Tips for Wearing a Trench Without Blending Into the Crowd

Probably because every magazine ever has ingrained into our head that A TRENCH COAT is among the only top five things you need, every person ever seems to have one hanging in his or her closet. It’s a khaki-colored symbol of community. Since every person ever has one, however, it can feel kind of boring. Step outside and you blend into a sea of neutral outwear instantly.

To make it worse, there’s something about a trench coat that makes me dress extremely literally. It’s like, why am I wearing this outfit that I wouldn’t normally wear just because the drizzle outside called for a little canvas? Why do I look like Jackie Kennedy ran through a Talbots sale on her way to meet Inspector Gadget?

Let’s cut that shit out. Below, three outfits to try so that you look like your own person, no matter the amount of subway riders with whom you’re twinning.

Gingham in the Rain

Style a Trench Coat April 2017 Man Repeller-3602

H&M trench coat, Enfold shirt — another here, Rosie Assoulin pants, Malone Souliers shoes, Adam Selman x Le Specs sunglasses, Lele Sadoughi earrings

Trench coats are the color of sand, right? They’re wearable beaches. With that picture in mind, don an outfit that best represents your favorite one piece and turn it into a head-to-toe matching situation. Add red sunglasses to summon summer more efficiently. No beach towel needed.

On My Way to Water Your Plants

Style a Trench Coat April 2017 Man Repeller-3684

A.P.C. trench coat, S.E.A. dress, Enfold sweater, K.Jacques sandals, Mola Sasa clutch, Alex Monroe earrings

Wear the spring dress of your dreams and tell the weather you’re not scared of a little rain. Throw a thick knit over your trench to feel superfluous in the sun but happy in the shade. Let your feet be free, by the way. That’s important. You and I both know we can’t let practical wellies ruin this kind of outfit.

Time for Your PTA Meeting: Pretty Trench Authority

Style a Trench Coat April 2017 Man Repeller-3786

H&M trench coat, Pascal Millet dress, Frame Denim sweater, Maryam Nassir Zadeh shoes, KALEOS sunglasses, Alex Monroe earrings

Big Little Lies has taught me nothing if not the importance of wearing a good outfit to drop the precocious child of my imagination off at school. If I were an extra in that movie, here’s what I would wear to befriend Reese Witherspoon. It’s not too puddle friendly, but is definitely mom-approved.

Can’t wait to spot you in the crowd!

Special thanks to our model Nora Zorom, follow her on Instagram @norazorom. Photos by Edith Young, market assistance by Elizabeth Tamkin.

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  • LOVE IIIIT. These outfits remind me of the romanticism of a rainy day. Still on the hunt for the perfect raincoat myself. I used to have a lime green one that was vintage but idk what happened to it.

  • streats

    Am I the only one who doesn’t “get” trench coats? They don’t keep you warm, they’re not waterproof – what use are they??? Maybe it’s because I live in a country that’s cold and damp most of the year round (Ireland) so they are completely pointless here…

    • Leandra Medine

      Hahahaha. I have never actually considered this!! But it makes me like them more? I am all for a frivolous garment that has no place anywhere and therefore lots of place …everywhere

      • Aydan

        I have a funky black one that is actually partially water resistant (don’t ask me what material that is) so it actually works beautifully in spring!!

    • Archana

      Transition weather piece ? Works with layers. Water resistant to some degree. Like a cardigan of sorts but tougher. And if you want to avoid polyester for environmental reasons, waxed cotton is a not so bad alternative.

      • streats

        Maybe I’ve just never found a really good trench coat – years ago when I had a style blog I did a whole quest for one, and they were just all paper thin and not comfortable and boring af. Although I did once spot a blue suede John Rocha trench on sale and I really regret not getting it.

    • Kristin

      Ditto. I live in SEA and work near the water, so it’s wet, breezy and cold most of the year. While temps don’t get too high, it still isn’t enough. I figure when I see people w/just trench coats they are just suffering through the cold for the sake of fashion?

  • Kay Nguyen

    Love the way you styled that trench coat! I’m thinking about getting mine from Burberry soon and this is really helpful <3

  • Senka

    I have activelly hated my basic straight line sand colored trench coat this year. I bought it last year, on a whim, after I got a cute silk blouse in Massimo Dutti that almost begged to be worn with trench coat. It was my trusted friend last year, but this one, I’m craving icy gray and non-pink pink, so beige trench coat is annoying. Not even red shoes elevate it. I like the idea of the coat, or anything that covers butt and is slightly flowy, but like you said I just go too preppy/formal with it. Something like that blue sundress could solve my conundrum, maybe.

  • LineA00

    Super Artikel! Für weitere Kombinationsmöglichkeiten mit Schuhen schau doch mal hier vorbei:

  • Heather Chambers

    It has never occurred to me to own a khaki trench coat; whenever someone says trench coat I instantly think black.

  • Natasha

    Amelia I looooove these outfits!! No 1 is amazing.

  • Calla

    I bought my first trench coat when I was a baby reporter and wearing it made me feel more like a journalist. I will continue to wear it until somebody buys me a hat with a press card in it.

  • Selena Delgado

    Trench coats never actually had an effect on me until I came across a Prince of Whales check trench, by Simone Rocha. I bought it and it looks so damn good on me. I feel like a million bucks in it.