lipstick. Like bam zang pop zow wow gorgeous.

    • Kirby

      I agree! I LOVE Leandra in lipstick!!!

    • Totally! Her lips are such a beautiful feature of her face!

  • emmsy

    So wait, he didn’t do anything to your brows? Why do they look so gr8?

    • Leandra Medine

      Do they look dif? I brushed them in the morning!

      • emmsy

        You’re right. They look the same. They just look perf all the time 😭 #eyebrowenvy

  • ValiantlyVarnished

    This is pretty much my everyday makeup routine: except I skip blush and use eyeshadow (a neutral base color and a sparkly copper shade to make my brown eyes pop). I use a medium to full coverage matte foundation (I have a few and pick between them depending on my mood since no two foundations are the same and all will give a slightly different finish). And I use setting powder AND setting spray because I’m a grease ball and my makeup tends to melt right off of my face. My routing goes: Primer, Setting Powder (pro tip: if you’re oily apply your setting powder BEFORE your foundation -this has changed my makeup life. Thanks YouTube beauty gurus!) Foundation, eyebrows (always eyebrows!), eyeshadow, ,mascara, a little bit of highlighter if I’m feeling fancy, lipstick and setting spray. Takes me 15 minutes. Tops.

  • Amy Brumbpo Tungus


  • Alex S

    “My lips feel huge. I am Kylie.” hahahahaha

  • You look stunning! Lipstick all the way!

    Haute Sauce

  • Amelia Diamond

    You look so pretty you weird papaya

  • Millie Lammoreaux

    Leandra, your take on makeup is so healthy and ~refreshing~. As much as I appreciate think pieces and meditations on why women do/don’t/should/shouldn’t wear makeup, I think the story begins and ends with “this is what makes me feel good”.

  • Lori

    How do you like le mers foundation!! I splurged and bought it. Absolutely love it!!!!

  • Ariel M

    Gorgeous! I love this post. I would love a version for those of us who like makeup but not the $320 price tag on the primer alone!

  • Natali

    Oh yes, I love and use LaMer products religiously , esp. their moisturising cream and new oil which you’ve used here. Their serum is something I’m onto getting next. I love TF lipsticks, they’re pure luxury for my lips.


  • Rheanonn Perez

    u are gorgeous with or without make-up, leandra!


  • Meredith

    You look fab. I tried this look today with a more muted lip and got hit on at the coffee shop. That nevvver happens, do I’m chalking it up to these great tips.

  • me

    “Everything you do is simply dreamy
    Everything you do is quite delicious
    Why can’t I be you?
    Why can’t I be you?
    Why can’t I be you?”

    (~ with apologies to The Cure)

  • I love using La Mer products! And those lobster earrings are super cute!

  • tulip salinger

    you look cute either way, I happen to like your face both sans and with makeup!

    • Beasliee

      I love Leandra’s face too. And I also love your name!!

  • Cara Reaume

    How long did The Mist leave your face looking dewy? Like how long does it take to “dry”? Would you take it out with you to reapply?

  • beautiful!

  • Kattigans

    @LeandraMedine:disqus another tip too if you want to forgo the La Mer face mist for price is just use rose water in a spray bottle or Mac Fix + is the sh*t. This makes my makeup last all day and smells great too. But yeah, I know what you mean about the face mist. It really settles everything and makes a person look more like themselves in makeup

  • KillerKate

    You look like you feel amazing, if that makes sense. Love this refreshing lip color and minimal glowy base on you. Patrick Ta is one of my absolute favorites–he’s got the magic touch!

  • Jackie Treehorn

    Leandra, that lip is absolutely gorgeous on you! Reconsider a bold lip. You can definitely pull that ish off.

  • Eleanor Sugrue

    Love this! So simple and natural. Now maybe for a *much* more affordable version?

    • me

      Fyi, Kattigans below recommended Mac Fix+ as a cheaper mist option.

      I’m currently ordering (24usd) to check it out.

      (p.s. Mac offers free shipping/returns)

  • rolaroid

    Girl is that what face mist is for?? I got a free bottle from Avène a while back and I just spray it to feel damn good, didn’t realize it’s supposed to like, seal the make-up.

    Also, those earrings – GIMME.

  • Lobsters on the earrings – I’m so in!!!

  • God-$

  • I truly believe that all you needed were those two glittering lobsters. All any woman needs, really. pretty girl.

  • I hear you and respect what you have to say — Now I am 56- can he give me Klyie’s lips.

  • This is basically my makeup routine minus foundation. I don’t think I can do foundation, but lately I’m considering a tinted moisturizer because they’re all I can seem to find with good SPF. I don’t really like to put too much on my face, but these basics are great and just make you look natural. Plus – it’s La Mer!


  • Geraldine

    You look beautiful

  • Veronica Wilkins

    but leandraaaahh you look so gentle and pretty with your no makeup makeup look!

  • Orangey lipstick is my fave but how the F do I keep it from feathering after a couple hours?? Is this a thing brush application or blotting fixes???

  • Rachel Stavis

    Girl come on now… I get that Patrick is a La Mer Ambassador but you could at least publish some dupes to go along with this pricey make up routine! I feel like I have dollar signs coming out of my eyeballs. Loving your look though!

  • Joya

    I just delighted to be here and to read this perfect post ever.Thanks for share this with us.

  • Alexis Unno

    Leandra, you look STUNNING with both looks but I actually prefer your version. What lipstick are you wearing??? I must have!