15 Questions About ‘Girls’ Season 6, Episode 7

This week’s episode clocks in at a scant 33 minutes, but, truly, it makes every damn moment sing. Elijah is a star. Athena Dante owes us a spinoff and the secret to getting 30 percent off at Starbucks. Dill is still a self-involved idiot, but he seems to have a real knack for cereal-box games, which redeems him the tiniest amount. Meanwhile, Marnie has faced at least some measure of the real world — and in a pawn shop, no less. And finally, if I don’t see Shosh soon, I will scream.

Without further ado, I submit these 15 questions and one wish to you. The questions are below. The wish is this: Please, oh please, god, do not make us listen to Marnie’s mom scat one more time.

1. Is Elijah the whitest dude you know?

2. We all need that friend who will mouth-scream “I don’t know!” at critical junctures in our romantic lives, don’t we?

3. If you’re really going to give your mom the finger for absconding on an impromptu trip to Jamaica, I’d think you’d want to do it in-person for maximum effect, no?

4. Who’s the last person you met who had a truly excellent name? For me, it’s Imogen Poots, although I’ve never met her, so I’m not sure she counts.

5. Have you ever lied about your age? Do tell.

6. What’s the weirdest novelty-print tee you own? If it’s better than pineapple decals, please share in the comments.

7. I feel like Marnie’s done a lot more than just “love someone,” by which I think I mean she’s done a lot less?

8. What would it take for Marnie to “get it”? Really?

9. OMG, is this the best performance since Judith Light gave us “Hand in My Pocket”? Is it better? (Okay, no it’s not, but it’s really good.)

10. Isn’t it just so perfect that after years and years of Hannah making other people’s problems about her, Dill fully coopts Hannah’s moment?

11. I mean, sometimes don’t we all just need a good, collective sob?

12. What’s your audition nightmare?

13. Could Coach T himself delivered a better address?

14. Really, Girls is going to let it be some random pawn shop owner who turns Marnie’s life around?

15. So, with Hannah’s baby, this is, like, really happening now?

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  • that phonecall scene was so heart-breaking, I really felt for Hannah. hating Marnie more and more with every second she steals from other characters. how are they going to squeeze everything into 3 episodes?!

    • Grace B

      omg i know, what the heck is gonna happen!?

      • I just had a chat about the last scene of the episode, the one where Hannah’s sitting in the waiting room, is she there to get a check-up or an abortion?! I was almost certain that it was an abortion but my friend said it might just be a routine 3 month check up and now I don’t know!

        • Grace B

          i know, me too! I was like waaaaaaaait a second, is she having the baby now or???? the suspense!

        • 808kate

          Oh I thought it was just a check up because all the other women in the room were SUPER pregnant!

        • Stephanie

          I had a slightly different take on that scene. I assumed she was there for the 12 week appointment, but what was striking to me was all the women in the waiting room were there with partners but Hannah was there alone, tying back to her phone call with Paul-Louis (is that his name, I forget)

          • very very possible, that’s what I’m thinking now too.

  • estheresther

    I know Imogen so she counts by proxy 😉

  • MG

    I honestly can’t figure out where Jessa is mentally right now. Her and Hannah’s interaction really stuck with me. Hannah doesn’t owe her anything, right? We can terminate relationships when they go sour. People are allowed to have bad ups.

  • TimSims

    I miss Shoshanna and Jessa…. theyre getting no camera time or storyline this season for some reason.. and i miss the interaction between them all:( it seems less like “Girls” this season and more like “Hanna and Elijah”.

    • Adrianna

      I immediately think of the actor’s career obligations and whether Zosia Mamet just couldn’t commit to a lot of filming.

      On an artistic level, maybe Dunham feels that this relationship is really significant?

  • Lillian

    Dudley Calhoun

  • this might have been my favorite episode of all time. When Elijah said he was going to do “Let Me Be Your Star” from Bombshell (Smash) I died. I loved the crap out of that stupid show. I feel like this ep had the perfect amount of “hell yeah!”, cringe, and millennial melancholy.

  • pamb

    I thought the whole Athena thing was either a figment of Elijah’s imagination or a poorly thought out Magical Black Savior moment.

    Figment of Imagination: We meet Athena alone, we never see her or any women audition, she doesn’t interact with anyone else, she is hanging out during Elijah’s audition (can you do that?) he dismisses her when he’s done.

    Magical Black Savior: it’s Athena who gives Elijah the will to audition!

    Given the criticisms about the whiteness of Girls, this felt icky to me.

    • Jackie Treehorn

      Yes Pamb! You took the words out of my mouth.

      This felt like a heavy handed & gross attempt to add a POC who is the “black savior.” Whether or not she us real or not, of course she’s written as a one-dimensional “sassy” (*eye roll) character who’s sole purpose is to lift up Elijah & save the day. This trope has been done to death in television & film! (“The Legend of Bagger Vance” anyone?)

      Take for instance Elijah’s Henry Bendel’s coworker. When he runs lines with her, she gives him the confidence to audition. We don’t know much about this character, but we do know she gives him the push out of his rut.

      What’s kinda crazy is that these are only 2 examples in one episode. If you look back at all the characters of color (which aren’t a lot) throughout the series, you’ll notice their sole purpose is to merely “save” or be comic relief for the astoundingly all white cast.

      Girls continues to miss the mark on adding well written, fully realized characters of color. With the series nearly over, and several previous seasons & attempts to rectify it, this disappointing to say the least.

      • In the commentary after the episode Lena Dunham mentioned they wanted Elijah to have a “spirit guide” during the audition. (cringe)

        • Ashley


        • Jackie Treehorn

          You’re missing my point.

          • Nat Way

            No, I totally agree with everything you said! I cringed when she said that in the commentary.

          • Jackie Treehorn

            Oh, got it. Sorry bout that!

    • Adrianna

      I had the same exact thoughts

    • s_knucks

      YES EXACTLY it shows how clueless lena dunham is about that criticism–casts more black people, but they all tend to be in eye rollingly typical savior roles. i too was wondering whether they were even going to *acknowledge* whether or not Athena got a call back, but no. she was just there to listen to elijah and give sage advice, ew

  • vic

    this is the first Girls episode in a long time that has made me laugh out loud

    • Adrianna


  • Hannah Betts

    Also: is Hannah *really* going to have this baby? At what point does the window for an abortion close in New York? Tho’ losing it suddenly seems more likely. (I don’t want to be right about this, obv.)
    Oh, and, Marnie’s mother totally acknowledged The Nails.

    • Lacey Bergevin

      yes! I loved the nails comment 😉

    • Katherine Sargeant

      Still think about those hot pink nails she opened the season with. Blech

    • Adrianna

      I wouldn’t be surprised if we won’t know whether or not Hannah has the baby at the end of the show

      • Damn. You’re so right about this.

  • Aydan

    Ugggg so disappointed in this season. So obvious, so cliche. It will be impossible to give jessa or Shosh any true resolution at this point. 🙁

  • Katherine Sargeant

    WHERE IS SHOSH?? I am minutes away from issuing an Amber Alert. Does anyone else think that Dill is going to somehow weasel his way into buying (or adopting) Hannah’s baby and raise it with Elijah? I’m pretty over this season, but this episode was a shining star in a very dull galaxy. Also, is no one else going to mention THE SMASH REFERENCE??? Let Me Be Your Star is the perfect Elijah song for millennia to come

  • Fawcett Proust

    I’m so glad this show is ending. I love MR but it makes me feel gross knowing that you regularly cover a show created by a child molester.

  • Alessia

    7. SAME.