Street-Style Copycat: Alexa Chung’s Slip Dress and Fringe Jacket

Transition dressing is equal parts awkward and rewarding. Nestled betwixt the cleavage of seasons, we are prompted to wear neither coats nor lightweight mini dresses, but rather something that falls sensibly in-between. It is this word, “sensibly,” that makes the dressing feel awkward (too hot for coats and cool for dresses; where does that leave us on the practicality spectrum?), but it is the creative world of possibilities, thoughtfully and delicately restricted by the boundaries of a non-season, that make it rewarding.

How about a turtleneck under and a windbreaker over a lightweight dress, for example? Or boots, no tights. A coat but nothing else. But descriptions are petty and photos are king, so here is one of Alexa Chung making the compelling case for a slip dress, socks, boots and a vaguely frivolous jacket. If you want to hear her make a compelling case for life, you can always listen to this podcast episode, by the way.

But back to the clothes: I’d recommend something lace up, like the photographed:

But shit, these are just so great, too.

As for the dress, I say midi but you can say mini.

And for the jacket — the world is still your oyster. Just make it novel, you know?

Photos by Jacopo Raule via Getty Images.

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  • Elise

    I’m a fan of this sexy-yet-sleepy Elvis look.

  • Hellbetty666

    I love this jacket yet I loathe Alexa Chung. I’m so conflicted!!

  • Diane

    This is how women dress every day in California, where there is scant cleavage of seasons.

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      • Leandra Medine


  • ellie

    I love this look and desperately want/need every jacket option you’ve provided! Also deeply appreciate the inclusion of a lower-priced boot option (even if it doesn’t stop me wanting those starry boots, wow!)

  • Fezzers

    I want to be dressing transitionally, but the temps in DC went from 75 degrees to 30 degrees in two days. I bought a pair of shorts on Tuesday and then immediately wore them; I then bought a lilac puffer coat yesterday on sale and immediately wore it.