How to Wear One White Button-Down All Week

With Nilou Ghodsi of Heist


I don’t always buy into the “ten things every woman needs in her closet” content trope, mostly because how the hell do you know what every woman’s life looks like, or what her style says about who she is? Another reason I don’t buy into it is because the suggestions (though I understand the thinking: build a closet with solid basics, then get weird) is that they tend to be kind of boring.

BUT. There is one thing I do believe every human needs, and that is a good white button-down shirt. It’s more versatile than the loyal tee, adaptable to a trillion different styles, chameleonic and an eternal solution to can’t-get-dressed days.

Below, Heist’s Nilou Ghodsi takes the 5 days, 5 ways challenge with a white button-down by A Shirt Thing. If it means one less thing to think about, I’m in.

Day 1:

nilou ghodsi-heist-5 ways 5 days-man repeller-day-6-4297

Rachel Comey pants, vintage fur jacket, Dita sunglasses, Giada Forte belt, Aquazzura shoes

This white button-down by new label A Shirt Thing (I mean, the name alone!) is literally “the perfect shirt.” It’s oversize on top, has drop shoulders and tapers in at the bottom so it’s got this effortless-chic “I’m not trying” vibe to it.

Here, I tucked the shirt into a pair of high-waist twill pants and paired both with espadrilles and colorful fur. High/low.

Day 2:

nilou ghodsi-heist-5 ways 5 days-man repeller-day-4-4193

Jil Sander suit, Pippa Small necklace, Bottega Veneta belt, Golden Goose shoes

This is the only way you’ll catch me in a pantsuit. Ever. I wore it for you, MR.

I worked in finance and investments before opening my store, so I had to wear suits; that was office apropos back in the day. Can you imagine if I showed up to the office with the bejeweled sneakers? I’m sure I’d get a few raised eyebrows and/or blood pressures in that place. But not here. Not in Venice. Not in 2017.

Day 3:

nilou ghodsi-heist-5 ways 5 days-man repeller-day-5-4246

La Prestic Ouiston pants, Pippa Small earrings, Jerome Dreyfuss bag, Prada shoes

I love me a print pant. I have tons of them and I’m still collecting! (Even better when they’re a crop flare, which I find flattering.) The pant deserves all the attention, so the rest of the look is simple with a little pop of red on my feet. I kept the shirt’s neckline wide open and thrown back a bit to expose what is, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of a woman’s body: the collarbone.

Day 4:

nilou ghodsi-heist-5 ways 5 days-man repeller-day-1-4049

Giada Forte blazer, Brunello Cucinelli tie, NSF jeans, Manolo Blahnik shoes

I love mixing high/low, masculine/feminine, polished/messy…you get the gist! Hence, this satin smoking jacket and sexy heels paired with distressed jeans.

Day 5:

nilou ghodsi-heist-5 ways 5 days-man repeller-day-3-4158

Rachel Comey skirt – similar here, Isabel Marant bag, The Row shoes

This is my “strolling the streets of Florence or Paris” attire. I paired this look with loafers as opposed to ballet flats or sandals so it’s a bit more unexpected. Also, the skirt has pockets. Everything should have pockets. I need pockets on my underwear!

There you have it. The moral of this story is that I could wear a white shirt every single day without ever tiring of it.

Show us how you wear yours in the comments below!

Shop Heist and follow on Instagram @shopheist. Photos by Lily Ghodsi; follow her on Instagram @lilghy.

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  • Kseniia Korotaieva

    Nilou Ghodzi, you stole my heart

    • That is so sweet, thank you darling ❤️

  • Kay Nguyen

    You look amazing in every outfit! I’m so in love with your suit <3

    • Kay, thank you so much 😘

  • Leandra Medine

    I love this.

    • I love you right back…always have.

  • White button downs are pretty much my summer uniform! Thanks so much for the inspo, I really want some white jeans now

    – Natalie

  • Molly D

    This is everything I want to be / wear / look like and I already like myself.

    • Leslie Price


    • Aww you guys…that is the loveliest compliment ever. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

      • _lauristia

        More of these looks please! love them all!

  • Sheila T.

    I now also want a collection of printed crop-flare pants

  • JB

    oOOohhh…I love this. I’m feeling inspired! Time to find my white boyfriend jeans and cut the hem, throw on my white button down, some espadrilles and voila!

  • I always struggle with white button downs. I’m petite, but workout. Do I get one that’s slim fit and sexier? But then my arms don’t fit in the right size for my body, and I feel like the Hulk (I’m not that buff!). Do I get a looser fit like the one above? But then I drown it in, and it makes me look 3 sizes bigger than I am.

    The struggle!!

    • I hear you! Unless it’s just ill-fitting, a “slightly” oversized, especially a drop shoulder style will actually camouflage your arms & create better balance overall.

    • monochrome

      I actually wear men’s shirts for this reason. I’m small but I have big shoulders and biceps from climbing. Oversized women’s shirts look balloony around my middle, but men’s shirts somehow fit my boobs fine and then taper in more at the waist for that perfect sexy oversized look. But I have to get relatively short and not slim fit shirts, or else they get stuck on my butt.

  • Kim

    Love how you styled all of these outfits. Will need to try out these looks with my white button up. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Inaat

    LOVE those leopard pants!

  • Aydan

    May we have a list of white button down recs please from ranging prices?! I loved the white t-shirt article, but as a larger chested girl, find myself more gravitating to white button downs as my go-to easy shirt! and am def in need of some new ones after wearing my old ones to death!

    • Kattigans

      Agreed! Maybe one in the $100-200 range…the one Nilou’s wearing looks great just a little pricey for some of us

    • Marta Millere

      Love Uniqlo and Gap’s white button-downs 🙂

  • Isabella Skarzynski

    NILOUUUUU!!!!!!! <3

  • I never believed it was possible to covet a button down.

  • Kiki F.

    Loved most of this except the fur. At least it’s vintage, but still…

  • melodyvon

    hi amelia! i’ve been following the 5 days 5 ways articles (more lurking than following actually) and I believe it is one of the best “style things” you guys have ever thought about!

    I have a blog where i talk about minimalism, conscious fashion and i have challenged myself to wear stuff “5 days 5 ways” for the entire year (I made this decision before I found out about man repeller’s 5 days 5 ways). this post has inspired me to do it with a white button down this week! (I, like you, do not like the “items every woman should own” lists but will try everything once – also I got this vintage shirt from my mom, it belonged to my dad when I was 3, that was friggin’ 27 years ago, I’m so proud that I’ll be wearing that button down for a whole week)

  • Ira Honings

    In The Netherlands a button-down is a shirt with buttons on its collar to keep the collar down… 😉 I don’t think she’s wearing one. Nevertheless, I LOVE white shirts because they’re sophisticated & fresh. This is my number 1 styletrick to elevate my wardrobe. Pairing it with a red lip makes it superchic!