FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: What We Wore to Prom

It’s beautiful & tragic


Prom is trending on Twitter, which is a treat and a half. Looking through all the photos and videos is a genuine blast. (Gen Z babes: If there is a lowkey prom hashtag I don’t know about, please educate.) It also confirmed a few things for me. Like my long-held belief that today’s teens are, on the whole, cooler than yesterday’s teens. At least somewhat. The makeup is mostly flawless (there isn’t a misguided blue lid in the house), the dresses average far trendier — more Kim K than pageant — and everyone’s hair seems to be softly waved, loose and incapable of breaking a 10-foot fall by way of hairspray. Dangerous!

The heightened sophistication notwithstanding, today’s prom offerings revealed that the unspoken rules of high school’s most sacred social event truly traverse decades. The awkward, massive group photos taken in backyards. The clunky corsages and boutonnieres. The piled-on makeup. The dresses rendered in fabrics with an unprecedented sheen. I mean this tenderly and with so much compassion, because such a lewk is a rite of passage. You almost can’t move past it until you give it the old prom try, you know? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Prom is nothing if not the perfect primer for decade-later laughs. That might even be the best reason to go.

It got all of us in the Man Repeller office talking about our prom dresses and hairdos. It seemed only fair that, after trolling the 2017 prom tag ourselves, we should have to share our prom moments, too. Above is the resulting slideshow — dots have been shopped onto faces that aren’t our own to protect the innocent! Scroll through above to peep our fashion-forward looks and then, if you dare, share yours!

Images via Team MR. 

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  • Adrianna

    I skipped my prom and watched The Godfather, part II. Interestingly, I ended up in a relationship with someone who also skipped his prom.

  • Anna Kalmbach
    • Haley Nahman

      You look great posing next to all these brides!

      • Mariana


      • Always the bridesmaid…

      • Anna Kalmbach

        U said it, not me 😏

    • Amelia Diamond

      I thought this was me and got so confused

      • Anna Kalmbach

        Yeah we are slightly twins TBH

  • Mila

    Amelia giving me 2006 Eva Mendes vibes!!!

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Haley Nahman

    Me: Look at Amelia in 2006 versus me in 2006
    Leslie: She definitely looks more popular

    • LMAO

    • meme

      Haha my prom was also in 2006 (different country, same fashion) and Amelia looks exactly like all the popular girls looked at my prom.

      • Amelia Diamond

        I peaked in 2006.

        • Inaat

          Your 2006 prom style is what most girls wear to the clubs on the weekends where I live. So just know you are still trendy somewhere, Amelia

    • Amelia Diamond

      stop talking about me behind my back!

  • Hilary

    THIS IS THE BESTTTTT. Now I gotta ask my mom to dig up a prom photo of me. Maria, I love your pairing of the badass JC boots with your dress. Something I secretly wanted to do in high school but wasn’t bold enough to.

  • jackie

    junior prom circa 2010.
    i INSISTED on wearing feathers because i felt like i was on trend. except they ended up shedding throughout the night so there were legit feathers all over the promo venue, in the limo, at the after party. it was my first real time getting my hair and makeup done so i decided i needed to go all out (hence the heavy heavy smokey eye),

    the only true thing i remember is that my father still is upset i didn’t go on to marry my date because he liked him so much.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I just think this is lovely!

  • Mariana

    Amelia, BAAAAMMM! You owned the place, girrrrrl. Or at least you owned this photo.

    • Amelia Diamond

      really honed my unnecessarily sexy pose that year

  • mapillski

    I did my own make-up and wore my hair in a ponytail to prom because I thought I was chic, turns out I was lazy. I’ve convinced myself it is the prettiest I’ve ever felt, when in fact I’ve looked cuter at bar mitzvahs.

  • B

    I made both of my prom dresses, so if you think you have regrets…

  • Bailey Stark

    Team MR should have a 2017 prom.

  • Molly D

    Amelia = Lindsay Lohan from Mean Girls (her prime – I just want to make sure this reads as a compliment because it is)

    • Amelia Diamond

      If you told me that when I was in high school I would have ditched my prom date for you. (still would)

      • Molly D

        I would too (he was my gay friend and only asked me because the pregnant girl was about to ask him)

    • ashley


    • Bree

      This is EXACTLY what I thought too!

  • Haley

    Can confirm Edith’s story is VERY true, but it was more like 100 bobby pins.

    • Harling Ross

      hello person who knew edith in high school!! i have so many questions.

      • Haley

        Hi!!! It’s me, Edith’s best friend from high school and college and literal #1 fan. AMA!!

    • Edith

      I think we at one point knew the exact figure, because you counted them like sheep to dull my anxiety. (Also my first comment on MR! Hey, team!)

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    omg amelia looks like a cast member of “Newport Harbor: the real orange county” aka everything i wanted to be from ages 12-16.

    also, this is me from prom!! look at my date’s lil fedora. bless him.

    • Amelia Diamond

      well you just look stunning so that’s unfair!

  • Bee

    Elizabeth, you may have felt like a rejected blob but you looked chic af in that Issa dress!

    • Senka

      I second that. You really did look great.

      • Amelia Diamond


    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      Thank you because it was actually an embarrassment on the bus to Prom.

      • Elizabeth Tamkin

        Wait seriously THANK YOU. 7 years later, man. 7 years later.

  • Went into prom dress store at local rundown mall, chose first dress I saw. Got my hair done at the hair store (jk salon). No makeup? I also have an awful farmers tan on my arms, sports bra tan on my back. Woo track.

    • Amelia Diamond

      omg josie this is not you!!!!!!!!! now you’d make your dress!

      • I know! And it would be COMPLETELY different. I really didn’t know who I was at the time.

    • Grace B

      they made all the girls line up at your prom pics too? i was dying when we did that (all the senior girls)

      • Yeah, the guys had their lil line up too. We had a freaking CIRCUS act going on for taking pics it was sooo duuumb and took forever.

  • Madeline

    I bought this dress at a vintage store in Savannah for $70 and made it into something more *modern* I was literally sewing on the last layer as my friends pulled up to get me.

    • Amelia Diamond

      this is so pretty!!!!

    • libs

      such a pretty dress and I’m so impressed with your creativity and sewing skills.

    • Harling Ross

      you look like Sally Draper!!! my ultimate style icon

      • Quinn Halman

        Also kiernan shipka herself has amazing style

      • Madeline

        OMG people have told me this before and it’s always such a compliment thank you

    • Christel Michelle

      you look AMAZING JEEZ

    • Inaat

      Sally draper yes!

  • Molly D

    hahahh Haley after my shift at baskin robbins. Hahahha Matt Midwest surf culture hair

  • Veronica Wilkins

    #PromSzn2k13 *insert Lady Gaga lyrics about getting your gay friend’s advice on a spray tan*

  • Prom 2006 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I actually found this Lillie Rubin dress a year earlier and fell in love with the PINK and the BEADS and the EMBROIDERY and wanted it so bad, but my mom said she’d only buy it for me if I promised to wear it to prom the next year. Prom rolled around and I wasn’t as in love with it anymore, but I wore it anyways and was happy. My hairstyle was VERY on trend for private Catholic school girls in south Florida at that time, as was my eyeshadow-matching-my-dress. Now, it makes me cringe. But these photos make me miss the days when I tanned with reckless abandon and no fear of skin cancer.

    • Amelia Diamond

      the embroidery on yours = a little gucci no?

      • Definitely. I actually just brought it to my home from my mother’s and I can’t bring myself to get rid of it – only because the fabric is divine. I’d love to repurpose it into something more modern.

  • Charlotte

    ‘Frost Yourself’ moment! Love the photos – love the descriptions even more!

  • Prom 2002 as a freshman. Dress from Betsey Johnson and I still love it/wear it. My hair…oy vey.

    • Amelia Diamond


      • Sonia

        and bat mitzvahs

        • Kattigans

          My friend had a Betsy Johnson dress in salmon pink. It had layers of salmon and white tulle…she looked like a peony ( and not in a cute way) / salmon flavored cupcake. The year was 2009…ah what a time.

    • libs

      Wait I LOVE your dress and am sad I was not a teen during this rumoured Betsey Johnson Peak Era

    • i thought i was the only one! i wore a silver and purple betsey johnson slipdress for my junior prom (2005). skinny straps and lots of eyelet embroidery- had to wear something underneath i think..

  • Caro A
    This is 2009, I am in the short silver dress. I didn’t block out anyone’s faces because i wanted to further set the scene, also these ppl are still my best friends and I felt weird crossing out their faces… and this pic was already on facebook so what is privacy?
    I got my dress at the BCBG outlet, I think it was on sale for $100 because it was damaged and my mom and I were so happy about that. My dad was there with us too and I was embarrassed to walk out of the dressing room in front of him because I had never worn such a scandalous (read: fitted) dress. My mom still swears that my dates’s mom wouldn’t look her in the eye because my dress was too sexy for a teenage boy.
    Also, a friend curled my hair and I still think about how I can recreate it today. I just got a curling iron for Christmas and I asked for the one Sza mentioned on Vogue. I’m learning.

  • Riley W

    I bought my prom dress from Target when they did a colab with Neiman Marcus. It was on sale for $50 and no one else had it (which I was pretty worried about).

  • Anaid Chrietzberg

    Went to a punk show instead of my prom and ended up marrying a guy that did the same thing for his!

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Senka

    I don’t have a photo, but my prom happened on 2001 (I’m ancient), and after days of tedious search I ended up buying a simple black satin slip dress (it looked horrible because I have curves that I hated all my life and still do, and had zero intention of showing them. There wasn’t so much choice (post communist and post war country so what was there was mostly bunch of pastel or bright colored pagent like dresses made in Turkey and I was a gothy and pretty classic teen. I had my hair straightened and colored some ashy brown at the hair salon after I attempted to bleech it blonde at home and part of it had to be chopped off. I guess I’d still like my shoes which were strappy black stilleto sandals. The strap on my dress broke at some point and I made a huge drama, for dad to bring sewing kit so I can fix it. At the end of the prom I was rewarded a cake, I don’t remember what for exactly. Not my outfit choice, that’s sure.

  • Sonia

    prom harling is cooler than me today.

    • Amelia Diamond


    • Harling Ross


  • Vanessa

    I wanna buy a dress like Leslie’s today.

  • Claire DeWind

    ah, yes….prom 2011….two days before I came out of the closet. my poor prom date was clueless :'( lolol

  • dietcokehead

    HALEY the straps on your dress are freaking me out! Blue/black or white/gold flashback

    • Amelia Diamond

      me too a little

  • meme

    I remember 99% of the girls were suddenly orange. It was so weird, like everyone got a memo. So by comparison I look dead but human in my prom pictures.

  • Emma

    I’m having my prom this very JUNE!!!! I’ve been seeeaarching for a Dior-inspired dress, á la these on Bella Hadid (hurtfully millennial of me, im aware). However, I haven’t had any luck finding anyone:(( in my price range that is. so instead i did as always do, settle for something less and so i bought this opalising lilac-coloured dress from a very nice older couple i found on the internet. (it´s vintage from the 50s)

    So now im happy again! It´s gonna be bomb!

  • Emma

    I’m having my prom this very JUNE!!!! I’ve been seeeaarching for a Dior-inspired dress, á la these on Bella Hadid (hurtfully millennial of me, im aware). However, I haven’t had any luck finding anyone:(( in my price range that is. so instead i did as always do, settle for something less and so i bought this opalising lilac-coloured dress from a very nice older couple i found on the internet. (it´s vintage from the 50s)

    So now im happy again! It´s gonna be bomb!

    • Love the inspiration Emma! Cinched waist is timeless – I went for one for my wedding dress. <3


    • Harling Ross

      whoa so cool

    • Claire

      That dress is beautiful!!

    • Hannahloupe

      That dress is AMAZING!!

    • Rebeca

      how did you find this – on what vintage website – its beautiful!!

      • Emma

        Thank you! On, it’s a part of Ebay. Hmmm although Tradera is from what I understand a swedish website (i live in Sweden) but that doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Some do world-wide-shipping!:)

  • nicolacash

    My mom told my sister to take pictures of me around the house before I left for prom and I just

  • I wore Amelia’s dress in 2004 but black and strapless. Same ruching! I just got rid of it during a KonMari episode. Haha!

  • libs

    leavers ball 2014 … I wore a Phase 8 dress which is HILARIOUS because it’s a middle class mum shop, and red lipstick that I still wear now. Still always have my eyes shut in photos too.

  • ChiefCC

    Elizabeth — you look stunning!!! Not a blob at all!

  • Lo

    it was 2007 – i picked out a mustard ankle length gaultier soleil dress at nordstrom with layers of that awesome heavy nylon mesh and a ruffled bottom that was likely supposed to be a hilariously expensive swim cover up. i paired it with cobalt earrings. i still wear it. i wish i had a pic on my phone!

  • Prom 2008, my first and last makeup counter experience.. OHMYGOSH the amount of foundation that woman put on my face was insane!! I recently found my Lancome Juicy tube I bought in payment & it still reeked of bubble gum 😀

  • Larisa
  • Vida Rose

    Omg thank you so much MR

  • Margaret

    Bet you didn’t know that eyeliner everywhere and fake van cleef is the key to beauty. But I did.

  • Leilani

    my mom gave me like $300 to buy a grad dress (we didn’t have prom)- i was going to visit my cousin in montreal and figured i’d do it there- we ended up getting caught drinking on the metro and i spent the majority of that money paying off my ticket and $30 on a black cotton maxi dress i wrapped in suede string to give some vague greek goddess meets rock and roll vibe and wore it with my tasseled leather jacket (lol). i looked fine, it won’t age terribly, but i do wish sometimes that i had bought something more ~fun~

    • Leilani

      also i wanna know what you would all wear to prom now given the choice!

  • Elizabeth F.

    My prom dress was pajamas and my dance floor was my bed. To this day I’m not sure if boycotting school dances was simply an act of teenager rebellion or an act of general laziness (probably closer to the truth).

  • Abby

    None of these are bad! I’m impressed!

    Junior prom I wore a $400 Nicole Miller bodycon that I later saw the models wear on Deal or No Deal in a different color. That kind of ruined it for me.

    Senior prom I wore a $50 dress from Loehman’s (Sorta like Marshall’s but better) which had the deepest cut neckline I could possibly get away with. It was navy blue. I wore the same shoes both years.

  • Quinn Halman
    • Harling Ross

      is that a tattoo or an upper arm bracelet I NEED TO KNOW

      • Quinn Halman

        Harling you’ve seen my biceps IRL. (No!!)

      • Elizabeth Tamkin

        Harling do you think QUINN HALMAN would get a tattoo

  • Teresa

    My older sister wore my prom dress to a wedding the very next day. She was unhappy with the grass stains along the hem from the backyard photo sesh. I was unhappy that she made her facebook profile pic a photo of her and her boyfriend in a tux before I had the chance to upload my pics (too “drunk” off of shots of Malibu in Seaside during prom weekend – love Jersey)

  • Andrea Raymer

    Junior prom, 2008: I made this dress as my teal adaptation of Blair Waldorf’s debutante ball dress from season 1. I did not have a date despite the color coordination with the guys next to me (his date was running late because of soccer practice). I basically crashed their prom group week of because no one asked me to join theirs until I brought up that I didn’t have a group very passive aggressively.

    Senior prom 2009: I also made this dress and it was a combination of hermione’s yule ball dress (the ruffles), Keira knightly’s dress in atonement (the green), and Audrey Hepburn’s givenchy dress from breakfast at Tiffany’s (the neckline). My sewing machine broke a month before prom so I mostly sewed it by hand despite my mom trying to get me to just go buy one.
    I forced my friend to go with me because I knew he would wear an ascot if I told him to. We played piccolo together in marching band. It poured rain that night so I wore black and white polka dot rain boots with my dress. We didn’t have a group but I got to drive my dad’s brand new BMW and everyone was really impressed.

  • Christel Michelle

    I went with my sister to prom because we were brats who only liked each other lol. I got my dress for like 80% off from Reformation in December it was floor length and long sleeved, my prom was in June. Shoes… I don’t remember! My clutch, Chanel, was my graduation present (my parents splurged because they didn’t think I’d go to college but ended up going! LOL way to have faith guys…) I got a blowout which I hated and brushed out. My makeup was also done terribly so I had to fix it myself and I was prom queen! :)))

  • Amelia Rodriguez

    Senior prom was only a couple years ago for me, so there hasn’t been enough time for the regret to really marinate. I actually still love the 80s vibe I was working.

    P.S. I’ve been reading this site for years and FINALLY posting my first comment. Insert celebratory emojis here!

    • Amelia Diamond

      you will have no regrets in retrospect, solid beauty here! you all are! (ALSO WELCOME TO THE COMMENTS SECTION)

      • Amelia Rodriguez


    • Inaat

      You looked amazing!

  • Delanie

    Catholic school prom circa 2013. No one asked me so I was pretty bitter and just hovered around the snack tables (aka exactly how I’d be if I’d had a date) but I did get this absurd photo posing on my friends 80s Volvo.

  • Julissa

    Omg this is amazing

  • Kittybat

    I’m sorry but Amelia’s pose and prom look—still 100% for me.

  • T-Fierce

    I wore a HOT pink knockoff version of this Rodarte N-Port wore to the Oscars, and it was bomb. The sparkles and vibrant color made it seem very “prom” but I still look back on it fondly.

  • Anna

    Oh man, I thought my prom dress was the coolest thing ever and I went to prom in 2011 so I have no excuse! It had gauzy mesh layers over the skirt and mirror sequins and a lace-up back but I could go braless with it and I felt SO COOL and SO ADULT

  • Jolie

    Omg Amelia, that is a serious LOOK!

    I went to a few proms in high school, but my favorite was my boyfriend’s prom in 2009. I thought I was sOOO ORIGINAL because I bought a vintage gown, but the dress was really beautiful and (I think) would still work today. It was pale gold (my goal had been a “champagne” color), strapless (the first AND LAST time I ever went out in public braless and the twins rustled around the dress all night) and so elegant. I think I felt beautiful for the first time that night.

  • Kirby

    i spent $72 on my dress and that is about the only redeeming quality of my prom experience.
    it was lilac which was incredibly unflattering on my blindingly pale skin.
    i did most of my makeup but my cousin did my bronzer and wow i was so orange i dont understand how no one told me. ALSO i was taking an ap stat test up until an hour before pictures, so i did my makeup and hair in about 45 minutes…my twin and i were also the only ones not drunk at the dance

  • little fang

    That vision in white, ladies, was my Anne-Rice-Antebellum-David-Bowie concoction, served up in 2004. Sadly not pictured are my purple Converse high tops.

    If I’m being totally honest, I loved this dress with it’s tiny, shimmer-laden velvet flowers and plunging lace-up back. I also loved my hair. I had been sporting an almost shoulder-length copper bob over the school year and had just come from a salon where I guess my request was to become a mall punk rooster, which they clearly nailed.

    • YES UMBRELLA ACCESORY. I loooove this. From hair to shoes.. giving u a standing ovation.

  • Sami

    I just went to my senior prom last week! I rented a jumpsuit for $70 that looked like a dress (also: POCKETS). I also curled my hair for the very first time every in my life… with braids! Hopefully it’s a look I won’t regret later on ‘cuz I felt beauuuutiful.

  • Tereza Lima

    Amelia looks stunning and hot!!!!

  • Grace B

    Uhhhhh I totally love this.

  • cHspalds

    So amazing. Definitely have tears of nostalgia in my eyes.

  • Julia Pakstas

    These are great!

    Prom 2009, I was feeling practical and decided that knits were the most comfortable textile there is, thus opting for a cotton spandex blend 🙄

  • Rachel

    Sooo Team MR’s been killing it since the early aughts, basically. Love it.

    I got this minidress+sheer overlay shebang at BCBG when I flew out to visit my sister in NYC; I felt like such a glamorous lady when I tried the dress on in the store but when I wore it to prom back home in Michigan (in 2013), I felt so crazily self conscious about my paleness/legs/arms/overall state of being. Such is the way of high school, though! Loved my date. Still looove those shoes.

  • Inaat

    Love it!
    Prom was actually a new tradition Where I live, when I was in school. So the first (and only one I had or have ever attended) was when I was 14 or 15. I wore a (Fran drescher-) pink dress in a 20s style cut aka super unflattering for my recently emerging hips, it had a lot of bling and was from H&M. And the shoes were kitten heels with bling and satin threads that were tied up along my calves. And a totally emo smokey eye to top it all off. I hated it the minute I left the house and was really insecure and uncomfortable. It helped a little that a girl with the same name as me told me the day after that a cute guy in a grade over us had said seg looked cute. Only she was not wearing a pink dress. And a minute later I cringed again by the thought of my outfit.

  • Marley Arviso

    Prom 2010:
    This is not my date in the picture, it’s my dumb younger brother and I literally have no idea why he is doing this pose, it’s so annoying. Also don’t know where his shirt is. He’s so embarrassing.

    My spray tan was sooo orange and it did not extend all the way down to my feet so it looked like I was wearing skin colored socks. I didn’t know I was going to prom until like 2 weeks before because my bf was trash and decided last minute that he wanted to go (I was homeschooled during senior year so I didn’t actually have a prom lol) So I got my dress at HM and decided to wear a push up bra even though I didn’t need to because my boobs are already big. I also got my makeup done at the drugstore and the guy who did it, fucked it up so I had to come home and re-do it -___- I had an okay time even though my date sucked and didn’t want to dance at all 🙁

    • Okay I have to know, are those cutouts on the sides of your dress or.. not?
      Also, teenage me would have had a giant crush on your brother.

      • Marley Arviso

        thankfully they are not cutouts, but they are almost the same color as my spray tan lol!

        • haha it would have added a whole new level! I have to say, you did look hot so yknow, it worked out!

  • stephs

    I wore a steel grey silk halter Vera Wang gown to my senior prom. I didn’t have a date, but my bamf grandmother (put herself through med school by working as a beautician and raising her two little brothers) made sure I had the best dress ever. It’s a dress that is currently in a box for my future daughter or niece.

  • Alexandria Roullier

    Prom circa 2010. I had ordered a dress from a mystery Chinese dressmaker off of eBay and it was HORRIBLE when it came, so I just rolled with it, and found this 50’s prom dress in the costume closet of my high school’s theater department. I then glued giant fake flowers on white pumps I found at Payless. I think I spent $10 and one day on my total look. I did not vibe with anyone else at prom, but I think my six-year-old self would have been proud of the giant tulle bow.

  • Bernadette

    Orange/pink patterned dress 2009, fab updo where they teased my whole head of hair to start with and it was a french twist that would NEVER MOVE

    Blue dress 2010-got my hair done, cried as soon as we left the salon because the amount of hairspray made my hair look so brown (the enemy of a dirty blonde!), mom helped me wash it out and blow it dry. Dress unzipped in the middle when I took too deep a breath, sister had to zip me back into it with a firm hand! I am proud to have resisted spray tan/natural tan, even living at the beach. SPF 55 for life.

  • Claudia

    Wow now I’m having fomo that I didn’t go to prom my senior or junior year. I intentionally planned a college visit during one and I think I was in Israel for the other. I didn’t want to go at the time because I was self conscious and also wasn’t getting asked so the easiest thing to do was to pretend I didn’t care. I DID go to homecoming and winter formal and I only remember one dress that was strapless baby doll with a faux fur top that also had sequins. The bottom was hunter or forest green silk. It sounds awful in words lol but it was actually cute

  • Crystal

    I love this so much. It’s quite clear all of you were meant to work in fashion.

    You’ll never convince me that my rockabilly polka dot dress and vinyl maryjanes for my
    2003 prom weren’t rad. I also fashioned a ribbon choker and forced my boyfriend to match his boxers to my dress. Because I was 17.

  • doublecurl

    2008 (black) , 2009 (green), 2010 (white). I bought all of my prom dresses from BCBG but on Ebay (!!!) for absolute bargains. I would try on dresses during one prom season and then look for them on ebay the following season. Also hair and makeup DIY after a truly atrocious freshman year prom beauty situation all around which will remain unpictured. Always been a cheap date! Somehow my only regret is the inevitable skin cancer.

  • Sylvia Ford

    Jasmin appears to have gone to my school!! Is that CLC?

  • WHY do girls at prom now look like hot 25 year olds?? My dress was baby pink and poofy and I feel like there were butterfly clips in my hair but I know I wasn’t still wearing those in 2007…

  • Taylor Erwin

    I did my own hair and makeup for prom (2010), and I didn’t realize the intense teasing was really just a bumpy mess on the back of my head until I saw pictures later. Other regrets: not understanding how eyebrows work and wearing 6 inch Baby Phat heels.

  • Kattigans

    Bought my Junior prom dress from some random boutique for $30 and for 2010 senior prom got my dress at J.Crew. It was strapless and lavender. Very, very preppy. I LOVED it. And it cost like $100 or something. Wore my hair in the classic Jessica Alba updo braid style that was very much trending that year and got all my jewelry at target with my Dad, LOL. What awesome times. My parents didn’t care at all about my senior prom to come take pics of me so there’s sadly only one photo of me. Oh, and me & my date rolled up in a white escalade haha

  • Gabrielle

    lol I love Harling and Maria’s prom outfits + photos!

    • Gabrielle

      seriously, I would wear Harling’s dress, and Maria just looks awesome

  • Emily

    This is by far the best article yet. It’s like Facebook stalking but way more organsied – pre packaged for our viewing pleasure u might say!

  • Julia Brzozowska

    I love those photos, I love how fashion was extremely different not so long ago and I am quite curious what I will think of my prom outfit that I had this year. I am including a photo, some people told me that they loved it but they would never ever wear such clothes for a school party, some called me a vampire as well! I persisted on wearing a jumpsuit to be original (I was, in fact, the only girl not in a dress) and I got those killer heels that I only wore for like an hour in total and as a subsitute I had a cheetah heels that were waaaay lower 😉

  • Lil

    My prom dress was simple black and strapless. Only thing I regret about my prom was getting my make up done by a friend’s aunt… I ended up looking like a clown…

  • streats

    I grew up in the U.K. and for our “Leavers’ Ball” most girls were spending hundreds on a dress and same on hair/makeup etc. I was sorta into vintage/retro stuff at the time and was on the hunt for a full skirted polka dot dress. I couldn’t find one so ended up wearing a hot pink with black polka dots boob tube, a full(ish) black skirt both from TOPSHOP I think? and accessorised – horror of horrors – with hot pink feather boa and long gloves (y tho…) Anyway the whole thing cost me maybe £50 and then 2 years later for “6th Form ball” I found a pink (again!) metallic-y 80s style strappy prom-dress in a charity shop for £8, put my hair in a high ponytail and was done with it.

  • Joana

    Amelia or Maria Menounos?

  • Gregory Apparel

    I so relate to the last story. I had my hair done for the first time. I wore a vintage gown from the early 60’s and I wanted a french twist to compliment it. A simple french twist. The hairstylist came up with the weirdest interpretation. Thankfully the salon owner came over and fixed it. Disaster averted. And Edith’s hair looks pretty all on it’s own.