10 Drugstore Beauty Products We Can’t Stop Using

Speaking (writing?) as a former beauty editor, if anyone needs to KonMari their life, it’s probably a former beauty editor. Between receiving new product launches from publicists, calling in products for shoots and testing a disturbing amount of product on behalf of the people, it’s alarming how quickly a photogenic #shelfie spirals into at best, a warning to your roommates that you’re a terrible doomsday prepper, and at worst, a qualifying application for a certain show on TLC.

Yes, less living space and a handful of allergic reactions (always patch test) are a small price to pay for having luxury products comped, but once I began picking up all the fancy dry shampoos and day creams, politely asking “DOES THIS SPARK JOY?!?!?!” to no one in particular, I was left with a pile of gifts for friends and only a handful of empties that required a spendy restock trip to Sephora.

Nine times out of 10, I’m still strategizing my beauty shopping while standing in the pharmacy line, because it always takes forever and I’ve learned that sometimes, packaging and a prestige name are nothing more than just that. Meanwhile, a mascara that sounds like Victoria’s Secret latest bedazzled bra (see slide #5) may turn out to be the best thing to happen to your lashes since you were a child with naturally lovely lashes. The tricky part is knowing what to target on which shelf and in what aisle.

Which is why I’m here to present you with our latest batch of favorite drugstore beauty buys (OG roundup here). We all played beauty editor to bring you 10 affordable finds with unquestionable joy-sparking and money-saving qualities. What’s yours?

Photos by Edith Young.

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  • Ariane

    I’ve found coconut oil and sweet almond oil pretty good post-Veet. Not that I’m too good for the wipes, but sometimes I do too many mini-waxes and run out of wipes. So I just use… something oily.

  • Adrianna

    I keep reading that Cetaphil is superior to expensive beauty products. I’m pretty happy with the two lotions (one with SPF) that I now use.

  • nicolacash

    Lanolin, aka the purple tube of nipple balm in most drug stores, is the best thing that’s happened to my chapped lips since sliced bread & I’ll preach this statement ’til I die

  • Abigail Larson

    Not to be *that* person, but there are a few misspellings/malapropisms in this post. Just wanted to let you lovely people know!

  • Molly D

    Harling – how long does the friction stick last?? Do you have to keep reapplying it throughout the day? I consistently have between 5-6 tough strip band-aids between my 2 feet during summer months

    • kay

      it is the best!! the only thing is you kind of have to know where your shoes are going to rub you ahead of time. but i thought it was discontinued? theres another brand that makes something similar but the package isn’t that pretty teal color. works for chub rub too.

  • Grace B

    oooooh cetaphil. pitch me.

  • Carlyan Castellano

    I just discovered the wonders of Jergens Natural glow and I think my life has been changed forever.

    • Kattigans

      Try the Jergens natural glow foam in the dark brown bottle. Spray tan in a bottle. The best drug store tanner I’ve tried. Also, L’Oreal makes tanning wipes that rival the expensive brands.

  • I’m really interested in that liquid bandage as I’m always getting cuticle tears along my thumbs. It’s usually not big enough to warrant a bandaid, but this seems like a good option. Thanks!


  • Hellbetty666

    Maria, those eyeliner looks are phenomenal.

  • I LOVE that Garnier Micellar Water so much! Definitely one of my top used drugstore products!

  • I took notes…

  • Kattigans

    All hail Garnier Micellar Water (pink bottle only!). Once I went with this, I never looked back. Also, olay liquid fluid has been my moisturizer on and off for years. Every time I give it up for something fancy, I always regret it and come back.

  • Maria

    For Elizabeth:
    When i run out of wipes i use cotton with olive oil instead, it work just as good, but you smell like olives for a while.

  • Lucy

    Has anyone used Rite Aid liq bandage? Thoughts? I’ve never heard of it before (is it just an American thing? I live in UK), but I have a terrible habit of picking the skin at the side of my nails and it looks ideal!

    • Lucy

      lmao clarification: my shredded fingers look far from ideal, but the product does

  • Rosa

    Yes to that micellar water! I saw it on here, then immediately after I saw it in my grandma’s bathroom (her Georgian live-in maid with glorious skin uses it) and i couldn’t not try it. Now I absolutely love it, I use it every night on myself AND on my husband.

  • Serena

    CARMEX!!! My life saver!

  • phoebe

    the la roche posay cicaplast lip balm is amazing. i’m allergic to everything and its uncle and this is like the only lip balm that won’t give me some sort of irritation around my mouth.