10 Paris Street Style Looks We Want to Copy

Over the course of Paris Fashion Week this month, we published a slideshow of street style photos every morning. This meant that every evening from February 28th to March 8th, between the hours of 8 and 10 p.m., a fresh expletive would escape my mouth as I combed through the newest batch. I kept badgering Leandra, Amelia and Leslie: Is Paris street style always better than New York street style? Holy shit, does everyone always look this good there? How? What’s happening!!!

Each responded in a similar vein: Paris street style tends to veer more honest; people dress for it the way they dress for any other day. Which is to say, very fucking well. As I clicked through, their words rang true. Nothing feels put on nor thrown on. While the more than 500 photos cover a vast array of styles, the set as a whole sits at this satisfying equilibrium of thoughtful, authentic and personal. That means that, just as in life, there’s a little something for everyone.

Below, I’ve broken down the 10 that whispered sweet nothings to me specifically. If you happen to spot me wearing thrift-store versions around Bushwick this spring, you’re not allowed to judge.

1. A Canadian skirt tux with two different-colored boots


The moment I laid eyes on this photo, my shoulders felt vulnerable to the elements and my shoes felt disgustingly identical. I have yet to board the denim-skirt train due to my high school ghosts, but this sold me.

2. A structured tea-length skirt with white ankle boots


I’ve never wanted to drink tea with a modest ankle peek more. Unfortunately, I don’t own anything resembling any of this. And my disgusting white ankle boots (which I wear multiple times a week, much to the chagrin of my colleagues with eyes) very much do not count.

3. Bumble-bee chic


A cropped jacket buttoned all the way up over roomy white trousers and under a blazer strikes me as a very easy way to both overeat and look very rich — all at the same time.

4. Tearaway pants with heels


Can you imagine going home with someone in these pants? Coolest hookup ever.

5. Hoodie + blazer


Why haven’t I ever worn an exorbitantly large hoodie under a blazer before? This is next-level high-low. Plus, imagine how easily I could wipe down a table with those sleeves.

6. An XL trench with OTK boots


I actually have a pair of over-the-knee boots and every time I put them on I feel like a middle-schooler dressing up like Kim Kardashian. This is the first time I’ve seen them styled in a way that feels more emotionally manageable. Need me an XL trench.

7. A vintage T-shirt with jeans with cat eyes


I mean this is so cool. LOOK HOW EASY! I’d just stand on a corner somewhere in this exact position to make sure everyone saw me.

8. A million red things at once


When I see outfits like this, I ask myself why I ever mix colors. I’ve done Kim-K-style monochrome before and I’ll do it again. Watch me.

9. Cropped jeans with pink mules and a pink Tneck


I didn’t know I needed pink mules so urgently until this very moment. Plus a pink turtleneck and pink earrings and a pink jacket. Pink pink pink more pink please.

10. A wool sweater tucked entirely into wide-leg trousers


I actually gasped when I saw this photo and immediately sent it to Leslie and waited for her to gasp too. “Everyone in Paris is tucking their sweaters into their trousers,” said Leslie. I immediately tucked mine in.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.


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