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MR Treats! Win a Topshop $hopping $pree

Want $500 in your jeans pocket or no?

MR Treats Topshop Man Repeller-31

In partnership with Topshop.

If you love Topshop and not spending money, this month’s round of MR Treats was tailor-made for you. It’s a real doozy! (Still not sure what “doozy” means even after looking it up on Urban Dictionary.) I really think you’re going to love it.

In case you’re new to MR Treats, we partner with one of our sponsors on a monthly basis to give something away to a lucky winner. Up this month: free Topshop-flavored money. $500 to be exact, in gift-card form! If you happened to be loitering around these parts yesterday, you’ll have seen our jean propaganda video wherein we waxed poetic about denim for two full minutes. (Philosophical discussion for another time: What are all of us if not living and breathing jean propaganda?) Well, all of those jeans were from Topshop, of course, which means you can wear all of them on your body right this very second. Or at the very least, in a month!

And if you’d like to do that for FREE, enter the sweepstakes below and cross your fingers and toes, because $500 to Topshop could be yours!

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Featuring Topshop jacket, velvet dress, zebra print mules and embroidered socks.

Follow our model, Kalysse Anthony, on Instagram @kalysseanthony. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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  • Ellie

    This is real kewl that MR and your partners do these giveaways! And you all looked so goooood I wanted to join the dance partay. And I don’t really understand what doozy means either but I like it 😉

  • magicalhat

    Will there ever be a giveaway for us international man repellers? A girl can dream. At least it’s summer around here.

  • Krystal Roberts

    Awesomeness!! ENTERED!!!

  • Ala Al-Amead

    Best one yet!!

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  • Taylor

    There are topshops in Canada too!! :'(