New Stock! Come Shop Our Pop-Up

Custom jackets, boob mugs and hats are back!


WOW! The Man Repeller family has had one heck of a month!

With so many of the kids home from college and the dog emotionally recovered from her mishap with that squirrel who we thought had rabies but was actually just drunk, we are busier than ever! Can’t even believe I got this newsletter out!

As for what we’ve been up to, the office is splitting its time between our usual location on Mott Street and our March pop-up at Canal Street Market, also known as MR Bazaar. All are welcome. No gifts, please; you’re the gift. Unless the gift is for yourself or someone you love, in which case, by all means! Some details:

Hats, boobs and limited-edition jackets

+ Blue hats, pink hats and “Boobies” mugs will all be restocked this Friday 3/17, ready for purchase at 3 P.M. Human Weekends are still up for grabs.

+ Boob lights are available to purchase here and are only available in March. All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

+ We still have MR x Monogram shirts!

+ As for those limited edition jackets, JAYDEE will be at MR Bazaar on Saturday painting custom designs on vintage Levi’s denim jackets. All proceeds will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.


+ So far, we’ve had two morning yoga sessions with Sky Ting Yoga where we stretched our calves and mooned the sun with our butts, etc.
+ We did a morning mediation with MNDFL and I wont say who did/didn’t fall asleep because no judgement in the MR Bazaar, just free naps.
+ We hosted a panel that featured the following Very Cool Women:

Lena Imamura, the Chief of Staff at Kickstarter and co-founder of Name Glo.

Celine Semaan, CEO and founder of Slow Factory, an apparel brand that aims to use fashion as a medium for social and environmental change.

Ksenia Avdulova, Founder of recipe and lifestyle website, Breakfast Criminals.

Holly Gleason, Founder of Gloria Grace, retailer of homemade decor and gifts from emerging designers.

Alice Wells, Founder of Kindred Black, a destination for luxury lifestyle goods that are eco-responsible, craftsman produced and ethically manufactured.

Johanna Peet, Founder of Peet Rivko, a unisex line of plant-based products for sensitive skin.

Sign up here if you’re interested in attending our community events!


Where is this place again? Narnia?

Kind of! We are located inside Canal Street Market, at 265 Canal Street between Lafayette and Broadway. It’s closer to Lafayette. Walk in, head straight to the back and make the Hunger Games whistle noise if you need to. Hard to miss.

What are the hours to hang and what are the hours to shop?

Mon – Wed, 11AM – 7PM <- Hang, charge your phone, use the wifi, talk to us about your hopes, dreams and Irish soda bread recipes (no merch sales, unfortunately).
Thurs, 11AM – 8PM <- Same same but chill an hour longer!
Fri, 11AM – 3 PM <- Hang. THEN, from 3-8PM, the shop is officially open!
Sat, 11AM – 8 PM <- Shop is open!
Sun, 11AM – 6PM <- Shop is open again to curing your Sunday Scaries!

I feel like you just told me but how do I attend a community event?

You sign up right here, my friend.

What is everyone wearing to this thing???

Whatever you want! But here’s what people wore to our launch partay.

That’s all for now, the dog is chasing that drunk fool again! Khaki Wishes and Cookie Dreams!


The Man Repeller Family

Photos by Emily Zirimis and Nicole Cohen.

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  • Tuva Bredesen

    Is it possible to buy the incredible hats online? I live in Norway, but would give the world for one of those pastel wonders! 😍

    • Amelia Diamond

      hi tuva! for now those items are only sold at the pop up

  • How long will the pop-up be around? I’m coming to NY next week and was hoping to go to it!

    • Amelia Diamond

      all of march

  • Dani Heifetz

    Will you sell the stickers and mugs online??

    • Amelia Diamond

      for now those items are only sold at the pop up


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  • Natalia

    Dear man repeller team, I am a huge fan of your work from Berlin, Germany. I would love to participate in an event like this one. I will be in New York June 1th to June 6th 2017. Are there any events planned for this period of time? In the case you prefer to email me: Thank you!

  • Rheanonn Clarissa Perez

    i live in california but i’m making my friend pick up a hat for me lol

  • Molly Weinberg

    My shirt came yesterday and I’m absolutely LOVE it! Making my sister go to the MRBazaar tomorrow 😇

  • Annie Borman

    Hi MR! I go to school in Boston and can’t make it to NYC for the pop-up. Will you be selling hats & mugs online when the pop-up pops-down? Thanks!

    • osel

      i agree .. i am from switzerland and i have eye on that blue cap for ages .. please sell it on online ..