Victoria Beckham x Target: What I’m Buying

It’s good, it’s size-inclusive and it’s cheap



I’ll say. Victoria Beckham dropped the lookbook for her new Target collection yesterday like a damn album and I plan to spend at least ten minutes of this day scrolling through it. I’m gonna tell you what I need and why and then you do the same. By that point, it should be basically lunch time. (The snow day this week really messed with my head. So far the most productive things I’ve been able to manage are learning how to dance like Prince William and cataloging belted outfits in my head.) Also do we think VB says Target with a hard T, or Targé, like your dad does?

Fun facts about this collection before we begin.

Price range: $6 to $70, with most items under $40.

Size offerings: XS to 3X for women — ty for size inclusivity, VB — and NB to XL for girls, toddler and baby.

Available: All Target stores and on beginning April 9th. Select pieces will be available for sale for global shoppers internationally via, where there is currently a woman doing a terrible job of hiding during Hide-and-Seek.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.11.56 AM

Enough horsing around. Let’s talk shop. I need:

This full pink ensemble, very Samantha Jones.

Victoria Beckham x Target

These pants to accompany me on warm-weather picnics.

Victoria Beckham x Target

Both of these dresses (I’m praying the pink one comes in an adult human size, no offense to the short person in this photo).

Victoria Beckham x Target

The jacket on the right, cool for the gym.

Victoria Beckham x Target

And this dress for MOTHA EFFIN SPRING.

Victoria Beckham x Target

K, your turn!

Photos courtesy Target.

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  • Bee

    So good! I want the long-sleeve black dress with the white round collar.

    • Amelia Diamond

      me too actually that one is very chiquez

  • Senka

    Non related topic peeps, but Zara has a mid season sale and there are some chic ass coats for a fraction of the price on offer. I know, coat season is almost over, but another winter will come soon. there’s a red one with my name on it.

    • Amelia Diamond

      v important reminder!!

    • Meg S

      I bought the most fab pair of silver metallic ankle boots for $35. I’m all about this sale. Asos also has a 20% off coupon code for St. Patty’s Day right now.

  • I could wear that pink ensemble everyday…EVERY. DAY.

  • kjrobot

    The entire gingham sitch, as in head-to-toe (i have a platinum bob I’m hoping will offset the farm-ish-ness) but Imma wear it with lace up doc martens shoes.

    The black dress with the white collar. I love the sporty embroidered jacket look, that skirt looks super versatile – I’m worried about the fabric quality though.

    • Amelia Diamond

      really like the idea of full gingham with doc martens

  • Finding myself super drawn to the calla lily print- reminds me of a very cool grandma on the board of directors at a museum. Definitely going to at least nab the pants!

  • Dani Heifetz

    Amazing- I’m also obsessed with that dress with the flower for kids! I want it for myself, haha

  • DIYgal

    That last pick – giant black and white sunflower print – is not a dress, it’s actually a top and a skirt. See the line where the print breaks up at the waist? Which is a shame, as it would be a cool dress but as a top and skirt it just looks sloppy to me.

    • Sheila T.

      i thought it was a drop waist dress?

      • Amelia Diamond

        me too actually!

  • M See Hammer

    Number 25 the white dress with the black floral placement print!

  • Sheila T.
    • alberta.shimp

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  • Lacey Bergevin

    The black and white floral dress!! I think it’s one piece? I need it

  • Julie Meowmeows

    I really like the black pantsuit with the calla lilies. Pairing it with all black sneakers.

  • chouette

    Eh TBH this is the kind of stuff that’s cute in the photo but I bet the fabrics are going to be crap, and thus I would never actually reach for them if they were in my closet. Lots of poly satin.

    • Amelia Diamond

      for sure, gotta see the stuff irl

  • Pamela

    Love it!

  • Meg S

    I am all about this and am not spending money on many things… okay, so I bought shiny silver boots from Zara and shiny white boots from Asos, but they only added up to $80 so here’s where all my money is going in the near future!

    Basically, we’re buying the same things. There’s a black and white striped thing in the video on her web site under the VB x Target link. Also it plays Spice Up Your Life and I’m all about that.

  • Senka

    What are my chances with the online shopping it, since I don’t have access to target? I think I read it will be available on her site. I’m all about VB understated perfection recently.

  • Katy
    • ashley

      ditto the bomber, eyeing it

  • I’m drawn to the Valentino like scalloped pieces.. but won’t even try to buy them. Its upsetting how most are gobbled up by selfish people who just want to resell on e Bay.

  • Dawn Lucy

    My review if anyone is interested … (complete with really bad dressing room selfies!)