23 Questions About ‘Girls’, Season 6, Episode 8

How is it that Adam can always find Hannah?


No matter how we mature, how many auditions we endure, how many deadlines we meet on time, the world remains as impassive to our pain as it’s ever been. What matters is how we respond to it.

This week, Jessa and Adam and Hannah and Shosh and Ray explore their own limitations, or, explained otherwise, what happens when they put a hole in the drywall. Jessa and Hannah, especially, deliver some of the best performances, serving up heartbreak and anguish in a bar bathroom and a diner booth. One gives in to the narrative she’s created around her existence. One, who’s always depended on other people, who’s always yielded to the fiction she’d prefer to inhabit over the truth of her circumstances, resists.

Of last night’s episode, Lena Dunham wrote on Instagram that it made her feel “the gut-wrenching sadness of being Hannah with Adam for the last time,” which suggests that it really is over for them. The drama didn’t end in romantic heartbreak or a merry happily ever-after. It just happened, the way it almost always does. And so it’s like all misfortunes; apoplectic, disastrous, tragic, final and yet…bland. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

1. Who would actually want Adam to raise her child? I know he did well with Button or Blanket or Asymptote or whatever that kid’s name was, but come on.

2. But at the same time, wouldn’t Jessa make a fantastic zookeeper?

3. Did anyone really think Hannah would get an abortion at this late stage?

4. How is it that Adam can always find Hannah?

5. Well, Adam professing his devotion to Hannah in a bodega is the perfect inversion of Elijah mauling her spirit in a crowded, grimy kitchen, is it not?

6. What doctor’s office did Jessa steal her weighted scale from?

7. Where can I find a silk robe?

8. Is “elite channels,” like, a euphemism?

9. What?

10. Oh, wow, Shosh is alive?

11. Why is Jessa wearing a furry bikini?

12. Why is Hannah doing this?

13. Why is Adam so shiny?

14. Would you rather have Adam or Laird raise your baby?

15. Would you rather live in an ugly building with a view of a beautiful building or a beautiful building with a view of an ugly building?

16. Please, tell me I’m not the only person who’s mystified at and furious with the direction this is taking?

17. Does anyone miss Giuliani?

18. Who else squinted through that sex scene?

19. So, is this romance, like, on?

20. Is it self-aware or ridiculous that a show that’s forever been associated with the gentrification of Brooklyn is probing its (pretend, play-acted) residents on how that gentrification came to be?

21. They gave it a good try, maybe?

22. What’s the most wrong-headed delusion you’ve ever allowed yourself to be trapped in? And for how long?

23. Am I supposed to root for Ray and Aidy Bryant? Because I can’t.

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  • MG

    Lena Dunham and Adam Driver’s best work is done when they are in a scene together. After last night, I am sure of that. Nonetheless, I am so sad. That was right but also heartbreaking.

    • They are so good together! As actors and as characters. I think Adam is just super passionate and excitable, and Hannah hasn’t spent time processing what her life might be like as a mother, and he scared her with his talk about what her immediate future will/could entail.
      If he chilled out a bit and she made real decisions, could they work as a couple? Or is that asking them both to change too much?
      Either way, my heart is broken for them.
      Adam Driver can come raise my babies…

      • snacks

        Very well put.

  • ValiantlyVarnished

    As much as I hate-watch this show, I have always rooted for Adam and Hannah. I’ve always felt like he was her person and that they both just needed to get some their shit together separately before they could be together. But last night was so final and heart-wrenching and it made me sad.

  • Lillian

    Am I the only person who had no idea that meant they were over until they elaborated in the recap? Am I a total idiot

    • Aydan

      nahhh my viewing crew also had a hard time catching that too.

    • I didn’t get it either.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I made my roommate rewind it twice (I hate touching the remote) so that I could catch the nuance and I was like IDK I THINK THEY ARE CRYING BECAUSE GROWING UP IS HARD and thought Adam was cursing because he forgot his keys and that Jessa was smiling a sad smile because she knew it was over and then I watched the recap and was like o ok they’re done and I got all of that vy wrong.

      • Lillian

        Dude same. I was so confused and I thought she was crying in disbelief that they were really sitting there. Together again talking about the future. I didn’t feel the disconnect a t a l l.

      • Marta Millere

        When Hannah started crying in the diner – almost broke my heart wtf – I thought she was going to finally say ‘I can’t have this baby.’

        • Hellbetty666

          I thought it was going in this direction when she zoned out at the hardware store, but perhaps it was the dawning realisation she wanted Tim do this alone (or at least not with Adam)

      • prairie dogs

        Same same same. And fwiw, I’m supposed to interpret lit and film as my job! 🙁 Lolz

    • It was very subtle but I felt my heart breaking for them at the diner table 🙁

    • Marta Millere

      Haha no you’re not. I only got it when Jessa smiled that little smile when Adam asked her to buzz him in.

    • snacks

      I’m right there with you. I was so confused/sad by the end of the episode. I almost never watch the discussions at the end of the episodes, but I felt like I had to this time. I did feel that as far as Hannah and Adam go, things just fell into place a little too fast and a little too perfectly on this episode. It just didn’t sit right with me. There was very little dialogue between the convenience store scene and the sex scene (which seemed totally awkward and passionless). It bummed me out but I still couldn’t connect the dots until Lena Dunham explained it after the episode. Then I got even sadder.

      • kforkarli

        Oh god in Australia we don’t get discussions at the end!!

        • Logan

          I’m in Australia too, you can find it on the HBO Youtube 🙂

          • kforkarli

            Thanks Logan 🙂

      • Katia Luyo Angeles

        it felt like when a The Walking Dead character has a full episode and everything is happiness and you root for them, but then you realise its because they’re killing them. Adam said “We should get married” and Hannah knew. I mean just like Adam “he vaguely knew before any of that, but when he found out, he just knew what he had to do”. :'( Sad though, for a second I was there too.

    • Lillian
    • Hannah Nichols

      nope I just thought Hannah was being emotional about realizing she had to join a co-op

    • Lil

      Just watched this episode, and I’m seriously wondering if I have any ounce of emotional intelligence because I was super confused. I mean, I knew that Hannah&Adam weren’t heading towards a happly ever after the second she spaced out in the hardware store. But a little more dialouge to really sever ties would’ve been nice. Then again maybe I’m just bitter because sometimes break ups really are this vague and blurry in real life.

  • Would Jessa make a fantastic zoo keeper? No. She would say yes but then she’d get bored, or take a smoke break, and walk away with the lion cage open.

  • Aydan

    this show is too much. that was too much of let me put a (not pretty) bow on things kind of episode. I HATE when shows do that when they are wrapping up. AND WHY IS SHOSH STORY ONLY EXIST FOR RAY? It was so annoying that everyone had their “oh I realize I’m an asshole, let me change” all in one episode. This season is the biggest let down and I’m so so so disappointed. They could have done so much! and now they’re doing so much in the wrong way in my opinion… 🙁

    • prairie dogs

      YES to the Shosh story that only exists for Ray. It’s so reductive!

  • Liz Warners

    I loved this episode. BUT.
    Where the hell is Shosh? She is my favorite character and is getting majorly robbed in this season. I relate so much to her and her career/love struggles. Her career in particular seems to hit me in all the right (wrong?) places. Watching peers succeed way faster than me, trying to figure out where I belong in this big grown up world, attending stupid networking events where I feel completely inadequate.
    She is not defined by Ray, and needs her own story line please.
    I am hoping hoping hoping she gets some massive screen time in one of the last two episodes.

    • Agree, last season’s episode in Japan was amazing, we need more of this!

    • prairie dogs

      I agree about Shosh– her plotline last season was so good. But when she appeared this episode I felt like wait, what’s going on with her again? I hate that she’s been reduced to her old relationship with Ray, basically.

  • J

    24. Am I the only one who can’t stop listening to Dangerous Woman?

  • Joelle Nielsen

    ARGH…..I don’t want them to be over!!! I love Adm Driver and he should take care of Hannah. I also think that last night was some of the BEST ACTING I’ve seen from Lene. That scene on the bench – OMG=tears.

  • Lisa Mccann

    The moment in the diner is the saddest moment EVER – I also had to read this before I realised what actually happened! Also, what has happened to Shosh – I feel like she’s barely been in it this season!?

  • MG

    I also really don’t want Jessa to be pregnant and I don’t want she and Adam to stay together. It really feels like a fling to me. I want happiness for Jessa but I also want consequences. I am like never on Hannah’s side but bye, Jessa.

    • Marta Millere

      YES. Jessa seemed to be totally pregnant.
      Which raises another question: if Hannah had not been pregnant, would Adam have ever attempted to get back with her?

      • Ché Hot Chocolate

        She dies, doesn’t she?! The second I saw her bend over the toilet bowl, I started hoping she wasn’t pregnant. The Girls Universe shouldn’t reward her that way. There should be consequences fr being a dirtbag to your friend.

        And valid question! I was wondering if he only wanted to be with her cos she was preggers or did he just realize he missed her while shooting that movie?

        I don’t like Adam and Jessa right now.

        • MG

          So, I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this episode but who is worse here, Jessa or Adam? I feel more anger towards Jessa but I am not sure if that is founded or my own insidious sexism blaming the woman. Thoughts?

          • Katia Luyo Angeles

            I think both Adam and Hannah have come to realisations about themselves and tried to make amends to grow up (Hannah with herself and Adam with her), yet Jessa was still avoiding and giving into all the same attitudes she’s always had, but that this time, she knew wouldn’t help at all (why she stopped that guy). But she hasn’t made any kind of amends neither with herself or Hannah. So if she is pregnant, she’ll hope Adam will stay with her because of that and Adam will stay if he really never meant what he said to Hannah. If he did, he’ll leave her as soon as he finds out. At least, I would like to think that will happen. Some sort of decent ending… because if not, torches towards Lena (sorry) 🙁

        • I felt like it was a really abrupt revelation for Adam to decide to help raise Hannah’s baby. Yes, we saw a more caring side to his character in his film, but Girls didn’t expand on that and allow the audience to see him coming to regret leaving her.

    • prairie dogs

      I love what Adam says, something like “she’d have left me in 4 months I’m just doing us both a favor”– of course that’s Adam logic/justifying his bad behavior and all, but also it’s probably true that they aren’t long for this world as a couple. (Who’d have thought making a movie about the ex you’re still obsessed with might undermine your relationship with your current partner….)

  • Marta Millere

    Also, how heartbreaking was Jessa’s non-sex scene in the bar bathroom? Jessa from season 1 would’ve easily gone through with that but now she can’t, she loves Adam too much and has matured so much.

    • doublecurl

      wait, did she not go through with it? I thought the editing just cut to her alone afterward but could be totally off base

  • Did anyone find the scene when Jessa is in the bar familiar to the bar scene in season 1 when Jessa is late for her “abortion”.. Are they trying to show something here. Especially considering it looks like she could actually be pregnant this time.
    But otherwise, wow, what a raw episode.. but actually just an incredible season.

    • Liz Warners

      Yes, it was completely based off of it! They talked about it in the ‘after the episode’ interview.

      • I just watched it now, thanks 🙂

    • Giulia

      Yes, I thought of the exact same scene

    • prairie dogs

      I also wondered if she was pregnant after the barfing scene!

      If you’re into the show, watch the interviews with the creators after each episode– they’re fun and insightful.

  • diane

    Lena perfectly captured that moment when you know that it is really over, despite your best efforts at denial and/or reconciliation. Despite all the time and all the pain and all the effort. Her best acting to date, IMHO.

    • It made me relive the same moment in my life, there wasn’t a single question in my mind that they’re over. It was such a powerful scene, god it breaks my heart!

      • diane

        Zsofia, you are so right. That ending to their relationship was so much more real than the formulaic conclusions we are accustomed to seeing: Not the typical happily ever after or the more dramatic slamming of a heavy metaphoric door, but instead the last sad epiphany in a doomed relationship.

    • snacks

      Absolutely. Best scene of the season and Lena’s best performance of the series.

  • Beatrice

    I love Girls and I love Man Repeller but somehow this “x number of questions” format for reviews fails to really capture the nuances of either the show or site. I would love to see a think piece on Girls and its legacy (good or bad) – there is so much to unpack!

    • +1

      • Kseniia Korotaieva

        +100 for the think piece, really look forward to a MR recap

    • Same here, I also find it confusing how all the questions are in chronological order so the random “What?”type of questions are difficult to tie to the moment…

  • Teri Giese

    The episode this week carried the obvious,yet the not so obvious.The bathroom seen was a sort of,” I know Adam is doing Hannah,so I am going to do someone.”Yet,she seemed to somehow be punishing herself/f me I somehow F’d it up with Adam?!Adam I think,yes had residual feelings or attachment to Hannah.But,another dudes seed made that baby.To me,was a sort of alpha male shit?He was SO interested in her pregnancy,or maybe was a bit curious.To have sex with a pregnant chic,especially it being Hannah.What was the deal with that sex scene?As if sex pregnant hurts or would hurt the baby.A.pregnant sex is AWESOME!B.No matter how big that thing is,the baby is in a sack of fluid!lolI truly think Sosh is so OVER all of her buds.Seems bored and irritated by their drama.She will totally be the most successful.For all we know,she will get her OWN show!!That would be superb and a load of areas to explore with her take on life and her personality 😉

  • Giulia

    ‘Am I supposed to root for Ray and Aidy Bryant? Because I can’t.’… never will I ever, soz

    • Senka

      Nope. In my book Ray and Shosh are meant to be. And even if not, there’s something so “aunt like” about both Aidy Briant and her character that I just can’t see the point to this.

  • Meg Joong

    when they are in the diner and hannah looks like she is about to cry so adam kind of tilts his head back and smiles in a way to sort of make her feel better, with that glimmer of good intent and love in his eye, i thought “okay yes, i want someone to look at me like that – i want this to work out”

    and now maybe (i still hold out) it will.

  • Lucy

    15 : this has been driving me crazy since i watched the episode !!!! but i think i’m with shosh. live ugly, view beautiful

    • prairie dogs

      Me too! Ray’s interpretation is so weird…like, we’re not our structurally unattractive buildings. We just live in them??? Idk.

      • Lucy

        totally !! and seems quite unusually superficial for ray

  • prairie dogs

    Unrelated to these questions but important: I LOVE Elijah’s lines about second trimester abortion. 🙂

    • Hellbetty666

      Elijah is killing it in this series!

  • Lacey Bergevin

    questions 15 😉 haha
    I didn’t like the way Shosh was treated in this episode-she deserves better.

  • starryhye

    Am I the only one who interpreted Jessa throwing up to mean *she’s* also pregnant???? And that’s why she had sex in a bar bathroom with a stranger, b/c she’s so depressed that Adam wants to raise Hannah’s baby and therefore NOT raise her’s/theirs???

    • Hellbetty666

      I got that too. When she was ranting to Knitted Hat Fella about Adam raising “HER baby?!” I got the emphasis on the “her”. Plus the puking and the symmetry with the Vagina Panic episode, her having random bar sex…. I would say she is pregnant.

    • Mariana

      I think she was simply sick because she was stressing out because that situation on Adam going after Hannah. She was a nerve-rack, even talking in the phone.

  • Hannah Nichols

    I’m sorry and don’t hate me but I wanted Adam and Hannah together

  • Christian Ochse

    How do girls in their mid-20s remember NYC under Giuliani?

    • Adrianna

      I’ve lived in NYC during my 20s, after Giuliani. A smoker would know that there’s 100% zero smoking in public spaces because of Giuliani

  • Katia Luyo Angeles

    I’m so sad 🙁 They should’ve end up together. But I’m still intrigued about the fact that Adam was so ready. And I don’t understand why he wouldn’t be fit. I know he’s crazy but he just seemed so focused/ready/actually able to parent when his sister left him with the baby. I knew then that he could actually bare with it. What bothers me is that is he’s so ready, will he stay with Jessa when he finds out? I know nothing is fair in this life but I mean really. SHE and Adam? It’s too backwards for ir to have a nice resolution by the end of it. Maybe next episode will jump a little in time? So Ray and Aidy can have more than a week on their relationship? Thing is he had that moment of “whoa you really think that way?” and apparently he’s never met anyone like that so he’s giving it a go. Sosh just let him sit there as a bud without realising she (Sosh) and Ray were acting like a couple (like what happened to Marnie with Ray and Sosh). So… this is not looking good for us guys… hope at least Elijah gets a good ending.

  • Tina

    The whole thing has me confused and sad. It seemed too good to be true that Hannah and Adam went into being so romantic so quickly, I figured there would be more to working out how they would make it work, especially after Jessa threw up… but I am not convinced that Hannah and Adam should be over… I also didn’t realise what was happening until I read reviews.
    I’m still not convinced though. It makes me feel as though Hannah is opting out just to justify the growth and pain she has been through since they split.

  • Hellbetty666

    I said “what the FUCK” around eight times in this episode.

    I loved Ray getting together with Shosh’s mate.

  • Hannah Betts

    It felt like another fantasy episode, only the fantasy was real and then it was over.
    How did they create Hannah’s bump?