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WATCH: Man Repeller x Topshop Presents Dancing Jeans

In partnership with Topshop.

For the sake of your time and my finger strength, I will not recount how often I’ve spent tens of minutes fretting over bad outfits in the mirror only to settle on jeans and a T-shirt. In the last WEEK. Just know that it’s, like, six times. Such is the power of good jeans — every time I stray, I find my way back to them. They’re my sartorial home.

This translates directly to the outfit regret I feel whenever I leave the house without them. (Leandra wrote an entire story about this once!) It’s possible my jeans are holding me emotionally hostage, now that I think about it. But all I wish for in those moments is that a fairy godmother would tap me on the shoulder and fix everything. Or at the very least, for a friend to be like, “Here, take these jeans, I don’t even need them even though they’re perfect.”

But I don’t know. This is just my fantasy.

Which, thanks to Topshop and their spring denim line, we’ve lived out in the above video to a dreamy T. Leandra is the fairy godmother (duh), and the rest of us are the chumps who picked the wrong outfit. It’s genuinely V close to real life for me. Click play for a reenactment of the movie Pay It Forward but themed around good jeans instead of good deeds. (They’re not so different in this case, IMO.)

Then maybe get your butt into some Topshop jeans and never take them off.


Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit; Gifs courtesy of Sam Shannon of SKS Studios.

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  • these partnerships keep getting better an better. this was SO CUTE + FUN YALL!!!

  • Every time MR partners with Topshop it’s like a the last bite of chocolate cake…so satisfying. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Charlotte

    Brilliant! Love how these videos show that there is a MR TEAM.

  • Patty Carnevale

    I laugh and keep laughing so hard at the winks. All of the winks. Also very impressed with Amelia’s table dance moves.

  • Loved this! So cute.

  • BarbieBush

    How cute is Haley though!!!!..i can’t decide if i want to be her or date her

    • Leandra Medine

      Definitely date if I were you, it’s a delight to be on the receiving end of her intellect

      • Hi Leandra, Can you guys do a post on what MR girls are reading. Books, articles, journals, etc. Would love to get some recommendations.

        • Hellbetty666

          Ooh yes, I second this request.

  • Kristen Mortimer

    What song is this?!?

  • Audrey Fromson

    I will be ferociously winking for the next 24 hours to see if this technique works outside of MR…stay tuned!

    • Hellbetty666

      I look forward to the results! I’m going out tomorrow and am feeling naughty! I’m gonna try using my wink function, see what happens.

  • I love it when you collab with Topshop! It’s always so fun and different, idk how you manage to dream up all these gorgeous outfits!

  • Jennifer

    Love this video, soo funny! How do all you ladies get away with not wearing make up?! So jealous! Unfortunately, Topshop jeans don’t fit my big butt, small waist combo. I’ve had to return every pair I’ve bought. Found that Gap jeans fit better. Oh well.

    • Leandra Medine

      Even the mom style??

  • Sophie

    This is just in time since I’ve been desperately searching for a new pair of denim

  • Alexandra Queiroz

    Things that make me wanna do a happy dance: 1. This video. 2. Finding the most perfect pair of jeans.

  • Bailey Stark

    JEANS are my favorite article of clothing, I adore this vid!

  • Rose Keen

    Brilliant brand partnership xx

  • sin_plomo

    I’m literally wearing the striped jumper haley is wearing in this video right now!

  • Christine Baird

    Love this video! But where is that black and white check top from? I’ve been looking for one that was just right for ages and it’s absolutely perfect, but I can’t see one like it at Topshop 💔

  • Jessica

    So good – but where are the embroidered jeans Leandra is wearing? NEED THEM!!!

  • Ellie

    This is just so good. And Haley’s outfit is just so Haley in the best way.

  • a=

    visitem @fashionar_se tudo sobre la moda.

  • Dana Simcox

    Please please what song is this? I have been scouring the internet I can’t find it anywhere

  • Fran

    Haley is my fairy godmother of style! Every single outfit of hers is so perfect <3

  • Ashlynn Butler

    this is amazing. planning my next birthday according to this video. best party ever!!! i like can’t even breathe.

  • jess

    Hands down the best branded content i have ever witnessed. truly genius. Well done guys!!!