41 Ways to Layer for 50-Degree Weather

A scientific exploration


All the best things are layered: croissants, Cate Blanchett in a tragic role, our bodies in the early spring. Whereas warm climates are hostile to them and cold climates are too demanding of them, layers thrive in 50-degree weather. It’s an incontrovertible truth! A cardigan over a sweater, a henley under a dress, a trench over a Canadian tux…under what other conditions would this mid-level layering be Goldilocks-levels of good? It’s exactly why transitional dressing is so fun. You get to play with lots of pieces with less concern for utility.

Over the past week, photographer Simon Chetrit has been out and about in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood shooting humans in their natural habitat to capture this peak layering phenomenon, which occurs just twice a year in New York, between winter and spring and then again between summer and fall. Click through above for his dissertation, captured in 41 outfits.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit. Also, see the 225 looks Chetrit shot for us during New York Fashion Week!

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    Your opening sentence!!! Always continually grateful you found Man Repeller/I got to find your writing.

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    Yo, Simon: you’ve become MR’s very own Bill Cunningham.

    Thanks, brother: love this slideshow !

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    Otherwise known as “how to dress year-round when you live in Ireland” 😂😭

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    This is the article I’ve always needed!

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    Mad respect for 2’s hair.

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    3,7,16,17,27,28 LOVE

  • Wow. Best slideshow ever. I’ll be coming here every dag for the rest of the season. Tyvm

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    photo 11: talented brilliant incredible amazing show stopping spectacular never the same totally unique completely not ever been done before unafraid to reference or not reference

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    i want picture 4s jumpsuit!!!!!

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    The last girl (39) makes an excellent case for a denim jumpsuit

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