We Came, We Saw, We Popped a Pop-Up Shop

MR Bazaar hatched from a dinosaur egg inside Canal Street Market on March 1st. We watched it grow up over the course of the month, from its first hat sale to its last community event. There was lots of fun, non-dinosaur-puberty-related stuff in between, SUCH AS:

Selling out and restocking merch


Hats and boob mugs were very popular, which is not shocking at all considering that your brain deserves to be hugged non-stop and your coffee deserves to be cradled inside a choice selection of adult anatomy. Don’t worry though, we have more hats and will be open for our ~*~*LAST DAY*~*~ of business on Friday, March 31st from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Be there or be square[ly] in need of cool stuff.



Paint & Sip

I’m hard-pressed to think of any stationary activity that isn’t enhanced with an alcoholic beverage at lip-height, except maybe…no, never mind. I was going to say taking the SATs, but I actually think a mimosa would have greatly improved that experience. Regardless, painting is a slam dunk. We gathered at MR Bazaar with a whole bunch of cooler-than-cucumber community members and created Guggenheim-worthy works of art whilst sipping The Drop Wine from chic cans. Muse Paintbar (our partner for the event) provided a photo of pineapples wearing sunglasses as artistic inspiration, but some people went rogue and painted other heroes of our time — like Hi-Chew candy! Bless.

MNDFL Meditation

Our collective headspace was noticeably more zen during the third week of March thanks to morning meditation sessions with MNDFL at the Bazaar. It was like spring cleaning. For yer neurons.

Tequila Tasting

How many “tastes” of tequila equal one margarita? This extremely pressing question (the adult iteration of the classic Tootsie Pop query, if you will) remains unanswered after our community tequila tasting with Qui Tequila at MR Bazaar, but no matter. We learned plenty of other fun factual info made even more fun by the tequila collectively coursing from scalp to toe — chased with chocolate-avocado mousse from Inday. What I bet you didn’t know is that the term tequila is actually owned by the Mexican government. Cool, right? Like a pet goldfish, but way better. Also, in order to even call a liquor tequila, it has to be distilled from a blue agave plant in the surrounding region of the city of Tequila. Feel free to memorize this entire paragraph and drop knowledge accordingly at your next run-of-the-mill fete.

Feelings corner

Haley Nahman, Yvonne Dunlevie and Harling Ross of team MR experiencing joy + ecstasy + love.

I can’t write a final recap of our pop-up happenings without taking a moment to say how special it’s been. Creating a physical manifestation of Man Repeller has been on our bucket list for a long time. The MR community is the beating, bursting heart of this website, so it made a lot of sense to translate that into a real-life space where we could hang out and talk about whatever was on our minds underneath our cool hats. For the past 27 days, we did just that. It was an incredible experience and cemented my personal opinion that Man Repeller readers are some of the coolest, smartest, funniest people this side of Pluto. (I know, I know, it’s cornier than than the stuff that comes on a cob — but it’s true.) Thanks for popping with us. Let’s do it again soon.

P.S. Wait! Hi! It’s not over yet! Come hang on Friday. C U THERE.

Photos by Nicole Cohen and Seher Sikandar.

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  • Rheanonn Perez

    i live in california but luckily my bff lives in ny, so shout-out to her for picking me up a hat :)))



    • Harling Ross


  • lily

    <3<3 my cousin went and got me a hat and she said it was a beautiful place exactly like we dreamed

  • Elaine Zuo

    are you guys only open on Friday this week??

    • Harling Ross

      open for hanging out all week, open for business (aka sales) friday only

  • Mellisa Scarlett

    Best time ever!

  • Aydan

    my pineapples are still continuing to live!

  • Lisa Lam

    Will the leftover MR hats be available online for your international fans?

  • Jessica Tatievski

    Dear Man Repeller Team,

    Your NY MR Bazar rendezvous makes us, Europeans, super jealous. Desperately need those boob mugs and hats – hello we need this `coolness` over here in London.

    Please report back with some good news that the `Man Repeller` effect will be soon available in London.

    With a cup in my hand and my pinky in the air, I hope I can soon combine it with a pink hat and a boobs mug.


  • i need 15 hats.

  • kiyara

    I am huge follower of you guys from India. I am launching my product range of accentuated garments and accessories – very glam cool stuff…I am extremely keen in putting up these products in your pop up shop on any other shop of yours. We can discuss any thing you have in mind to accommodate pls let me know.Very anxious to hear back from you all. <3. my email is suman@amibala.com .

  • Inaat

    Would have loved to be there, looked amazing! Based on your instastories I officially request a playlist :))

  • Lena White

    Where can I get one of these hats?? I’ve been waiting for another release! xo