26 Questions About ‘Girls’ Season 6, Episode 9

Appropriately titled “Goodbye Tour”


Appropriately titled “Goodbye Tour,” the penultimate episode of Girls took us through a litany of farewells: to New York; to the life Hannah imagined for herself in season one; to Elijah, Shoshanna, Marnie and Jessa; to long subway rides and questionable flirtations and the somewhat naive idea that the friendships we make in our early twenties are destined to cruise undamaged through adulthood, much less an entire television dramedy (no shade to Carrie Bradshaw & crew).

I know that not all friendships last and life isn’t all peaches and cream and unicorn toast, but I’m still holding out hope that the final episode won’t leave my emotions pragmatically mangled for the sake of making a point. In the first season, Hannah lamented that Adam was treating her heart like monkey meat; I’m starting to wonder if the showrunners are doing the same to me. Meanwhile, I have 26 questions from last night to occupy my time until next Sunday:

1. Has impending motherhood turned Hannah into a kooky aunt who administers advice in questionable cliches to unwitting youths?

2. Will this episode go down in Girls’ history as the first in which the words “a nice young cock” were uttered within three minutes and six seconds time?

3. Was anyone else surprised by Hannah’s surprise when those aforementioned words (I can’t type them again, sorry) were uttered?

4. Why didn’t my college experience include cozy time?!

5. Did you just make your Instagram bio, “The real guts and meat of the internet,” or am I alone here?

6. Did you know that it actually isn’t illegal for a hiring manager to ask a job candidate if she’s pregnant or plans to become pregnant in the future? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 only prohibits employers from discriminating based on that information. Fun food for thought on this balmy Monday!

7. Sooo, Hannah got through a high-school production of Guys and Dolls with full-scale spinal meningitis, but she hasn’t been able to hold down a steady job for more than a full season of this show?

8. Can I get a list of what products this department head uses in her perfect Goldie Hawn hair?? Or perhaps an inventory of all the supplements she takes?

9. Has anyone ever told you to follow your bliss after offering you a job?

10. Is eating a burrito while wearing a bandana your new dream night in?

11. Did Hannah and Elijah contract a mind-altering strain of listeria from the burritos or do they FOR REAL want to have sex with each other?

12. Can you imagine if Girls had ended without Hannah wearing shorteralls again?

13. “Well this drum circle’s a good a reason to leave New York as any.” Has Hannah ever spoken a more accurate truth?

14. Did Marnie Michaels’ voicemail recording give you full-body chills?

15. Did you get a little bit sad when Hannah and Elijah chortled at the thought of making wonderful friendships? I’m personally finding it hard to stomach that there’s only one episode left and all the girls seem more confused and selfish and jaded than ever.

16. Can Caroline get a spinoff please?

17. If Hannah is the voice of her generation, is Shoshanna the voice of Girls Season 6 truth bombs?

18. Are Sprinkles cupcakes ATMs the new Tinder?

19. Can Byron Long get a spinoff please?

20. Can someone create a YouTube montage of all the important group meetings that have occurred in bathrooms over the course of Girls?

21. Are jobs and purses and nice personalities the trifecta of successful adulthood?

22. Did the phrase “feckless whores” redeem this whole episode?

23. Will Hannah and Jessa’s friendship be the only survivor amidst all this carnage?

24. Hannah’s having a boy!?!?!???????

25. Was that our last Hannah dancing montage? I’m hoping for at least one more floor split.

26. Moving to upstate New York to wax poetic about the guts and meat of the internet during cozy time with students while raising a son solo: good idea or bad idea?

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  • Lucy

    i cried and then messaged all my friends like HEY GIRL HOW ARE YOU!!! because that bathroom scene terrified me

    • Harling Ross

      i know ugh it reminded me of this piece Amelia wrote: http://bit.ly/2nF6rMj

      • Lucy

        yes big time!! very sad realisations as now i prepare to leave uni and start my actual adult life.
        also reminded me a lot of Beach House ep (my all time fav ever)… like this is just a similar spat that follows the nature of their friendship and personalities?! I’m super hoping next week and forevs they’re all still genuine pals to some degree

      • ashley

        agreed agreed agreed. meant to post to amelia that it can be super isolating to have a child before others in the friend group / multiple friend groups and to give us slack for our somewhat boring life milestones compared to the single wild and free

  • Lucy

    also Sample….. still gets me

    • Harling Ross


    • bb222

      Sample is the one who needs a spinoff!

  • #21 was Shoshana at her absolute worst, superficial self. I had hopes for her character arc last season but those are now dashed. If Hannah is a crazy aunt why hasn’t she called out Marnie for her eating disorder? As for Jessa, a little self awareness—finally! Where was Adam in this episode? Deadbeat dad already? I was actually confused and wondered if this was the series finale. Thank goodness it wasn’t. I still have friends from my teens that are my closest people and we’re now middle aged. So, take heart—the good ones come back. And finally, YES feckless whores added a dimension of humor that had been missing lately.

    • ValiantlyVarnished

      I heartily disagree. Shoshanna is the only one who acted like an adult. She dropped major truth bombs last night and said what I’m sure a lot of viewers , including myself, were thinking. Sometimes friendships do not bring out the best in you. These girls have never brought out the best in each other. And recent seasons have shown that they aren’t ever really there for each other when the others need them. Marnie couldn’t even return Hannah’s phone calls! People outgrow friendships, it’s a fact of life. As a woman in my 30’s I can attest to that. Sometimes you have to take stock of your friendships and ask yourself are they adding anything to my life or am I merely holding on to them for what they USED to be?

      • I agree with you about friendships and truth bombs are necessary sometimes. I was referring mainly to Shoshana’s comments about how her other friends were dressed, with nice hand bags and smiles (that may or may not be genuine). That came across as insensitive to Hannah and the rest. However, I agreed with Shoshana’s remarks that the friendships weren’t working anymore. Also, not very grown up to exclude one friend and invite all the others. Just my thoughts. Loved that you replied, VV. It’s fun to have a good discussion 🙂

        • ValiantlyVarnished

          Shosh has always talked like that. That’s what makes funny IMO. It was her way of saying “they are grown ups”. And while I agree that it would be insensitive to not invite one friend to your party, Hannah didn’t even tell Shosh she was pregnant until she’d told everyone else. Which I think speaks volumes about how Hannah views her relationship with Shosh- and Shosh isn’t blind to that.

          • True! Perhaps Hannah deserved that ‘wake up call’.

    • Arina Kholina

      Shosh was in touch with Jessa, Marni and Elaija – it was told! Only Hannah left her for months – that was the reason for Shosh why friendship was over

  • frannypaul

    And then one day after a trail run she’ll be staring up at the ceiling of the bedroom in the house she bought after tenure, thinking “when will I ever move back to the New York? When? When?” Sigh, follow the arc of rose and blue thrown by the sun riding through the stained glass window to where two doggy trail companions are laying in a pool of colored light, and buckle back into reality: “Well, I don’t think it’s gonna be anytime soon.”
    Believe me, I know.

  • ValiantlyVarnished

    I LOVED this episode – mainly for the bathroom scene. Shosh DID drop major truth bombs. Nothing she said was incorrect. And it makes sense that Shosh would be the one to say it. She’s the youngest of the group but she’s always been the most mature and level-headed. They simply aren’t friends anymore. And haven’t been for awhile and it was time for someone to call it so they could all stop pretending to try to be friends when in reality all of them have moved on with their lives.

  • lily

    I cried so much last night watching this episode. I can’t believe it’s ending!!!!!! Shoshana forever. She’s taking her life back!!!!

  • Quinn Halman

    I feel like Ray should have had the opportunity to say something about Shoshanna’s engagement

    • Harling Ross

      Right — is his character totally out of the picture now that he’s found love w/ Aidy?

      • oneriver

        yes 🙁 Lena and Jenni said it in the after the show chat

  • a_shoni

    I like where the things are going for Marnie, Shosh and Hanna, it all makes sense. And it’s absolutely fine to stop pressure this friendship and let everything go. But what happened with Jessa character which was started with all these bohemian, freedom, travelling, inspirational vibes? She was crazy, totally unreliable, but still adorable. I was expected a turn to good when her education and relationship with Adam appeared because that was like she finally finds her place. But somehow now she looks miserable, pathetic and lost. Her bohemianism gave way to vulgarity. I don’t really understand why did they do it to her character. So sad.

    • Grace B

      And now if she’s not in school….whaaaaat is she gonna do?

    • s_knucks

      i feel weird that lena dunham seems to be setting up hannah for the only significant amount of growth/a happy ending. i mean they try to imply shosh is getting that, but idk byron seems like a tool and if they’d really wanted shosh to have a real story arc, they actually would have SHOWN it. seems like lazy storytelling imo

      • pamb

        Elijah getting a role in a Broadway show is pretty significant. Shosh getting a picture perfect life is what she wanted. (Byron had no lines, so I don’t know why you think he’s a tool). Jessa and Adam are back together and she and Hannah made peace.

        Marnie is actually the only one with no future plans, except dancing while looking pretty and giving men her number. She’s divorced, has no singing career and is moving back in with her mom.

    • pamb

      Jessa was never adorable. She was always a selfish maniac masquerading as a hippie. She constantly abandoned her friends (once, literally at her parents’ home) and thought only of herself (Adam didn’t give her enough attention while babysitting baby Sample). She got away with it because she’s a pretty white girl who can pull off complicated fashion.

      And she was always vulgar. The “haven’t you ever sh*t in the street?” to Marnie was pure Jessa, as she literally peed in the street in one episode. And got arrested for it (or nearly).

      • a_shoni

        Every girl in this show is a pretty white selfish girl but somehow it doesn’t make e.g. Marnie a likeable character, for me at least:)
        Sure, it was not the first episode where she went vulgar. But I liked her — she never judged, she never expected everyone around to solve her problems and she was self-sufficient, kind and free.

        • pamb

          I agree about Marnie, but we’ll have to agree to disagree about Jessa! 😉

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    ALSO wondering how hannah just happens to land all these super casual, friendly job interviewers? for someone whose whole schtick is being downright unlikable, potential employers really seem to love her (except for that one time when she jokingly implied her interviewer was a rapist?? lol??…pls revisit season 1 ep 2 for reference.)

    • Harling Ross

      GREAT Q

    • Lauren Evans

      IKR! Gimme some of these jobs for goodness sake!

    • Grace B

      Dude I know!!! I thought the same thing while watching it…like uh, no professionalism in this alternate reality?

  • Second favorite GIRLS episode of all time. Friendship is so beautiful; I wanted to hug Hannah and Jessa. This season is soooo good.

    • Harling Ross

      that scene was so well-acted

      • Yes and then Hannah just standing there, watching everyone and smiling. AGH. I had feelings.

  • Lauren Evans

    Is it going to be revealed that Jessa is pregnant or did we see her puking for no reason in episode 8?
    Maybe it was Marnie’s voicemail that made her vom…

    • Kristin.

      Yah I thought it was just anxiety / possible drug use that made her puke – not pregnancy.

  • Pregnant and Annoyed

    Okay, as someone who has been pregnant in Manhattan, I think Hannah’s life is a little too easy. Not only that but are we to assume she goes through an entire MOVE while pregnant too? Moving is shitty enough, compound it with pregnancy its 10x worse. No. Just no.

    • Harling Ross

      TRUE. her blissful move-in was potentially the most unrealistic montage in Girls to date, now that i think about it.

      • Marta Millere

        Yep, too many happy slo-mo thumbs-up happened there :/

    • ashley

      packing is actually super cathartic when pregnant, but you have to start early and work slowly which doesn’t seem to be a Hannah thing to do at all

    • Stephanie

      Yes!!! As a newly minted mom of a 6 week old, pregnancy and newborn care is super hard and exhausting. i have mad respect for all the single parents out there- I don’t know how you do it and I don’t believe it’s as dreamy and peaceful as was depicted

    • Hellbetty666

      Don’t forget, she did carry a high school musical while suffering spinal meningitis…

  • Kate

    Hannah is wearing some really great grown-up shoes this season. Does anyone know where these baby blue loafers are from? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3cb098ca3bc90d7f749cdc918c4e7893271fe128847346dcd99545bd3ce11b2c.png

  • Amy Brewer

    -Where the F is Adam?
    -What happened with Jessa after she buzzed him in?
    – Didn’t we all think Jessa was also preggers?
    -Where’s Ray?

    • oneriver

      DUDE. YES. but do you think she was just sick with anxiety? Ray is gone – that last episode was his goodbye 🙁 but to show us he found a nice lady after the crappy experiences he had in dating (this was all what I learned in the after the show episode with Lena and Jenni ha)

      • Lacey Bergevin

        i hadn’t even thought that Ray is gone 🙁
        I have only watched the after the show episode once, how come it’s not always available?

    • pamb


      Why would Adam be in this episode?

      IMO, Adam said he was able to get closure with Hannah, Jessa accepted it, they moved on.

      I don’t think Jessa is pregnant. I think she realized that Adam may have left for good and she got ill.

      Ray is with Abigail. Why would Shosh invite an ex to her engagement party.

      My question: did Jessa actually have bathroom sex with a rando, or was she imagining it?

      • Hellbetty666

        Jess’s had rando sex with that dude in real life I reckon (or at least started to)

    • Hellbetty666


  • Grace B

    Favorite episode of the season. Not sure what we are going to learn next episode…

  • Morgan Siggard

    I must now eat a burrito whilst wearing a bandana in mourning. And I mean the good kind, like drive 20 minutes out of town to purchase a bomb ass taco truck burrito then take a picture and Instagram to commemorate the grief. My last Hannah hurrah! HOW IS THERE ONLY ONE EPISODE LEFT??

  • Anna Praxitelous

    I think this is the first season I see Hannah crying and to look upset and sad about what is happening .. amazing season

  • Teri Giese

    Why didn’t Hannah tell Shosh about her pregnancy?And why the hell is she rushing into marriage and acting so fake as F?With her new LA TI DA friends?Yes the girls are changing and some are stuck and even backslid.Like a group of dudes circled around Marnie!Lame.She is not THAT hot.(am not jealous,Am a 55 year old Mom of 4 grown lovelies that I adore)Jesse actually is the freaking ONLY one being real towards Hannah;even after Adam hooked up with Hannah.Dissapointed that Shosh had to be a fake bee atch.Hannah was pouting at first,but her dancing and daydreaming,made me feel that her moods are hormonal.Possible that Jess’s is preggers,and why she quite school?Then not wanting to steal Hannahs thunder,just not saying,or…?All the guys are just yawners to me.So would prefer that all end on a positive note.Can verify that in the real world,my H.S.best friend stayed in touch until 2 years ago.Took me that long to realize that all my excitement in my life,brought attention to her.Since I only spoke to her and no other old buds.Had become so fake and superficial.Damn xmas cards EVERY year,making everyone feel like crap,due to her perfect …Life is awesome,but we all will go through shit.How we become stronger and wiser and more joyous about life.Diversify.Keeps life super fun and exciting☺️

    • Hellbetty666

      Your last three sentences are truth itself ❤️

  • Natasha Baker

    I don’t know… this series is confusing because it has had so many beautiful and heartbreaking moments (the diner scene with Hannah & Adam in particular got to me) but there’s been so much left out..! Where’s Shosh been this whole time?! She met a guy and got engaged and we didn’t even get to see it?! What about Jessa?! Is she still with Adam?! What the frick is going on with her?! This episode was the last time we’ll see these two characters and I just felt that after six seasons of following these characters and caring about them, I’ve been short-changed in the final episodes. I love both of these characters, even if Jessa’s actions have been questionable at times, and I wanted more from them this season, and less Marnie.
    Hoping the final episode gives us all some closure – though Dunham has said the door may be open for a reunion of sorts or a SATC-type film, which makes me think they’ll settle for an open ending.

    • Lucy

      most definitely less Marnie, she has become a caricature imo

      • Hellbetty666

        You know, Marnie has always been my least favourite character but one of the commenters on here said (a few episodes into this series) Marnie’s attitude was exactly that of a single man living in New York and since then I’ve really started to hate-appreciate her behaviour.

        I don’t know, I might just be confused and/or high.

        • Lucy

          omg, this makes a lot of sense!! interesting male-female behaviour reversal. perhaps a comment on double standards of expectations. lena dunham you clever one..

          ps. if new york single men = marnie then i’m going to need to reevaluate my plan to move there .. asap

          • Hellbetty666

            Right?! I had a mini revelation when I read that (thank you Man Repeller commenter whoever you were). That scene at the party on Sunday where she was surrounded by boys, flirting and giving out her details describes this beautifully.

            I love how she’s moved away from the series one Marnie of being in a straight, monogamous relationship and trying to have a grown up professional job. I’m tempted to do the same!

    • Renata

      When I saw this episode I had the exact same thoughts.. later I realized that in this season we are getting a lot of Hannah’s point of view, and since her and Shosh are so apart from each other, it actually makes sense that we didn’t get to see all that’s happening to her.

  • Andy

    this episode had me all sorts of sentimental!

  • On Hannah’s move: That house looks absolutely gorgeous and HOW is she affording it? Are there hidden roommates? I’m assuming she’s moved somewhere upstate and I don’t see how it could possibly be affordable???

  • Jessie

    Q for this season: Why is Shoshanna only defined by her relationships with men — Ray or Byron? I am happy for Shosh, but I had hopes she would find success on her own before finding her partner.

    • Marta Millere

      Except maybe for when she was in Japan (before she met her Japanese boyfriend) – she was free and happily discovering herself there

    • Hellbetty666

      I think Shosh has always wanted a decent relationship with a fella, so it makes sense for her to define success as related to a partner, IMO.

  • Lacey Bergevin

    ugh i’m always a day behind because I can’t watch it until Monday! That episode could have been the final episode and I would have died happily. I am scared to see what else is going to happen, I feel closure already lol. The only thing that would make it better is if Marnie falls off a building and dies. #sorrynotsorry
    Also I want those burritos

  • AlrightArightAlright

    I LOVED the realization that Shosh hasn’t been missing by accident, she has been missing because she’s not friends with them anymore. The fact that not only is she engaged, but that it’s not THAT CRAZY of a decision hit home that we missed key parts of her life, too. I want to see them meet at the cupcake vending machine!

  • Mari

    GREAT IDEA. I was terrified by the thought that she might not take that job. Way to go, Hannah!

    Also, after that last Adam episode, I hope he dies. Entitled little fuckboy.

  • Kristin.

    This last season has been on a whole other level. The writing is better. the dialogue is tight. The personas are hyper evident and the music and cinematography are fantastic. I also feel the ways in which they’re flawed is made to seem more comical and more satirical in a way I really dig.

  • Nina Monroy

    I checked your Instagram and am kinda disappointed that “the real guts and meat of the internet” isn’t actually in your bio. But aren’t quotes in bios over anyway? Or, are jobs and purses and nice personalities with quotes in bios the trifecta of successful adulthood?

  • kaitlyn conway

    Is Sample Lairds actual child cause THEY BE LOOKIN LIKE TWINS

    Is there a candle that brings you back to when you were 22?

    Will we get to see at least one scene from “White Man Can’t Jump”?

    • Hellbetty666

      I have to see Elijah in a basketball musical!!

  • beccamu

    do you ever watch something and relate to it so hard you can’t even move for a sec when it’s over?

    • Hellbetty666

      It me.

  • Belle

    OK who is the man Hannah is talking to on the subway? When he’s asking her if she’s ever read the book that he’s reading? Looking for his real name!

  • pamb

    I am wondering what the last episode will be about (I’m predicting it’ll take place in the future, whether it’s the birth of Hannah’s baby or several years later, IDK) because this episode basically told us what everyone will be doing, except Marnie (giving guys her number while dancing prettily with her purse isn’t enough to base her life on. Or is it?)

    I just think it’s odd that Shosh invited Marnie and Elijah. Physically, they are the most presentable; maybe that’s what it comes down to. They were certainly not closer to Shosh than the others.

    I was really shocked that Shosh was engaged, but once she explained that Hannah never even told her that she was pregnant, it was obvious that they hadn’t talked in months, and I suppose that people really do meet and get engaged in a few months. I don’t happen to know any, but ok! She did speak the truth, they aren’t friends, it’s time to move on.

  • Hannah Betts

    So I’m old, in the sense of not being a millennial (46), but I’m having difficulty with the baby mama ending. I know that real freedom includes the freedom to conform etc etc etc, and that she appears to be doing it on her tod etc etc etc, but making babies feels like a sappy, non-radical ending for what purported to be a non-sappy, passingly radical show.
    Anyone else having issues with this? Maybe it’s just me, and I am – as I said – OLD.

  • Hannah Betts

    I guess some people might answer that it’s radical for Hannah?