24 Questions About ‘Girls’ Season 6, Episode 5
GIRLS Season 6 Ep 5 Man Repeller Feature

In yet one more break with previous season’s conventions, Girls final episodes can’t be accused of plotless-ness. Revelations come fast and furious; intense introspection is rendered in caps-letter Word Docs. Jessa gives my quest for the platonic lipstick renewed desperation. But despite all the developments that we’ve already witnessed, I have no better sense of where we’re all headed. (I mean, besides to the grave, eventually, which this episode made very clear.)

Will Hannah have this child? Will Loreen end up alone? Will we ever go back to Colonial Williamsburg? Those three questions, plus 24 more:

1. Didn’t you kind of think Hannah was going to eat the lentil?

2. Committing the words “I act even younger than that,” in capital letters no less, is the surest proof of growth we’ve seen from Hannah, no?

3. Do you think Elijah uses tan towels? St. Tropez? Clarins? Because he is glowing.

4. Who will give me the Loreen-Elijah fanfic we all know we’re curious to read?

5. Who’s paying for this “film”?

6. I mean, telling the woman whose job it is to impersonate your former best friend that they, “really capture the inane prattle of someone who thinks they have more power than they actually do,” is pretty harsh, isn’t it?

7. How would you have this conversation with your mom? Have you had this conversation with your mom? Whatever the circumstances, how do you tell the woman who birthed you that you’re having your own kid?

8. Wait, wait, wait, so Hannah is keeping this fetus?

9. Why does Marnie even bother?

10. Wouldn’t you have pegged Marnie for a Pure Barre over a Physique 57?

11. Do good people really have to declare they’re not bad people?

12. Ah, barrette-Hannah is back. Aren’t you glad they included her in the movie version?

13. Last week, I needed Jessa’s exact lipstick brand and shade. This week, I just need her lips?

14. Oh, so Jessa actually thought this movie was going to convince her that what Adam and Hannah had was never real? What a cute and expensive way to try to assuage her guilt!

15. Does any kid need to go to Colonial Williamsburg?

16. When was the first time your mom treated you like such an adult it scared you?

17. Have the music selections ever been as on-point as they are this season?

18. What food would you eat while you frantically searched for your mom?

19. Has Loreen really succeeded in making us all believe that Hannah can be a mom?

20. Who else can’t believe it took all these many minutes for someone to reference Lorelai Gilmore?

21. Is Elijah a good friend?

22. Having a baby — probably not the same as cyberbullying someone you met in Barnes & Noble?

23. Wasn’t that incredibly green vomit?

24. Moms and dads in the comments, speak now: “Kids are super easy; it’s being an adult that’s hard.” T/F?

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  • Angela Njoku

    I’m honestly really worried about Hannah and this baby. If she keeps it how is she going to take care of it while being a writer? I’m not sure the money she’s making from the newspaper column is going to take care of just her and the baby. And is it only me that feels like we’re not getting enough screen time of the other characters? There’s also so much that needs to be resolved before the series ends like I don’t need a repeat of the shitty gossip girl and sex and the city endings + I WANT ELIJAH TO HAVE A GOOD LIFE 🙁

    • Grace B

      Do you think that her Mom will move in with her and Elijah will just move out?

      • Angela Njoku

        I honestly think that Loreen isn’t ready to worry about Hannah because she’s sad and lonely and is trying to digest this separation from Tad but somehow, Hannah seems to always make it that Loreen’s problems are insignificant. And I think Loreen is sick of it truly so she may not move in and for Elijah idk. He might get his shit together and realize his situation and ACTUALLY make it better.

  • Dani Heifetz

    I think Eijah is a good friend! (As of Season 6, not so much so in seasons 2&3), but I think that Hannah totally expecting him to drop his life to raise this baby was ridiculous and his reaction felt kind of deserved. I felt so bad for him when she told him that, because he felt like it was the two of them against the world… but maybe he’s also just upset because it feels like Hannah is moving on to the next phase of her life without him? IDK, just musing in the comments section.
    Also, does anyone think that he’s going to come around and be supportive at some point if Hannah continues to want to keep the baby?

  • blahblah

    What was with the scene where Elijah and Hannah just slip into a busy kitchen of a Chinese restaurant to have a tete a tete amidst the silent ESL immigrant workers, as if any and all spaces in NYC exist solely for their own needs? As if!

  • Christine

    That scene when Elijah and Hannah just slip into the busy kitchen of a Chinese restaurant and have a lengthy have a tete a tete as if it was the most normal thing in the world, while the silent mass of ESL immigrant workers passively go about their labors. As if any and all spaces in NYC exist solely for their own needs and use. That was a weird decision.

    • Ally H

      Agreed that it was weird, but I felt like that was the point, that juxtaposition of Elijah and Hannah so absorbed in their own argument and problems that they didn’t even notice how uncomfortable it was for them to be in that space. They’re even offended that the people in the kitchen are getting in their way. And then after Elijah storms out and Hannah is alone for a second, she seems to realize where she is and how it comes across (hopefully) and apologizes.

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      • Aydan

        So weird. I hated that. Girls has gotten so disconnected from its roots this season. I’m disappointed!

  • Kat

    This questions list is what I most look forward to every week! Love it!

    • Mattie Kahn


  • Simona Gorjan

    I know I am supposed to write a profound commentary of the episode but I AM JUST HARBOURING SO MUCH ANNOYANCE AT MARNIE like can we all join hands together and forever banish her to an expensive gym where she won’t have to even be near situations that demand her articulating that she’s not abad person. What even.

    • Angela Njoku

      I am with you there! Marnie has the worst character development I think I’ve ever seen on tv. She justs keeps on regressing and regressing. Like the way she treats Desi, Ray.. she has not moral compass nor compassion and that’s fucking terrible. All she needed to do was be there for Ray like he was for her when she left Desi and she couldn’t even do that. Fucking tragedy honestly!

    • SpiritAndCourage

      I’ve always felt like Lena’s treatment of the Marnie character is her wanting to show (or maybe prove to herself?) that all those perfect people who seem to have it all together in the end are just as messed up as the rest of us. Admittedly, I’m getting kinda tired of it… like we get it, Marnie sucks. Move on.

  • Grace B

    Eh, this episode kinda bored me. I feel like they’re just hammering us with everyone’s bad attitudes….while we’re supposed to just believe that Hannah is a mature adult now? Most of the scenes were just kinda painful to watch, to be honest. And Shosh!! What the hell are they doing with her? I wanna see her new job!

    • Marta Millere

      I agree, it was all-around negative and depressing. Or would the better word be: real? Yeah, we need more of independent zero-fucks-giving career-woman Shosh.

    • SpiritAndCourage

      Agreed! I feel like all of the other characters in the show have become far too predictable, but Shoshana is never not interesting.

  • Marta Millere

    8. Probably not. Maybe she’ll decide to do an abortion at the end of the season?
    14. A rather jealous side of Jessa is actually coming out with the appearance of this Hannah impersonator. She wants for Adam’s script to be like the script in her head: hoping that Hannah and Adam were not for real when they totally were. I almost hope that Adam falls in love with the actress.
    16. I can’t really put a finger on when exactly but I definitely felt like I was an adult because I had to take care of her for a change… Be the shoulder to cry on, brainstorm ideas when her business wasn’t going too well… Those kinds of things. They sound empowering but I just wanted mommy back.

    • Aydan

      Also I’m so upset they went the predictable female storyline route and included a pregnancy. Jessa had this storyline in the first episode and they handled it well. Recycling it with Hannah in the last season is just so cliche to me!

  • I want to see more of Shosh!!

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    • Morgan Siggard

      Yes! Where the hell is Shoshana this season?! Tokyo last season was SO GOOD! And now we never see her. *sad face*

  • Aubrey Green

    I just started watching this about 3-4 weeks ago and am completely caught up – Why doesn’t Hannah contact the father? I think Adam is paying for the film, with his money from his acting jobs. #14. Exactly. I think Jessa looks great with the shorter hair though.

  • Emily Stark

    I love how everyone is worried about Hannah and her parenting skills. Literally the only people prepared for a child before they get pregnant are boring people. No offense, I guess? Before I had my son I was doing every drug I wanted and spending every paycheck. And when I got pregnant I stopped. I’m pretty sure that Hannah’s level of immaturity or money doesn’t mean the baby will be neglected.

    • Ellie

      After watching all seasons, I love this storyline of Hannah. Many people do not appear prepared for parenthood – I didn’t think I was. My pregnancy journal is filled with anxiety-ridden entries because I was struggling at the time. I just keep saying to myself, “I’d do anything for my baby” and I did. As a parent, I don’t really understand the comment of how being an adult is hard but kids are super easy. All I can think of is that loving your child and caring for your child is easy – it’s natural. Being mature enough to be kind to yourself and not be so worried about whether you’re making the best choices (homemade baby food; potty training) is harder than the baby itself. I wish I hadn’t worried so much. Now that my baby is a teenager, it’s much more difficult to parent – I have to make sure she makes good choices, that I support her self esteem, and overall that I raise an adult who isn’t like Marnie: narcissistic and lacking direction.

    • liz

      Isn’t doing all the drugs and spending all the money kind of boring, too?

    • Emerson

      Yes to everything, @emily stark! I get the feeling that nobody feels ready for a baby.

      I thought the real telling moment was when she told her mom, “this is my baby.” That’s much more accurate, I feel, than “I want this baby” or “I feel ready for this baby.” I loved that so much because it felt like a very specific wording. At the moment that an abortion is chosen, there’s usually a moment of “this isn’t my baby. I might have a baby someday, but this isn’t it.”

      Dunham has created a really poignant and pro-choice narrative. I’m proud of her as a writer after watching this episode.

  • Chelle

    Hannah’s mom changes out of her dress and into THE LEMON SHIRT from Ep.2

  • Angela

    I was distracted the entire episode trying to figure out how someone who makes less than $24K/year (as per her notes in the opening scene) and no health insurance (as per the last ep) can possibly afford to raise a child alone in NYC. I’m currently trying to work this out in the Bay Area, and I might have my dog do the babysitting. And I have a PhD, am gainfully employed, have health insurance, and am otherwise “adulting” fairly well. Is this real life?

    • Lillian

      Never mind the kid, how does she afford the apartment? In past episodes I remember it being “the low low price of $2100 a month” Idk if that’s total or split, but the cost-of-living inconsistencies are so distracting!!

  • Teri Giese

    Read a few of you lovely and funny peoples’ thoughts.You are all much younger than me as I said last week.But F it!I like it!!😜Anyway.I DID have to tell my total hypocrite,bible thumping mofo Asshole parents,that I,miss Goodyear f ing 2 shoes was pregnant at 24,and NOT interested in being with the dickhead,literally,the WORST dude I ever dated!What a dumass!Celibate post engagement break off and THE FIRST time I have sex after 2 years,with no orgasm,barely penetrated,as I stopped the stoned idiot;and I get knocked up!Dad says,”well,who’s going to marry you now?Can’t land a husband without a kid!WTF!I was a total babe and still am,bitch!WHEW!I feel better,sorry.Now,Marnie doesn’t eat enough and her hair would get messed up,and she is FAR to lazy to go to a gym!Shosh,(still the name),deserves more!!Adam is revisiting all of his history with Hannah!The raw,flawed,sweetness;with the spunk,spontaneous,explorative sex they had.That relationship went FAR deeper(pun intended,I read he is hung)!🤔.I think Hannah will most definitely keep the baby.The gay roommate,(forgot his name),is so adorable;he is sort of jealous.First because Hannah didn’t tell him first;and second because the baby will take a huge part of Hannah.The baby is ruining things for him;in that he enjoys living with her and her shenanigans.I think what is her name,Adams girlfriend;is paying for the film.She came from money I thought?Maybe has a trustfund?Sad that the old guy died.Shit happens.I LOVE Shosh saying she just isn’t going to die!I feel EXACTLY like that!Almost 56,MANY “death scares”.Am still rolling and I ain’t ready any time soon to leave.Got stuff to do friends,and places to see,awesome people to meet!!☺️

  • Bailie Wilson

    The fetus is a real life soon to be baby that you are referring to her actually “keeping.”

    • Hellbetty666


  • Totally loving this season. Jessa’s hair and lipstick in this episode were AMAZING. Pinning those stills right now.

    • Aydan

      Upvote on Jessa!

  • Soozy

    Ok. I may be crazy but I think adam is going to leave Jessa and get back with Hannah and bring up the baby together. I want to see Shosh x

    • ugh i want this too but its probably not reality

  • Soozy

    Just want to see Shosh

    • Aydan

      And her hooooops!!!

  • Soozy

    She is the coolest

  • Soozy

    I know but maybe we will get a true old school Hollywood ending.

  • Sabletoothtigre

    Fun BTS tid-bit, HBO filmed this episode on my block and I remember hearing Elijah/Hannah yelling “Loreen! Loreen!” on the corner of the New York Muffins for like an hour one night last summer.

    The poor PA whose job it was to stop people from walking down the block (even though they only were shooting on the corner?) held his hands in front of me in that STOP gesture as I was trying to get to my apartment, and was like “sorry we have to ask you to wait here or go around the block.”
    I asked, “If I wait, can I have a cookie?” pointing to the craft services table literally in front of my apartment, and he said No, so I jangled my keys in front of his face and walked to my apartment.
    But I also liked that fun “spot the places I know” seeing them shoot at M Noodle and M Shanhai hehe.

    but tl:dr has ANYONE figured out what lipstick Jessa is wearing in this episode?

    • DonutEverLetMeGo

      Limecrime velvetine in Wicked? If so, I need a dupe ASAP.

    • Brittany

      I think it looks like Jeffree Stars’ “Unicorn Blood” lipstick!

    • LDLDLD

      Feels so grand by MAC! Jemima confirmed.

  • Kate

    I have so many feelings and questions about this entire episode. I was so pleasantly surprised to see Hannah becoming a semi adult this season and I’ve been smacked down completely after this episode. I really loved Elijah this episode for telling Hannah the truth about how she will be a terrible mother. I agree with him, she is so self absorbed and only starting to find her feet. I thought it was kinda rude to assume that Elijah would be the second parent and that Loreen would just be there unconditionally to help. Especially when she is so obvious in articulating her sadness. And who doesn’t use a condom when having sex with a camp instructor? That sounded more judgemental than I meant it. Jessa & Adam have almost made me stop eating yoghurt. To see her start to emotionally crack with Adam with the guilt and lies she has told herself is kinda rewarding. Like maybe now when she’ll be literally faced with watching the consequences of her actions that she will have some self reflection. That spanking scene was so intense once I realised he was hitting her for real. Marni makes me laugh so much at her ridiculousness that I can nearly forgive her disgusting behaviour. I want to see more of Shosh as a person rather than a love interest for Ray. Shosh is so refreshing when backed up with the other girls.

  • guest

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