Over 500 Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

I implore you to click through the whole thing.


If you subscribe emotionally to the unending stream of articles about French people being harbingers of everything trendy and cool but also timely and effortless, then you might want to pay attention to the above. Paris Fashion Week is freshly over and we have proof in the form of thousands (okay, 575) of photos of what everyone wore. Maybe literally everyone?

Beloved-by-MR photographer Simon Chetrit, who shot NYFW street style for us last month, spent the past week across the pond doing the same in Paris. Like many a best thing, Paris has the benefit of going last in the fashion month lineup. And it’s a worthy finale — everyone looks fucking great. Prepare your finger for dragging to your Save 4Ever folder and hop to it.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.


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  • Emma

    THE SHOES IN #19 !!!

  • McKenna E

    Very understated, no? Maybe the rain. Maybe fashion is finally circling back after a period of extreme fussy.

    That bag in #18 is the Perfect (with a capital P) pepto pink!

  • Simon, when you want to street style someone, how do you approach/ask? Do you get turned down a lot?

    • Simon Chetrit

      I’d say especially at fashion week, my ratio of people saying “yes” is upwards of 90%. That being said, having done this for years, I’ve got a pretty refined approach, and I can feel people out for how receptive they are, a pre-screening, if you will. Having a good bedside manner does a LOT for you in insuring you get more “yes”es. I usually just walk up to them, camera at the ready, and ask “would you mind if I take your picture? Or “Can I take your picture?” In France, I ask in French, etc. I also tend to lead them away from the other photographers so it can be more intimate and personal

  • AiceGalon

    The ensemble on 29! And could someone tell me what brand is that holyschomkes bag on 30? Pretty please!

  • me

    Yo, Si : Thanks for starring as “An American in Paris” & grabbing these pix for us !

    I’m always so pleased to be able to peep at our fab Parisian neighbors …

  • Libert Laura

    Can someone pleaaaase tell me where is the velvet yellow coat of the picture 3 ?? I dont find it anywhere, I really dont know where to find it, I think this coat is wonderful… Thanks for the help ! 🙂

  • Merrynell

    Ugh I wanna be French when I grow up. Of course they all look chic and stylish in the rain.

    (That Cookie-Monster-in-Time-Square coat on 85 is where I draw the line though.)

  • AryaChic

    I swear Parisians are born with style


  • ashley

    who’s the exquisite cropped haired amal look alike in 33, wow

    • Senka

      Leila Yavari, fashion director of Stylebop, if I’m correct.

      • ashley

        thank you!

  • Who is the gorgeous woman in the high wasted red pants? She is so chic!


  • These are the best! Makes me feel like more authentic style and less of the sponsored overdoing. And extremely valuable distraction with 400+ pics when one is sitting in the ER waiting with a broken ankle. Makes me want to dress up even with one leg in a cast! 🙌

    • aw, feel better! nothing like fashion week style for convalescence 🙂

  • Kim

    445?!!!! now that’s a fuckin slideshow

    • Kim

      wait now it’s 574 you ppl are gonna kill me with all these LQQKS

  • #67
    Hi Elaine, I love what you’ve done with Teen Vogue, you’re also awesome in general, okay bye 👋🏾

  • Katrina Elizabeth


  • Kimberley Boehm

    It’s the elan. Wear whatever you wear like you own the place.

  • b.e.g.

    I think the majority of them look ridiculous. Whatever happened to Coco’s simplicity, take one more accessory off before you walk out the door. Trying way too hard to look different. Nothing Parisian about this. I go to Paris every year for 6 weeks. No one dresses like this except during Fashion Week I guess.

  • Susan Roman

    There is STILL no one who does it better then Leandra Medina xxx

  • Susan Roman

    ps: LOLLLLLllllll