24 Questions About ‘Girls’ Season 6, Episode 2

Really, Marnie?

GIRLS season 6 episode 2 man repeller

As someone who’s made the smart and perfectly respectable choice to never ever see a horror movie, this latest installment of Girls ranks as one of my nearest brushes with genuine terror. Approximately 20 minutes into the season’s second episode, I became convinced that the evening in upstate New York was headed for a murder-suicide. By the time Shosh arrived at the very empowered Jamba Jeans festivities, I’d gotten so paranoid that I really believed Zeva and Rachel were moments away from pouring pig’s blood on Shosh’s head. It wasn’t until I heard Joni Mitchell belt out “Free Man in Paris” that I could finally relax and realize…I kind of loved it!

At least, I think? I mean, did you? Here are 24 critical questions to help you figure it out. Also, should I watch more horror movies?

1. Has a single person on television ever filmed as many sex scenes as Marnie Michaels?

2. If you say you’re a great secret keeper, does that automatically make you a bad secret keeper? All experience suggests yes.

3. Do you think Elijah made that bloody mary from a mix?

4. Have you ever laid eyes on a man less in need of Spanx? Okay, yes, you have. But still, Elijah! Love yourself.

5. What would your friend have to give you to get into a car that Desi was driving? Like, entirely separate from the infidelity issue, let’s consider the safety problem.

6. But quick, let’s decide: should Jessa wear shoulder pads? I think yes, in most-to-all circumstances.

7. What do you think the hero’s journey version would have been?

8. What’s the most unexpected act of kindness and/or tea set a stranger has ever bequeathed to you for free?

9. Have you ever borne such first-person witness to your friend’s utter and complete romantic self-destruction?

10. Of all the second-hand stores in New York, where do you think Jessa found her suit?

11. What’s the worst acronym you know? (Because “WEMUN” is pretty terrible.)

12. What lipstick does Jessa have on?

13. Do we all like Marnie’s ponytail more than we like Marnie?

14. Okay, but wouldn’t Desi decant his mints into a Mason jar?

15. Is it nice to call your friend, the same friend who has agreed to be an accomplice to your terrible choices, “a dumb slut”?

16. What does a woman have to do to eat Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in peace?

17. I do think a plastic spatula is an ideal all-purpose kitchen tool, but is it the first utensil I would reach for in a critical, potentially life-threatening situation? (No.)

18. Have you ever broken up with a friend two-on-one?

19. Is this what growth looks like on Hannah? Does anyone else find it…hard to believe?

20. Why aren’t more women cobblers or locksmiths? I feel, and, yes, this is a generalization, that a woman would be much better equipped to understand what I want a refurbished heel to look like than the man who usually tends to it does.

21. Who wants to go to Aruba?

22. Is anyone in this situation a grownup? The grownup? What’s a grownup? I feel like I used to know…

23. Should Joni Mitchell be on the soundtrack to not just every episode of Girls, but all of our lives? Obviously, yes.

24. Did Desi always look so much like a scarecrow or is that a newer development?

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  • Quinn Halman

    Mattie! Hey, missed you.
    I think it’s not so much that Hanna’s grown as it is her maturity starting to catch up with her self awareness. Or is that what it means to grow? Also, I thought the tea set was going to be crucial to defending Desi or something like that based off what I thought was a massive foreshadow in the shop.
    I gotta say though, I feel like Desi on oxy is like a massive cop out and not a creative way of writing him out or breaking up him and Marnie. Him keeping mints in a mason jar is somewhat more believable. It’s just weird to me that it was only a year, you know? Made it seemed like a last minute character development instead of gradually showing signs. Or maybe, like Marnie, I also missed the signs?

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    if there’s a marnie sex scene within the first 30 secs, u know its gonna be a good episode

  • dietcokehead

    I genuinely spend a lot of my life trying to figure out how to get Jessa’s lip colors. I’m pretty sure there’s something genetic and unattainable about that and her hair, but like … seriously if someone knows please tell me. Because it’s vampy but it’s still SO RED.

    Also, not recognizing Desi is a textbook junkie ranks high up there on Marnie and Hannah’s dumbest moments.

  • BarbieBush

    The oxy is so so random for Desi. He never displayed signs of that- he was manic as hell!! I get the connection here with Charlie but both seemed out of context. I think they accommodated for Desi with how shocked they were that he was taking it but it seems like an easy way to get rid of him. If this ISN’T the end I feel like Marnie-hating will explode in my heart.

    All the over the top stuff in the show annoys me because it seems out of character with how “real” everything is supposed to be. Charlie suddenly has a Dominican? accent. Jessa and Adam ruin an entire apartment because Jessa mentions Hannah’s name. Stoned-Desi is punching through windows.

    ALSO you know Shoshanna is telling Ray in the next episode.

    • Alexis Bromley

      YES, I agree 100%! I feel like Adam is out of character too (not including sleeping with Jessa, that was inevitable). The moment they showed him in a medicine commercial trekking through mud, I was not convinced this was something he would partake in. Adam hates bullshit and would not sell his soul for a paycheck.

      This does not have to do with last night’s episode, but I live in the Midwest and haven’t met anyone I could vent to.

      • mulebox

        Well, he also is more than happy to take an allowance from his grandmother, so he might do a commercial. Most actors have to start out in commercials, so you take what work you can get. You don’t get put up for prominent film roles, or even supporting roles until you prove you can audition well.

  • With regards to question 4, I don’t think Elijah was talking about himself and his need for Spanx, I think it was a bitchy comment about women needing them and how Spanx make sure his eyes don’t hurt at such events?

    And about Desi’s Oxy problem, I was quite stunned at how they portrayed Desi as a crazy druggie, whereas I feel like Lena Dunham has really been on the forefront of normalising the taboos surrounding such medications. That was a shame. I understand that this entire episode was supposed to be over the top (which is always a shame when they do it in Girls because normally it always feels so realistic) but pick your battles.

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  • jess

    The segue into straight-to-DVD horror-movie was both parts terrifying and absolutely hilarious, my favourite moment of the ep, along with the line about Desi looking like “someone in the Pacific Northwest knit a man”.

    • muireann

      Best line in the whole episode.

    • ash

      To question 24: the PNW version of a scarecrow. Best line this season! Worst line (or visual) naked Jessa pronouncing yogurt as, “yog-gurt.”

  • Andrea Urdaneta

    Oh lord, I TOTALLY thought for a minute there that Hannah and Marnie would end up accidentally killing Desi…no more David Lynch movies for me.
    I’m also very surprised by Hannah’s new “maturity” (?)…it’s very weird to see her as the “grownup” of the group. She’ll probably screw up soon, tho.
    Anyway, I decided to do a series of illustrations called #weeklyhannah because I guess I’m sort of sad that this is the last season…I’ll share this week’s one with you (they’re also on my insta @andie_draws) 🙂


    • this is so cute, please share them for the rest of the show too! 🙂

      • Andrea Urdaneta

        Thanks, Zsofia 🙂 Yes! I want to do one drawing per episode, I’ll try to post them here, but they will be for sure in my ig account: https://www.instagram.com/andie_draws/ 😀

        • YAY! they’re amazing! keep up the work 🙂

          • Andrea Urdaneta

            <3 thank you!

    • Mariana

      So cool! Keep it going 🙂
      I can’t seem to find your IG… can you put the link here, pliz? I would love to follow you

    • Hannah Cole

      Incredible girl!

  • ashley

    i think elijah is referring to the ladies who’ve been saved by spanx, comical that hannah was never one of them

  • #25. How bout dem HOOPS on Shosh?! Love.

    • Emily Klein

      Me too!!!!

      • Brooke

        #26. Elijah’s spot on impression of Shosh!

        • Lindsey

          YES!! I was cracking up.

    • jess

      Yes! Dy-nam-ic

  • Nat Ch

    I laughed from start to end in last night’s episode. I agree with some of the comments on how they are exagerating some things and making it seem out of character, but idk… we’re talking about years of character development since the show started; maybe they change fast in NY? (by “they” I’m referencing -but not limiting to- the unemployed youngsters of NY with too much free time for drama and cheating like these Girls and their boys) ;D

  • Kittenbottom

    I’m not sure if I’m only just noticing, but in both episodes of this season, Desi’s sweaters have awful looking holes. And not moth holes, they look like he wore them while climbing through barbed wire. Is this just emphasizing the whole downward spiral, fucked up-edness, drug addict path he’s on?

  • 7klg3

    why are we not talking about hannah’s lemon shirt? i must have, if only for patio drinking purposes.

  • Grace B

    I just have no idea what they are doing with Shoshanna. And the scene at the cabin scared the crap outta me. Yikes.

    • Aydan

      right?!?! SHOSH needs a better story line. Though girl looks good!

  • Casey

    Jessa’s LIPSTICK ppplllllllllease MR, find out and report back <3 THANK YOU

  • Daisy Tinker

    RE: Jessa’s lip colour.
    This ALWAYS happens to me when I’m watching films and TV shows.
    And everytime I finally find out what the lip colour is, it’s ALWAYS Mac (Lady Danger) but Lady Danger never looks like this on me :'( PLZ tell me it’s something else this time!

  • Fernanda V. Alves

    Was that WEMUN thing a play on The Wing? Did someone already say that? I didn’t read it all. Oh and lemon shirt, NEED

  • Lindsey

    My hands down favorite part was when Hannah says, “Desi looks like the Pacific Northwest *knit* a man.”

  • Noor Spanjer

    Did Shoshanna wore the most stylish playsuit – and biggest hoops – ever? Yes, she did.

  • Hannah Cole

    But srsly, I really want Jessa’s skirt suit combo, and Shosh’s sexy little power-woman playsuit. Filed these for future reference.