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Shopping Can Trap You
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This week’s episode of Monocycle reflects upon a cleanse I endured over January wherein I did not buy a single thing, save for a jar of Castelvetrano olives and apple cider vinegar. That’s dramatic; I also bought cleaning supplies and coffee and even one massage. The “cleanse” was mostly for clothing/shoes/accessories and the results surprised me (for lack of a better way to end this sentence).

Evidently, more is not more; it can emotionally trap you in its abundance. I felt curiously liberated from my stuff and like I was better at tapping into what I already have and therefore no longer in pursuit of anything new (this became a metaphor for thinking) and…and…and…listen and we can continue this conversation.

Welcome back to regular programming!

Sincerely yours,

Malcolm Gladwell

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Monocycle is edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander. Logo illustration by Kelly Shami; Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts via Getty Images.

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  • Maria Chammah

    What a spot on podcast on my thoughts exactly… tried the shopping detox but succumed to a 40 dollar sweater that I did not need but I am sure I am going to use….

    I will try the detox again…

  • thanks

  • KY

    I was listening, nodding to myself until the end when you mentioned the shirt. Now I really wanna know what that shirt is you wanted to buy?! 😀 And it reminded me of the shirt I want to buy. Well, thank you. So much for cleansing… 😀

  • hg

    rich people problems seriously…. couldn’t relate one second.

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  • Giulia Torelli

    Leandra I love the podcast but are you eating while talking or you have super high salivation? Sorry for asking, it bothers me a bit

  • linda

    I was kind of bummed with the last two episodes, because it sounds like you are just repeating your articles. There is no new development of the story. The same with the previous one.
    Am I the only one?

  • Veronica Wilkins

    Leandra it’s March 1st already which means it’s been wayyyy too long since we’ve heard you “repeat your articles” in your “super high salivated” voice! (i.e. get those podcasts going!)