If You’ve Ever Wanted a Man Repeller T-Shirt, Now You Can Have One

Do you ever get dressed in the morning only to find yourself staring blankly into the mirror that you use to take your selfies thinking, I wish my T-shirt said Man Repeller and also had a fruitcake on it?

Well! That is extremely niche and bizarrely psychic because as fate and now reality would have it, such a shirt exists! We made it in cahoots with Monogram, a small start-up brand by cotton wizards Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos that produces its own fabric in limited-edition runs in California. It comes in bubblegum pink.

Monogram Man Repeller T-Shirt Leandra Medine-16

It also pairs really well with sequins.

But why the fruitcake, why now? Man Repeller is an inclusive community, and everyone who wants to participate is welcome.

If the year was 1955 and we lived in a small cul-de-sac called Man Repeller in the larger town of Pleasantville, every time a new neighbor made herself apparent, she would be welcomed with a confection that maintained equal parts jello and mold or fruit and cake (similarly molded). While jello is cool, fruit is cooler for the simple reason that there are plastic ones hanging from all the stands in our pop-up shop and so, T-shirt #1 was born. A piece of cotton fabric with arm holes to indicate that you are always welcome and will be greeted by something sweet.

As for T-shirt #2, featuring the hands of a woman eating into Man Repeller’s landscape logo?

Monogram Man Repeller T-Shirt Leandra Medine-47

Easy, people! We eat content! For breakfast! Lunch! And dinner! Nom nom nom.

And for the technical stuff: There are two ways you can acquire these shirts, priced at $65 each. The first is by hauling ass to Monogram’s website, where orders can be placed online. The second, more fun thing you can do is walk (train? fly?) over to Canal Street Market and buy it IRL at our pop-up shop, MR Bazaar, situated at the back of the market. We’re open for business every Friday (from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.) through Sunday this month so run, don’t walk!

Get your Man Repeller x Monogram Fruitcake and Fork & Knife T-shirts online and also at the Man Repeller Bazaar at Canal Street Market. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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  • starryhye

    These are so great! Whyyyy did I give up shopping for Lent!?!?! Hope these are still around after Easter :'(

    • Christina

      I gave up online shopping as well ;__;

  • Natalalaa

    No international shipping 🙁

  • Lauren Helen

    If only the shirt didn’t cost two weeks worth of my grocery budget 😢 They look amazing though, great job guys!

  • JadedSatyr

    If you look like the first woman with the red shirt, you don’t need the shirt to be a repellent.

    • Suzan

      Let’s keep it more civil, there is absolutely no need to be so rude for no reason. Also – to balance the record – I truly think ‘the first woman with the red shirt’ looks absolutely gorgeous and awesome!

    • BarbieBush

      *hating you*

      Don’t come on this nice site that this awesome woman developed for years like a badass just to be some bridge troll bitch.

      I feel defensive of Leandra in this situation because this is a greatly built community where I feel like we low-key love each other as much as strangers on the internet can. Also she is pretty? Like very pretty.

      Seems like maybe we are encouraging you to continue by even acknowledging your existence as a troll but maybe that’s a nice thing. I rarely see hateful comments on this website because I think mostly no one here is an idiot. You seem like maybe you are? or maybe just mean. Either way your presence isn’t appreciated.

    • Antoinette

      So disgusted by your comment. Leandra is so gorgeous! I hate telling people what to do but you ought to fill your heart with love, kindness and compassion, then there will be little to no room to for the unkindness you’ve just shown. Have a great day. Wishing you tons of love and light!

    • Jacklyn Summers

      I’m sorry you feel so poorly about yourself that you have to insult such a wonderful person like Leandra. What she has created here has inspired so many people. You should know that this isn’t a space for such negative behavior and I’m sorry you feel like your insults are worth anything at all to such an accomplished woman.
      Aside from that, I could recommend a great optometrist so you can get your eyes checked. She is incredible-all women are. Just sayin.

  • nicolacash

    $65??? whyyyy :'(

  • Robyn Ella

    I love these, but there’s also something vaguely depressing about being asked to pay $65 to be an advertisement 🙁

    • Peter

      You’re advertising your affinity with an online community, not the fact that you can afford the branded product of some fashion conglomerate.

  • BarbieBush

    These are the situations where the MR divide is felt. I do not get the vibe that this community is one that pays 65$ for a t shirt. Granted the only community proof is in the commentators and I guess? you are partnering with this other company and they make the rules too? But like inclusion *includes* economic status IMO.

    • Suzan

      Yes, for me it is also a bit too expensive.

      If it is organic cotton and ethically made though I usually do consider to spend a bit more – but can’t find that info in this case (also not on the Monogram website).

      • Leandra Medine

        Hi guys! I’m so upset to hear that you feel excluded by the t-shirt price tag and trust me if we could have lowered the price we would have. I deliberately chose to work with a young t-shirt brand based out of LA, who creates their own fabrics to then be manufactured in California instead of just producing a starchy tee of unknown quality or origin but I hear you and feel you and will keep this in mind for our future partnerships. The merch stuff is hard – I think about it a lot because I don’t want you to feel like you have to pay to be part of the club (you don’t!) but sometimes the relationship starts to feel so real and so visceral that even I want the STUFF. But its not actually about the stuff, you know? It’s the heart and soul and kumbaya of it all. anyway, the point is I hear you and understand you

        • Suzan

          Thank you for laying out the thought process and please don’t feel upset!
          It is super cool that Monogram produces their own fabrics and manufactures the t-shirts locally, for me that definitely justifies a higher price!
          Even if it’s still a bit steep for me rest assured I personally don’t feel excluded in a broader sense by it.

          (They perhaps should put that info in the listing though! And on their website the ‘what we make’ page where that info is directs to an ‘about us’ page, hope they read this so they can switch it out correctly. Because it’s important and awesome information!).

        • BarbieBush

          <3 <3 <3 I think this is a big reason why people are so loyal and invested (or me, maybe just me). That info you just gave, to me, changes my original outlook on the shirt and I appreciate it and you!!

        • I appreciate the collaboration with a company that produces their fabrics in the US. That means a lot to me, even if it means I can’t afford the shirt. 💕 They are so awesome, Leandra!!!

        • Natasha

          They are SUPER FABULOUS and I want one so bad. But they are indeed justttt on the edge of too expensive for me, though I completely understand that quality & ethical sourcing is worth the extra penny. Still, I’ve never spent $65 on a t-shirt before and am getting anxiety just thinking about it. At $50 I probably would have made the leap though!

          Thanks for hearing us out, anyways!

          • Molly Weinberg

            If you get it on line you can get a first time buyer discout (it’s 20% off) when you sign up for the monogram news letter 🙂

          • Natasha

            ooooh thanks for the tip!!

          • Molly Weinberg

            Yeah! Who doesn’t love a good discount?!

      • Paul Thomson

        FWIW, I found information that they “create their own fabrics” and are produced in LA on their website at the bottom of the “what we make” page. It’s worth checking out if only for the cool layout of the page.


        • Suzan

          Yeah I saw that too a bit later, very good info! The ‘what we make’ hyperlink at the bottom goes to the ‘about us’ page, so took me a bit to find it.
          Thank you for the heads up though!

      • Caroline

        I think it’s an honest price for a T-shirt not made in some asian sweatshop where children/women/men work +12h/day… It’s great that they work with young local brands at MR.

    • If it helps you can get 20% off by subscribing to monograms newsletters on their site! 🙂

      • Nicole

        ❗️📢 bump bump bump ❗️📢

  • Amanda Remillard

    why is this cotton t shirt $65?? I would have bought this in a heartbeat if the price was right…

  • frazzle

    You claim to be an inclusive community, but the sizes are only from XS to L????

    • kittin

      man repeller don’t like fatties like me I guess. 🙁

  • I was SOSOSO excited about this until I saw that they don’t ship internationally?!?!? 🙁 I STILL NEED ONE THO, PLZ HELP

    • shiaaan

      If you know someone from the US you can send it to them and have them send it to you?

      • Heleen Peeters

        Or Hop Shop and Go !

  • crln lr

    Monogram has GREAT t-shirts! 🙂
    Bummed I keep missing the opportunity to
    get a MR hat so I’m v excite 4 these!!!!1

    I love!

  • Monica

    WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE! Can you guys shoot to be more millenial budget friendly, thanks.

  • Ana Tellez

    Can all future shoots please have chip backgrounds

  • I can’t decide between the fruit cake or hands one they’re both so GOOD

  • Peter

    layering this with my glossier sweatshirt

    • Peter

      Also, I’m a man, 5’10” suit is 42. Will the large fit me?

  • maria teresa

    is there any way to buy it online?????????

  • Hilary

    Hi, i would like one but I’m in Canada 🙁

    • Heleen Peeters

      Hi I live in Belgium and I ordered one using Hop Shop and Go .. you can deliver your order to their US depot and they can sent it to you.. works really well.. costs a bit more off course.. couldn’t resist though I really wanted one too 🙂

  • Meg S

    Does this company think people above a size L don’t exist? I would buy one, but if they can’t even be bothered to make an XL, I guess I can’t be bothered to give them money.

  • Kaylyn

    Ugh I promised myself I would budget myself but next paycheck this is the absolute first thing I buy

  • lily

    ummmmm can I venmo someone to pick up a hat for me at the pop up?

    • Sheila T.

      seconding this!!!

    • lily

      like i will pay for shipping/cost WHO IS NICE AND TRUSTWORTHY?

      • I live right by Canal St (where the popup is) and am planning to go this weekend. I also make trips to USPS weekly for work shipments, so picking it up and shipping wont be out of the way for me. Where do you live?

        • lily

          ah! thank you so much but I got it covered! you’re amazing for actually responding though

  • Michelle Bruni

    But… the hats! We want hats online, too… please!

  • God I love that fruit cake shirt. I want that fruit cake shirt. I’ve never even had fruit cake. But gosh, it is a little pricy for a t-shirt.. Even with 20% off, it is still a little high for me.

  • Valerie Barahona


  • courage in anonymity

    Noo, I take one week off from reading my online publications and I miss the fork and knife shirt. Will it be coming back?