28 Questions About ‘Girls’ Season 6, Episode 4

Although, to be fair, four of them are iterations on what?!


We should have known, when this episode kicked off with a meditation on whether it’s possible — or even desirable or good — to be a woman and a writer at the same time, that it would end like this. We should have seen it, hovering over there, in utero. But we didn’t, of course. Or at least, I didn’t.

And yet after last week’s brilliant standalone mini-movie, wrapped up in sex, consent and the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of both, is it really such a surprise that Hannah is now trapped in a narrative she can’t share, that she isn’t quite ready to shape?

This season has already seen Hannah experience more personal growth than in all previous seasons combined, such that I’m starting to wonder whether she’s really still in there, still trying to alienate everyone in her path. Because as she admonishes hot doc Patrick Wilson for his presumptions, as she gives Adam and Jessa permission to mine her memories for #content, as she lets Elijah use his pizza-grease hand to stroke her hair, as she keeps this colossal secret until she know what she wants to do with it, the evidence is mounting: She’s growing up. God, are we ready for that?

1. A center part isn’t for everyone, but I think it is for Hannah?

2. Oh, look! Hannah’s back. And is anyone surprised that she’s using this interview to talk about the future she imagines for herself?

3. “Is being a writer and being a woman at the same time — is it as hard as it seems?”

4. Would you ever let Adam Driver touch, let alone trim, your hair?

5. Is a half-ponytail the new man bun?

6. I can’t decide whether it’s Adam or the director who comes off worse here? And yes, it does matter because it makes me sad to see female directors look dumb on TV.

7. Since it seems likely that, given her relationship track record, Marnie has faked a good million orgasms at this point, don’t you think she should have perfected the art by now?

8. Has Ray always had such prominent collar bones? They’re really quite delicate!

9. Listen, it’s always a massive ask when Girls tries to make us relate to Marnie, but when she becomes (or maybe, reminds us that she always has been) that woman who meditates, but extends no mindfulness to the world around her, who works out to “get strong,” but never-oh-my-god-no not to stay skinny, who justifies who Uber rides while it dawns on her boyfriend that she’s cheating on him, are we really expected to show her any grace at all?

10. What would an episode of Law and Order: UTI even look like? Do I want to know?

11. Is Desi the only person on the planet who loves when things are Marnie?

12. In all seriousness, does Marnie suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder? I’m no fan of Desi, but this is ridiculous.

13. Is everyone in this show just in the process of writing term papers about themselves? Rhetorical question, I suppose. The answer is obviously yes.

14. But the thing is, how do you ever really know whether your priorities look koo-koo-bananas to someone else? Also, isn’t that a cold breakfast cereal?

15. Has anyone ever called you a “waste of potential”? At the time, were they right?

16. Aw, a little Tracy Anderson infomercial. Isn’t that nice?

17. What’s the most gruesome thing you’ve ever FaceTimed?

18. Are we all wearing hoops now?

19. Well, hello there! Pleasure to see this man, isn’t it?

20. Erggmmmmyyyghadddddwhattttttttt?!!?!?!?

21. How could a hug be the appropriate reaction in this circumstance? COULD A HUG BE THE APPROPRIATE REACTION IN THIS CIRCUMSTANCE?

22. No really, what?

23. What?

24. What?

25. Skipping over that Shosh-Ray interaction because who has the time, although keen bit of foreshadowing there, honestly, is there any twosome you’d want to see less after you’ve just been diagnosed with a raging UTI and found out you were pregnant than these clowns?

26. Has Hannah ever kept a secret for this many minutes?

27. Oh, Ray. Who else knew this would happen as soon as he turned that key in the door?

28. Okay, but all this aside: Has anyone else listened to “Desperado” like 500 times since last week?

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  • caoimhe

    yes to everything you just said

  • 28: a gazillion times

  • OMG! why aren’t there more comments here, I need to speak to someone about this (and everyone I know hasn’t watched this episode..also I clearly need new friends).

  • Emily Stark

    I need to see how Hannah handles this pregnancy mainly because I’m also pregnant. However, I should never rely on a Girls character to serve as a role model (save for maybe Shoshanna).

  • iolanda andrade

    I’ve always skip Desperado, used to think after I great job at Anti Rihanna was a little tired but still had to keep 13 song for cabalistic reasons. After “american bitch’ here I am following the song’s lyric.

  • Grace B

    still wondering what is up with shosh, maybe she is just the really normal one. totally shocked by the pregnancy and neeeeeed to know how they are going to handle it. Marnie has gotten really freaking weird and I’m not a big fan of her hair like that tbh…ugh. Jessa and Adam make no sense to me anymore.

    • Nicole

      Same… think there might be a big Shosh episode coming up, espescially following up from that Jamba Jeans party & that outburst at Jessa. PLUS, that little “no” when Ray asked if she wanted to kill herself… seemed like there was more to that then she let on.

  • Mariana

    Shosh used to be cartoon-ish person and for the last episodes she has been the most ordinary person ever.
    I wasn’t shocked about the pregnancy because I read some theories about that online but I wish I didn’t, I like to be surprised.
    Am I the only one that thing that Jessa and Adam are perfect for each other?! I just can’t imagine the nowadays Hannah with this Adam.
    I don’t know how Marnie still has friends, she tries to sell the image of an all put together person, that goes to therapy, is mindful, has goals, but she urgently need to get out of herself and look around.
    I felt for Ray, he is kind of a death prophet in this episode.
    And this Jack Garratt song? Soberb <3

    • Haven’t stopped listening to that song either. Amazing!

  • frannypaul

    I started listening to desperado 500 times since last week sometime over the summer. I don’t know how i came across it because I’m very old and I don’t do the things you young people do.

  • Andi M

    I’m just excited to see consequences for all the unprotected sex that goes on in this show. I live in Brooklyn and I’m in my late 20s and I’ve definitely had my issues in that arena. After the episode where Marnie slept with Charlie and discovered he was a heroin addict! All I could think was GIRL GET TO THE CLINIC. For all the casual sex that just happens in your 20s, they’ve done a great job of normalizing irresponsibility on the part of all parties involved. Can’t treat this as a “whoops” moment when it’s literally all every character does. Can’t wait to see what she decides to do though.

    • Kittenbottom

      I thought that about Marnie, too. It didn’t look like a condom came into play. Unprotected sex with a heroin addict in NYC? Ooooffff.
      And why on earth did Hannah have unprotected sex with a rando surf instructor, especially since she’s not on BC(?). If so, why hasn’t this happened sooner?

  • Teri Giese

    Am a 55 year old,who’s youngest daughter is 19.Point?All 4 of my adult daughters DETEST this show!I consider it to be a “guilty”pleasure.lol.Marnie definitely has some type of narcissistic disorder.Hate the addict.Is a dick wierd one.The rest?Adam needs a haircut.Is hot in a Grecian or Roman statue sort of way.Seen him in a few indie flicks and is major talented!He and chick,(especially chick)are in “manic” mode.Ray is sweet,his mouth bugs me.I know,is mean,just does.Sosh?The name sounds goofy,but I always like her quirkiness.Hannah could have been me,since after years of Good Catholic/later a “born again”/abstinence till wed,post loss of virginity ;then got pregnant at 24,from a dude that was a fling and dumped him BECAUSE he wasn’t respecting my abstaining thing.WHEW!So the “GIRLS” never shock me and has been a fine ride for an old fart!lol🤣

    • Mariana

      Loved your comment! I’m 30 and my mom as 55 as you and I couldn’t see her watching this show because of many reasons (and also in Portugal, where I’m from, Girls is not a very known show) so I like reading this from a previous generation. Hey, not calling you old, key? 🙂
      I find it particularly funny that you watch this and your daughters not only don’t give a f*c* about but also detest it lol. In general, I didn’t love season 5 and 6 as much as the previous ones but I guess I am committed to Girls till the end. And episodes like The Panic in Central Park just remind me why I should still watch it, because every episode, at least, is surprising.

      • Adrianna

        Totally off-topic. I vacationed in Lisbon, Portugal last month and looooved it. I was also surprised how fluent people were in English. (Compared to our previous stop, where almost no one spoke English in Madrid, Spain)

        • Mariana

          Hi! So glad you like it. Now I live at the north near Oporto (a must see, too) but I lived in Lisbon almost 5y and are deeply in love by the city. Yap, we learn english in school but what I think it makes a big difference is that you don’t translate movies, we use subtitles, so we are very used to hear, read and consume english stuff (which doesn’t happen with our fellow spanish neighbors). Tell me what you like the most!!

  • Anna Praxitelous

    this episode made me realize that Marnie was always selfish when it came to her relationships.. it looks that she was always thinking how she could benefit from others

  • Stephanie

    Just got caught up. Is anyone else disappointed that an accidental pregnancy was written into the show? Yes it provides good drama but I find the story line gets done again and again on every show I watch! Ultimately that is the point when I stop watching the show. It becomes the “jump the shark” moment for me.

    • Tayler

      yes!! i think the show is (usually) too smart for an easy get like this. it was so disappointing to me, especially after last week’s amazing episode.

  • lily

    I’m genuinely so nervous

  • cristin

    Okay, I know it’s television so for dramatic purposes things happen that aren’t realistic…but the blurting out “you’re pregnant” was so ridiculous from a medical perspective (even if they had slept together)-did that make anyone else crazy?

  • Miranda

    The last one tho!!

  • Kay

    Ok I have to disclaim an extreme amount about finding a silver lining in marnie bc watching her has been an experience of sustained cringing and sometimes horror. Buuuttt….as in Buffy the movie where spoiled entitlement accidentally tipped into feminism, marnie’s almost total self centeredness I think also starts to feel feminist in the moments when where women normally are expected to show deference, support and comfort towards men, marnie just aggressively half assedly gestures towards these things instead of really doing it. she clearly shows she knows she’s supposed to be doing it, but she resents it and just can’t be bothered with the whole effort of supporting the male ego. So her half assedness ends up pointing out each instance where a woman would normally protect a mans ego that otherwise we might not notice, and her shitty effort makes you think about how much effort it does actually take to keep a man from feeling bad about himself ever. That said, marnie is the worst.

    • Hellbetty666

      This is a really interesting perspective and I’m inclined to agree. Also, Marnie IS the worst!!

  • kp

    oof yes to #27.

    I’m confused by wording of 25 a bit since technically the twosome Hannah encounters right after pregnancy news is Adam + Jessa…? or was this just alluded to?

  • Lacey Bergevin

    I’m pretty sure the accidental pregnancy is going to end in an abortion since Lena herself said she wished she would have had one so she could relate to more women – paraphrasing slightly lol because I can’t remember the exact quote and am to lazy to google it but I’m pretty sure there is an article about it on man repeller somewhere. Please show more Shosh and less Marnie…why couldn’t she be the person in Ray’s life who suddenly dies? sorry not sorry

    • pamb

      I think she won’t have an abortion, because we all assume she will (along with hot doc).

  • Katherine Sargeant

    Did anyone else roll their eyes when they found out Hannah was pregnant? Obviously (to me at least), this episode will go down as one of the most formative ones of the series, save for last year’s “The Panic In Central Park,” which I still defend as some of the best television I have ever seen. That’s for another Girls rant.

    I had a sick feeling watching Hannah wake up not remembering a thing during the Montauk episode and had suspicions that something was up, so I guess I could have seen this coming. That said, I’m disappointed that Hannah is most likely going to birth and raise this child–I’m jumping to this conclusion based on how offended she got at hot Dr. Patrick Wilson’s abortion comment and how Hannah historically makes a decision/forms an opinion instantly and stands by it with all that she has, a quality that has bothered me as much as it has empowered me over these last six years. I gathered from next week’s preview that she tells her mother and she FREAKS, another hint that she plans on carrying this child to term.

    This arc is ultimately how the show will end and that makes me sad, more than anyone for our girl Lena D–Hannah getting pregnant is the ultimate television cop-out in my opinion, and I am surprised that her and Jenni went down that road. I don’t know about anyone else, but Hannah ending up a mother (holy shit) will be the legacy of Girls.

    As for the rest of the episode, Jessa retroactively self-diagnosing as a child sociopath will be my favorite Jessa moment besides season 1’s “I don’t think you’re cool and I think your mother was poor.” Another disappointing outcome that will lend to the legacy is this whole Adam-Jessa movie inevitable disaster. If they call it “Women,” I’m out on this show.

    Marnie faking her orgasm to that dramatic extent and then the bizarre metaphor about the lion-mouth thing makes me want to shake her even more than I wanted to when she came out with those heinous pink acrylic nails. Watching her engage with the therapist and Desi confirms that her empathy level is negative and her narcissistic mindset is through the goddamn roof.

    Ray was at his peak in this episode. You feel his pain differently, both when he’s realizing that Marnie is cheating on him and when he experiences two deaths in a matter of hours, which yes, I figured as soon as he turned that key in the door.

    Who knew that Shosh would end up being my favorite and, I know I’m reaching here, the compass of the group? Her character development has been the most realistic of anyone on this show and the only common denominator between everyone this season. I hope she gets the happy ending (and group of girlfriends) she deserves.

    Just now realizing I am that girl who writes novels on blog comments :/

  • “4. Would you ever let Adam Driver touch, let alone trim, your hair?”
    – I’d let Adam Driver do whatever he wants to my hair

    • Hellbetty666

      Or indeed any part of my body

  • Fernanda V. Alves

    Omg this was so packed.. I don’t even know you guys. Phonebook ep of emotions

  • vicki

    Looks like Ray got that wake up call he needed…in an ever so dramatic way (did anyone else notice they were both wearing the same green flannel shirts?)
    I have no idea what will happen to Marnie. Maybe she will take a path down the yoga/spiritual teacher who sings songs to her students on a ukulele. Or maybe a relationship coach because in her mind, she is perfect at relationships.
    This season has been the only season where I am not hating Hannah all the time.

  • Ingis

    Neeeeed to know where Jessa’s amazingly coloured pink-red-ish t-shirt is from (or something similar). Ideas anyone?

  • eliza

    Desperado on repeat since last week!

  • Magdalen Trela

    YES! These are so accurate. Especially your final question: listening on repeat.