7 Times Emma Watson’s Beauty Routine Surprised Me

Seriously what’s with all the baths!


Emma Watson, busy dealing with the lovely people who claim she’s a fake feminist because her Vanity Affair cover depicts cleavage, recently detailed her head-to-toe beauty routine for Into the Gloss. Unsurprisingly, the interview has gone viral. Probably because Watson is famous for being an adorable 10 year old who, 16 years later, still looks like an adorable 10-year-old. But also mature and beautiful? I don’t know. I really couldn’t tell you why I know the exact shade of her eyes off the top of my head when I can’t do the same for almost anyone else, including people I know personally.

Aside from fulfilling my basic voyeurism quota for a Tuesday, the interview is also just plain good. You have to wade through (or delight in, depending on who you are) all the sustainability talk to get to the weird stuff, but it’s there. It genuinely surprised me seven different times! That’s more times than during my commute home last Thursday when a man literally peed on my train and less times than when I watch any single episode of The Young PopeDo with that what you will. Here they are:

1. Emma made Beauty and the Beast makeup artists leave her freckles visible to inspire befreckled pubescent teens.

I just made up the word befreckled, call me Shakespeare. “I think the look of natural skin is beautiful,” she says. “I didn’t want to get blanked out!” This is cool, but can I please ask who is anti-freckle? I’ve been confused about this since Kylie Jenner “revealed” she has freckles last year like it is a rare disease. Someone pls explain.

2. She uses a bronzer that has self-tanner in it.

“Vita Liberata [does a] self-tanning bronzing powder that actually tans you slightly while you’re wearing it. It sounds like a lot, but it’s actually super, super natural,” she says.

I’m not going to lie, this reminds me of 2-in-1 shampoo/condition combos but now I want to try it, so.

3. She doesn’t “buy into” masks.

“I’ve never been big on masks! I guess I don’t totally buy into it.”


That’s all. It surprised me, okay? Just being honest.

4. Emma takes between one and three baths a day.

When I found out my old coworker took a daily bath (like in a tub), I asked her a new question about it every single morning. I needed every logistic. Suffice it to say, baths deeply confuse me. Emma says she takes calls from the bath and that nothing bad ever happens there. These draws seem salient, but I do wonder about the whole bathing-in-your-own-filth thing.

5. Emma uses a natural deodorant that you scoop with your hands.

I am extremely suspect of natural deodorants after I was forced to use a bunch of samples last year (my Old Spice chemical stick ran out) and I had B.O. for a week straight. She claims Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream “actually works,” but I have my doubts and I take issue with the scooping.

6. She’s bleached her upper lip since she was nine!

“I’ve been bleaching my top lip since I was nine,” she says. (Told you.) She also wants to destigmatize certain beauty practices which are deemed un-Instagrammable. Saintly.

7. Most importantly, she oils her pubes.

“I use Fur Oil. I’ll use that anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair. It’s an amazing all-purpose product,” says Emma. This is so Shailene-Woodley-sunbathing-her-vagina and I love it.

You can read the whole interview here! It might make you love her if you didn’t already. Yvonne said it made her follow Emma on Instagram and she’s stingy with her follows so there’s that.

Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images.

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  • ashley

    second time I’ve started reading then said this sounds like haley, to scroll up and see by haley – love that, you are hilarious

    • Lacey Bergevin

      same here 😉

  • Lacey Bergevin

    the pube oiling thing is super confusing but i get the baths….i take one every night so i can lock myself in a room where nobody can bother me and relax 😉

    • kellymcd

      After reading the interview I was like “should I be oiling my pubes??? That sounds uncomfortable. Is this a thing now?” I have more questions then when I started

    • ashley

      absolutely one hundred percent (locked in a room alone). I think being a bath person is in the same vein as being a morning person – very polarizing?

    • snakehissken

      The pube oil makes sense if you click over to what the product. It’s supposed to prevent ingrown hairs.

  • I love Emma Watson and what she stands for! She”s a feminist who likes to look good and I feel like it’s hard for modern day people to understand that feminism isn’t hairy women hating on men. Will have to read this article!


    • she is hairy though. 😀

  • Madeline

    Some people keep a copy of the Bible or other holy book in their nightstand drawer. But starting today, I will be keeping a printout of this Into The Gloss article.

    (TLDR: Emma Watson is God)

  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    Confirming I am stingy with the follows.

    • Sarah

      i want to be friends with you

  • So interesting. I love showering, but I’m not sure I could take that many baths!

    – Natalie

  • Merrynell

    Need to pick up pubes oil pronto. (File that under “things I never thought I’d say”)

  • Katrina Elizabeth

    The freckles thing is perplexing. There are people getting freckles tattooed on!

  • So should I be instagramming my fortnightly facial hair bleaching? Is that a feminist thing now? I thought I was supposed to be letting it wave (a little too blond to be interesting). Okay, I’ll admit it: I don’t care what anyone else thinks and my retirement plan involves a LOT of oversharing. That will scare my kids off, pronto!

    And if I still lived in the apartment with the perfect bathtub, you bet i’d be running my life from there.

  • KC

    1. LOVE baths, so happy to hear someone else enjoys this passion of mine just as much. Love a few drops of Jo Malone shower oil in a bath.
    2. Soapwalla’s deodorant has saved my life. I refuse to use something full of chemicals and after tons of research and many moons of absolute stench, found Soapwalla, ordered it, and will never look back. <3

    • Aydan

      baths are amazing! now that I live with roommates, I feel so weird about hogging the bathroom, so I haven’t taken one in months…

      • KC

        Just do it! You deserve it. Just be like “I am going to be a while…”

      • kellymcd

        I have the same guilt. So I usually take ones on nights their not home or after I know they’re not going to be around. Unfortunately, one of my roommates doesn’t understand the concept of “me time” and will knock on the door wondering how much longer I’m going to be -___-

        • Emma

          the way i clear the guilt and random knockings– tell everyone in the house i’m about to take a bath and i’ll be a while and and do they need to use the bathroom before i go in.

    • Court E. Thompson

      YES to the Soapwalla! I loved it. I only switched back because I needed a better antiperspirant than the one I was using with it.

  • what the freckles

    also, I’m jealous of how often she takes a bath

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    to people who can make natural deodorants work: hOW?!!!!!! is it a luxury reserved only for angels who walk the earth aka emma watson? i’d love to see a MR piece on this, like “giving up shampoo for 14 days” except this would along the lines of “giving up cancerous anti-sweat paste for a week”

    • Aydan

      PRIMAL PIT PASTE!! The scooping is something to get over, but I get the regular in neutral scent and honestly its amazing! I exercise daily in the morning (high intensity, weight training) and it works works works! I’ve gotten friends and my mom even hooked on it! The scooping is weird at first, but its vegan!

      • Imaiya Ravichandran

        just did a quick Google! do you have any experience with the stick vs paste formula? so as to avoid the unpleasant scooping haha

        • Aydan

          Always by the pot version for myself and my mother, as it was their original product. You can easily wipe your hands on a towel right after applying (won’t leave residue and will wash out when you wash your towel). The sticks were introduced in the past couple of years I think, but I’ve never tried!

    • Lindsey

      I actually use this thing called a deodorant crystal that I got from whole foods and it strangely works amazing for me! it’s just this little salt rock/crystal that you get wet and then rub on. i definitely can tell when i don’t wear it. i live in southern california and have never had issues with it, AND it doesn’t leave any pit stains! the only downside is i have dropped it and it breaks. :/ but they’re so inexpensive and last forever i don’t mind having to replace it.

      • Imaiya Ravichandran

        this sounds like witchcraft. but also, amazing!!

    • Riley W

      I love love love natural deodorant. I am SO sweaty, but since switching to natural deodorant I have actually been sweating less (I do not know or understand if this is real science or not) and my clothes used to hold in BO and now they just air out, it’s like the antiperspirant was making it cling to my clothing.

      I like weleda deodorant spray, but for ultimate smell destruction, lavanilla rocks.

    • Julissa

      I quit deodorant altogether last summer/fall and BOY it was rough. You kind of have to not care. I finally found a natural deodorant that I don’t hate (Crystal roll-on) but it can only do so much. Just embrace the sweat/smell!!!

      • Imaiya Ravichandran

        i tried quitting once! well, sort of. sometime last summer, i ran out of deodorant and ended up going a week without it because i kept forgetting to go the drugstore. anyway, all seemed/smelled fine, until one day, when a co-worker of mine loudly asked– in front of everyone, mind you– “WHAT SMELLS LIKE ARMPITS?” It was in that moment that i died, only to be reborn as someone with irrational separation anxiety re: her deodorant. sigh. still, i aspire to ur levels of “not giving af”… maybe one day….

    • Gotta find the one that works with your body chemistry! Try Lone deodorant or No Tox Life if you’re exploring options. I’ve had really good experiences with both (No Tox has really good scent options).

      Also…if you ever get into a situation where you run out of deo again, a quick swipe with a cut lemon will keep you smelling fresh. Don’t know what sorcery makes it work, but it does. Do NOT do it if you’ve just shaven…had to learn that the hard way and it was not pleasant.

    • Jeanie

      Only Toms of Maine works for me. Every other natural deo makes me stink even more! It might have to do with your own body chemistry. Some brands are gonna work, some aren’t. You can try taking Body Mint supplements. I just started and I notice a difference.

    • Suzan

      MR did a natural deodorant comparing thingy last year: http://www.manrepeller.com/2016/06/best-natural-deodorants.html

      The Dr. Hauschka one is next on my list to try. I’ve tried a couple of others and have been disappointed all the times. But I hear so many people being so positive about natural deodorants (also here in reply to your comment) that I’m convinced there’s one for us out there too, Imaiya! We just haven’t found it yet I guess…

  • Adrianna

    um “Fur Oil” is the best product name I’ve heard in a while

    • Amelia Diamond

      i have this actually but was told it was for ingrowns so now I am intrigued?

  • Katherine Leavens

    The freckles thing is definitely a visibility thing and probably applied more to when I (and Emma too) was growing up. But still stands, how many actresses can you name with visible freckles? Especially in character, for a movie. I’m willing to bet the list fits on one hand. When you’re a freckle faced little girl and not a single celebrity looks like you because they all have perfectly smooth and un-freckled complexions it definitely sends a message. I do think the world has embraced freckles more at this point, but I know seeing it on screen in a movie that will certainly have a large audience of young girls will mean a lot.

  • Riley W

    I really loved this! I think I appreciated how in depth it was.

    Plus I love a good bath, so I’m basically Emma Watson now.

  • Hannah Cole

    hahaha I though the same re baths. Also, WHERE DOES SHE FIND THE TIME?! That is at least a half hour commitment everyday. Girl, ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • Julissa

    Totally bought the bronzer because makeup that will help me wear less makeup sounds amazingggg.

  • I was vehemently anti-bath because of the soaking in your own filth thing before I started taking a shower before the bath. It’s overkill, but I never thought of a bath as a way to get clean anyway. It’s in the same class as a massage, meditating, or listening to Tibetan singing bowls.

  • Marguerite R

    BATHS ARE THE BEST THING EVER. I don’t have a bathtub right now and i viscerally miss taking them

  • snakehissken

    Hey, we still have 2-in-1 shampoo/condition combos. We just call them “cleansing conditioners” now.

  • I want to be the type of person who enjoys baths I think It’d make me a better person

  • Emma

    Haley Nahman, you write in the most hilarious addictive way!

  • lychette

    Taking a bath requires a great deal of water compared to an average shower (http://www.waterwise.org.uk/news.php/11/showers-vs.-baths-facts-figures-and-misconceptions). Taking 2-3 baths a day is a massive amount of water for a household. Not a very sustainable thing to promote.

  • Samantha Lee

    Love her so much for keeping it real. So happy there are people like her in this world who wholeheartedly use their platform for good. <3

  • Nat Ch

    I don’t care much about her only because everybody already does and I’ve been a hipster before it was cool ***BUT*** I love how authentic and relaxed she seems with her beauty without the false humbleness of other celebrities. Go Emma 🙂

  • Trilby16

    I always scoff at the beauty routines of 26 year-olds. Their real beauty routine is incredibly simple– BEING 22 YO!!!!

    • kellymcd

      wait I’m confused? Are you implying 26 year olds shouldn’t have a beauty routine because its not necessary for them? Or is it 22 year olds who don’t need a routine?

      But it actually doesn’t matter because anyone can have a beauty routine whether they’re 22 or 102.

      • Trilby16

        What bugs me is the implication that they owe their beauty to a “routine” rather than the gift of youth. Honestly, they could do nothing and wake up gorgeous– at 26 or 22. Over 60, you need a lot more stuff.

        And there’s a false promise implied– that if readers do these same things (3 baths?) they will become as beautiful as Emma Watson.

        • kellymcd

          As a 26, nearly 27 year old, I most definitely do NOT wake up looking or feeling gorgeous. I doubt many people do, regardless of age. While I agree more effort is needed to maintain whats going on if you’re 60 or something, beauty routines are not solely about looks, as Top Shelf interviews prove over and over. Feeling good/beautiful is a state of mind. And the routine gets you into a that state of mind. Yes, Emma Watson is genetically blessed with good looks and youth (for now), but I highly doubt even she wakes up each day feeling and looking like the princess she plays on screen. Plus, if we like what we’ve got now in our 20s, our routine is usually in place to hold on to it as long as we can. My routine isn’t all lipstick and mascara for the ~*~gLaM~*~ factor. It includes plenty of preventative care for what is ahead.

          Bottom line; don’t be ageist since beauty is a state of mind, not a look

        • Lyla

          Youth does not equal beauty. Sure, skin is firmer and there are less wrinkles, but twenty-somethings still have dark circles, acne, patchy eyebrows, chapped lips, thin eyelashes, and blotchy skin. If I go outside without makeup people ask me if I’m ill because my skin is pale and sallow and my under eye bags are dark and huge. Some tinted moisturizer, under eye concealer, cream blush, mascara, and eyebrow pencil can make me look natural and also healthy.

    • Lyla

      That was just rude.

  • Olivia Stone

    Wow Emma Watsons is my hero! She is a feminist but the good type of feminist! I have read in The Beauty Insiders about her plight in feminism and how she posted her bare chest in a magazine, crazy femi nazis really got their jimmies rattled, well its your breast do what ever you want with it right?

  • Amelia Diamond

    “can I please ask who is anti-freckle? I’ve been confused about this since Kylie Jenner “revealed” she has freckles last year like it is a rare disease.” this made me laugh so hard. cindy brady tho

  • Lyla

    Bathing in your own filth . . . what filth? It isn’t like I’ve been working in the fields all day. I wouldn’t do it if my body was caked in mud, but baths clean you. Why do you think grimy babies who play in the sandbox take baths? You can thoroughly clean their body that way.

  • I never understood why women cover up their freckles! Power to her for showing them off – I think they’re beautiful! <3


  • lyndsaymcgregor

    I questioned all those baths too, but mainly because she’s so passionate about eco friendly fashion and beauty…

  • so who’s doing the emma watson diet?

  • Sarah Mehmood

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  • what?? bleach upper lip? Am I the only one who’s confused??

    • CM

      I think it means like above the upper lip… mustache area…