Gigi Hadid’s New and Improved Rules of Style

Happy 22nd birthday!


Let’s all take a moment to mourn super-blond, eyeliner’d Gigi Hadid, for she is gone but not forgotten. May she forever rest next to a freakishly blue, eerily empty oceanside in some sunny corner of our memories/the internet.

Now, I’d like to respectfully request you get the F over that and direct your attention to the matter at hand: Present-day Gigi, that solemn-looking gazelle who is never not loping between a New York City building and a black car. Her hair’s a little darker, her skin’s a little paler and her closet is impossibly stuffed with new coats. Present-day Gigi scarcely wears the same thing twice (too pedestrian), never lets her bare eyes show (too mortal) and, most importantly, is literally not a day over 22. Happy birthday, G.

In honor of this special occasion, I’ve broken down the mechanics of her style below. Should you come into a great deal of money and fame and be in urgent need of a paparazzi-worthy style identity, simply abide by the following rules, call a black car and get trotting. Above, you’ll find a starter kit of 25 looks; there were so many good ones from the last year alone that I basically closed my eyes and pointed. Present-day Gigi guidelines are below.

#1. Once you wear a coat, it’s forever soiled. Give it away.

#2. If you want to wear white sneakers, they need to differ ever-so-slightly from the last white sneakers you wore. If you want to wear lace-up combat boots, they better be brand new.

#3 Always wear sunglasses or glasses of some kind, lest your truth be captured by the paps. Ideally these come in cool shapes and fun colors and look better than everyone else’s.

gigi hadid style man repeller 4

#4. Fur-lined Gucci loafers, mom jeans and sneakers are still cool as long as you’re in a chic hurry while wearing them.

#5. Take care not to overheat your left shoulder. Give it some air.

gigi hadid style man repeller 5

#6. Always cover your neck with a bandana or turtleneck so no one sees your Zayn hickeys.

#7.  Wear leather skinny pants with chunky boots and big coats when you plan to sign nondisclosure agreements.

#8. When it comes to buns and ponytails, flyaways are a sign of weakness.

gigi hadid style man repeller 9

#9. Be vulnerable; show some ankle.

#10. A short list of things you shouldn’t be afraid of: a little midriff, a Bermuda short, a shirt with your boyfriend’s name on it.

gigi hadid style man repeller 7

#11. Unbutton your ankle-grazing flannel nightgown for a classic night-to-day lük.

#12. Never outwardly express joy.

#13. Finally, if you must run to the bodega in a laundry-day outfit or pajamas, make sure to look better than anyone who has ever run out to the bodega in the history of urban living.

gigi hadid style man repeller 8

Feature photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images via Getty Images.

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  • am4

    #5 is too real. It’s like her and Bella can never decide whether it’s cold enough to fully commit to wearing a coat/jacket

    • Hellbetty666

      I actually bellowed with laughter reading that.

  • Mya Patel

    The last one hurts and makes me happy simultaneously. By definition a beautiful day.

  • laoonatic

    Is there such a thing as a celebrity wardrobe black hole or where do all their clothes go once they’re worn once? RIP.

    • Kelly

      Back to the stylist.

      • laoonatic

        They’re not getting any credit for the looks *and* have to be wardrobe cleaners? What a life to live.

        • Kelly

          Some of them do get credit! They’re not all gonna be Rachel Zoe, but you hear about them.

  • Kay Nguyen

    Hahaha these are too funny and too real! But I think Gigi is right shoulder discriminated, it needs some fresh air too <3

  • Camille

    Can’t tell if you’re (lovingly) implying as much, but– am I the only one who doesn’t love her style?

    I like her, her pieces are “cool” and she looks good regardless, but IMO there’s usually nothing that chic or original about how she puts things together…

    • laoonatic

      Agree! Especially when she’s not putting her things together alone, but her stylist. Also, can we have a moment to realize how she’s co-designing a collection with Tommy Hilfiger yet she has a stylist that is suggesting her how to dress? I find that ironic…

    • Amy Brumbpo Tungus

      I’m quite sure Monica Rose is her stylist? She dresses the Kardashian clan too and lots of other relevant-RIGHT-NOW A-listers that people seem to run to for fast fashion trends lewks. I feel it’s not so much chic/classic as it is jumping on fast fashion trends before they hit the stores for us common folk.

      • Camille

        Yeah I actually like Monica Rose’s vibe (mostly on Kourtney + Kendall), it can be fun even though I’m usually more drawn to feminine/classic styles…. just doesn’t work for me on Gigi

    • Cate

      It just looks really exhausting to me. The clothes are wearing her in a lot of these photos.

      This is trying VERY hard to project a certain image that is super trendy. Gigi has such a fun and bubbly personality that it doesn’t seem necessary to me – I’m sure she’d do just fine dressing herself.

  • Love Gigi & Bella , but enuf lets find our style influences else where , when did the model get credit for designing the wardrobe.
    Dress The Part

  • Ciccollina

    I don’t really care for any of this….except that black turtleneck, white shirt, raspberry anorak-and-Docs look…..that is just GREAT. Urgh.

  • Molly

    Gigi is gorgeous but look 11 is awful.

  • emmsy

    The more I look at her, she’s really really pretty. But something about her is just overdone and boring?

  • Pandora Sykes

    I’m really obsessed with Hadid style, squared. Pretty sure Monica Rose was/is their stylist but they dress so much better than her other clients — which would suggest there’s a lot of input from the girls themselves.

  • Chess

    I can’t get over how all of these new nepotism supers have such childlike features? Rosebud lips and teeny little noses etc… Man you think beauty standards can’t get any worse than thin and then they raise you looking like a teen 🙁

    • Kattigans

      A lot of them have had work done. Its just so subtle that its hard to notice the change unless you go on a google stalking hunt. A friend of a friend’s dad is an editorial photographer and has worked with all of these girls and he says while they’re beautiful, they just don’t look fresh from the work/fillers they use. I mean look at Kylie Jenner…she looked 35 when she was 18. Its crazy.

  • jackie

    she’s always been SO skinny, but am i the only one who thinks she’s lost even more weight in the past year? google “19 year old gigi” and she looks so happy…. now she looks skeletal and sad.

  • Áine Hegarty

    Look 21 is my fave. Like someone else said, I think some of these clothes look like they’re wearing her which I sometimes equate with not matching her inner style/spirit. That disconnect between what you’re wearing and who you are definitely comes across to the viewer so you get hit by two images instead of one.