16 Winter Outfits Our Interns Wore Last Week

Four girls, four days, 16 outfits



Meet our Winter Interns! They’ve been helping keep our site up and running for the past months and they bring an incredible spirit and energy to the Man Repeller office. They also each have a unique sense of style, so we asked them to document a week of their outfits for their very own round of Intern Office Apropos. Learn a little about them below in the words of Lauren, click through above and then say hi in the comments!

I started as an Editorial Intern in January. My days consist of copy editing (which means reading all of the articles before anyone else — well, except Leslie, MR’s Editorial Director), transcribing (typing up recorded interviews conducted by Leandra, AmeliaHaley or Harling before they’ve actually written the story) and researching for stories.

The interns at MR number four right now and each one of us works within a different department. I help out editorial, Louisiana works in photo, Danielle is in the fashion department and Sofia assists our social media team.

Being an intern at Man Repeller is kind of like a box of chocolates in that you never know what you’re going to get. (Thanks Forrest.) One time, Danielle was challenged with finding 23 different colored condoms. Another time, she had to track down a strawberry that was “pointy and dark red.” Sometimes Louisiana has to scout photoshoot location spots around SoHo. Sofia has stepped in as a beauty model. Once, we all had to unpack four Topshop suitcases from London, take photos of each item and then pack them back up the exact same way.

While some days involve strange treasure hunts or last-minute photoshoots, we’ve also attended NYFW shows, had our hair blown out at Drybar and obtained early access to sample sales (and who doesn’t love a good sample sale?).

That’s what makes interning so exciting: no day is the same and yet each day is like living a dream.

Photographed by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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  • Harling Ross


  • Jade Cooling

    ~Sofia~ never been to NY but want to hang out w/ ya!!!

  • Caroline Kloster

    Danielle’s style is lovely!! Everything she wore was amazing. These girls are living the dream 🙂

  • Jillian K

    so lovely!

  • I adore that romper, Danielle!

    • Aydan

      jumpsuits are def my go to for big meetings and interviews!! (love love love turtlenecks underneath!!

  • Lilli

    Lauren day 1 is life

  • Such cool ladies! LOVE Louisiana’ style so much

    – Natalie

    • Louisiana Gelpi


  • Aydan

    Blair went to a rave! LOVE that outfit and totally agree! Also it seems like everyone is binging gossip girl right now (I mean, sames..)

  • Mackenzie

    Sofia– is that jacket Blank NYC?

  • Jackie Homan

    You guys all look amazing!!

  • Andrea

    such cuties and excellent sock game, all!

  • Mila

    dream internship! how do i apply? you guys accept europeans?!

    • yes yes need to know

    • kevynryan

      or 30 year olds…?

  • does being an MR intern make you look 10 times cooler (if so, sign me up!!)

  • Aaqilah B.

    O M G
    I want to be an intern at Man Repeller, but I’m studying Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley… I think SO MUCH about leaving school and moving to New York to work in fashion!

  • Hellbetty666

    Everyone looks truly excellent in their outfits, but Louisiana and Sofia are giving me envy!

    • Louisiana Gelpi

      you give me life!!!! thank you 🙂

  • pterridactyl

    Ok so Danielle is da bomb 🔥

  • Louisiana’s style is amazing!

    • Louisiana Gelpi

      THANK U!!!!! :’)

  • Brittany Marino

    I live for Intern Apropos!! So great to highlight all of MR’s employees! Would love the opportunity to be a summer intern!!

  • Amelia Diamond


    • Louisiana Gelpi


  • Emily Michaelis

    sofia and danielle: copying your loox for the next two weeks. lylas

  • Rosie

    Holy crap, Danielle: Day 3. That romper. That turtleneck. That shoe/sock combo. AMAZING!!! (But rly *all* of the outfits are incredible and I feel v inspired now)

  • DREAM positions! and all of these outfits are killer. please take me, team MR.