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Sarah Jones, Part 1
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Hey everyone guess what! The promo said it all, but this is Oh Boy’s 50th episode!


Oh yes. To celebrate, we not only have a special guest, but a special two-part episode, with the first half right in front of you and the second coming next week.

About that guest! Her name is Sarah Jones and she is a Tony and Obie Award-winning playwright and performer, known for her one-woman shows wherein she embodies multiple characters of varied backgrounds (the first of which, Bridge & Tunnel, was produced off-Broadway by Meryl Streep). The New York Times called her a “master of the genre,” but raise your hand if you were sold by the capital M in Meryl. I’ll wait.

Prepare yourself for an Oh Boy experience unlike any other. Multiple characters make an appearance, many from her most recent show, Sell/Buy/Date. Each has a personality so clear that it will be hard for you, the listener, to decipher whether a new guest has walked in the room or if it’s yet another of Sarah Jones’s creations. As far as Sarah Jones is concerned, the answer is both; these characters exist inside of her.

Ready for this one? Headphones in, enjoy.

Sarah Jones Oh Boy Man Repeller Feature

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