23 Questions About ‘Girls’ Season 6, Episode 1

Babies, we’re back.

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“Nobody wants bad vibes in their life,” says Paul-Louis, handsome surf instructor and recreational pube admirer, towards the end of Girls very last season premiere. It’s the kind of assertion that sounds true, obvious. But like the dozens of episodes before it, these 40-odd minutes counter the claim.

It seems these girls, these women, these Rays, these Adams, all of us — we do want bad vibes. We crave them. We yearn for the drama. We don’t always want to improve or grow, even when we know it would do us some good. And just when we resolve to make the decision, to maybe get an Airbnb in town and write and heal and learn to love the beach, we’re reminded that our realities are not our own to define and narrate. It’s the hardest lesson. Five full seasons and one episode in, the Girls are still just beginning to learn it. We never have all the answers; obviously. But if you’re game, here are 23 questions we can puzzle over together.

1. When did Marnie become a person who pees with the door open?

2. How many copies of The New York Times would you buy if you nabbed a Modern Love column?

3. Are you more of a dumpling or a woman at this point? Please discuss.

4. But is that how Shailene Woodley gets her glow?

5. What do the teens call it when someone brushes you off by saying this: “In fact, I want to spend more time with you. I just want some of that time to be apart.” Ghosting? Breadcrumbing? Trumping?

6. Should we all take a 30-second dance break for Justin Bieber, “Baby,” if only because Marnie and Ray can’t stop prefacing every damn sentence they utter with it? Okay, obviously, yes.

7. When Marnie painted her nails, do you think there was a runner-up color or was she just like, “Yes, this garish shade of Barbie pink is what my online therapist thinks I need.”

8. Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby?

9. What do you call the cutouts in Hanna’s sweatshirt? Do you think they facilitate armpit breathability, because I’ve always thought that’s what I’d take on Shark Tank.

10. Who makes Hannah’s sunglasses? Really, I must know. Serious respondents only in the comments section.

11. Do you think Jessa ate that entire container of yogurt?

12. There are two kinds of women in this world: those who can pull off pigtail braids and those who cannot. Which kind are you?

13. If you wanted to get out of physical exertion, what would your most creative medical excuse be? I wouldn’t go with “front arm” injury, personally. But, like, I wouldn’t go to surf camp.

14. Who missed Hannah’s dance moves? All of us. We all did.

15. How do you secure such a massive perimeter for your butt thumping on a crowded dance floor?

16. Did Paul Krugman ever expect to score a mention on Girls for his socio-economic anxieties?

17. How many hours did it take Shosh to color-code her books?

18. Under what circumstances would you let a surf instructor who would rather be in the Bahamas lick your eyeball?

19. What would Marnie and Desi merch even look like? I feel sure paisley print would be involved. Sketches accepted below.

20. Is it ever appropriate to fuck someone on Kilimanjaro?

21. Could we count the number of men who’ve ever apologized to Hannah and meant it?

22. Who loves to be tickled?

23. How much of Hannah’s entire existence was summed up within her expression during the last five seconds of this episode, that brilliant transition from movie-soundtrack glee to stone-cold realism? 99 percent, I think. At least.

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  • Sara

    10 – the ones for when she was waiting for the surf lessons? aren’t those karen walker?

  • 1. Marnie is TOTALLY an open door pee-er , are you kidding me???!!!!

  • Casey

    Hannah’s storyline felt tangential and disorienting- though the shots of her draped in a striped beach towel and sunbathing her vagina were great.
    For the season opener, giving the flesh of the action (no pun intended) to the randomness of Montauk complete with vapid canoodling with an uncomplicated polyamorous surf instructor INSTEAD of re-rooting it with the 5th ‘girl’, New York City, implied that despite a Modern Love column, Hannah’s allegiance to the City is tenuous.
    In fact, Montauk feels like a ‘mini Iowa’ from season 4- she was taking the easy road instead of trying to make it in the Big Apple despite the challenges. It’s clear that now more than ever, Hannah is floating in dumpling soup of immaturity.

  • 24. Will Paul-Louis ever be anyone other than Nasir Khan?!

  • Kattigans

    This season opener was a total flop! Aside from some good bits of humor, the episode just felt like a cartoonish representation of people/the show’s characters. Because last season was so brilliant and amazing my hopes were set really high. Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner did not deliver. Anyone else feel pretty uncomfortable with all the nudity? I know that’s Hannah/Dunham’s thing, but it just felt so forced. That scene with Jessa and Adam was also so awkward and weird. It seems like the writers got tired and just went for the lowest common denominators which were gag jokes, excessive nudity meant to be shocking and classic Hannah excuses. I’m not sure how this all plays into the hype they set out with claims that promised real character growth. 2.5/5 for me

    • Grace B

      omg yes!! i said you my fella, “ugh i just do not want to see her tits yet again OR her bush”. The yogurt thing was hella weird too.

      • Kattigans

        The yogurt scene grossed me out and I also hate yogurt so watching it slosh about in that container forced me to cringe. These scenes with Jessa remind me of her time in rehab or when she got divorced and stayed at Hannah’s and yelled “I’m not depressed. You’re depressed”

  • Kattigans

    #8 – the baby baby thing with Ray and Marnie is a perfect example of the forced feeling of all the characters in this episode. Neither of them would ever talk like that and we’re talking about Marnie here

  • Brynn Allen

    15. Straight up intimidation. Hannah’s relationships to other people defined in one scene: people enjoy watching her but don’t want to actually dance with her.

  • Fernanda V. Alves

    Ugh Mattie you’re the best xoxo

  • estheresther

    #4 (Shailene Woodley) YES THAT’S HOW https://intothegloss.com/2014/03/shailene-woodley-hair/

    • Brooke

      Was about to post this!!

  • Dena Stern

    This episode became better after pondering these questions I just want to send some emojis your way for that 👏👏👏👏💯😍👏👏👋👋✨😘💪

  • Rachel

    When I saw Marnie’s nail polish I thought, “Welcome back, Marnie.” This is exactly who she is. I also throught her yellow skirt in her last scene of the episode was perfect. Even though she can pull off the hipster vibe when she’s about to go on stage, she is all Jcrew (like, 2007 Jcrew).

  • Rachel

    Overall I enjoyed this episode. I thought the surf camp was a little much (could of cut those scenes in half). And of course it frustrates me so much that Hannah, again, does not fully commit to a writing assignment. My favorite moments were when Ray catches a typo in Hannah’s article and calls it sloppy, when Hannah fakes her injuries to get out of surf lessons, baby Sample. My favorite burning question, how is Jessa, Shosh, Adam and Marnie making a living?!?! I think only Elijah is working at old man Ray’s coffee shop right now.

    • Kattigans

      Such a good question! **intended sarcasm** I assume Marnie must have some money tucked away from the signing thing. Adam probably from doing some acting shit. Jessa, well when has Jessa ever had a job? I think she just lives on money from her grandma or maybe Adam is bankrolling her life now. Shosh, maybe her parents and/or working for Hermie? It doesn’t make sense and I kinda think thats the point. Besides, Girls has bigger questions to answer like, “Who will Hannah flash today?”

    • Hellbetty666

      That bit with Ray noticing the typo made me squeal with joy, for I love Ray AND I’m a massive pedant.

  • Hellbetty666

    Riz Ahmed. Riz Ahmed, Riz Ahmed.

    Riz Ahmed.

    It’s not fair, he is SO hot anyway, why would they make him play such a lovely character? So much arousal.

  • Dying cause the whole yogurt scene I wondered if she ate the whole thing

  • Claire Bruno

    How are we supposed to believe that Hannah can braid her hair into three perfect French braids or master the double buns???

  • Kecon79

    What’s the name of the bright pink nail color Marnie is wearing?!?!