A Day in the Life During NYFW: Leandra

Follow along from somewhere warm/comfortable


It is 7:20 a.m. on Sunday, February 12th, and I have just opened my eyes. To my left sits an open water bottle and to my right lies an unconscious body. I feel like it is 2010 and I am single (alive) again for 30 seconds before I remember that it’s my father-in-law’s birthday and I have to call him.

By 7:45, I’m in the bathroom scrubbing the shit out of my face. The photo above is what I looked like when I arrived at my sink. The photo below…

leandra medine-day in the life-nyfw 17-man repeller-3894

…is what I look like after I use all of this shit:

leandra medine-day in the life-nyfw 17-man repeller-3893

But never mind all of that — god’s work awaits me! I have to write a review of Alexander Wang’s Fall 2017 show. By 8:05 I’m at my computer. I hang out with my friends — a bucket of sunglasses and a mug full of lipsticks…

leandra medine-day in the life-nyfw 17-man repeller-3898

…while I write, or think about writing. On this particular morning, I am sending maniacal Slack messages to my team about where the F the Alexander Wang photos are. To my embarrassment, they’re already uploaded to a post I didn’t see.

8:38 a.m.: The review has been filed. I had to omit the best sentence, but whatever.

leandra medine-day in the life-nyfw 17-man repeller-3895

I linger at my computer, eating a combo platter of toast with avocado and toast with peanut butter and bananas until exactly 11:22, when I get dressed.

11:25 a.m.: I’m dressed.

Leandra Medine Day NYFW FW17 Man Repeller 30

11:27 a.m.: I leave home and write this down: “What the actual fuck is with this weather? It’s raining ice.” I also write, “I believe they call it sleet,” and then put my phone away because the multiple voices in my head are starting to pour into my notes and that is not a comfortable position to be in!

11:40 a.m.: I pick up Amelia, who has, rather impressively, turned our car into her bathroom and kitchen in a matter of 30 seconds.

12:26 p.m.: The Tome fashion show starts. It looks awesome; the color scheme is mainly black, yellow and pink. There is also some blue. There are a shit-ton of black looks to start, all the shoes (pointed-toe flat slides and round-toe wedges) are velvet and by Louboutin. I notice rhinestone earrings, and then rhinestone accents, like a banana stitched into a lapel. I remember the rhinestone story that I ran in October and feel stupidly validated.

leandra medine-day in the life-nyfw 17-man repeller-3914

1:34 p.m.: Amelia and I arrive at J.Crew, which Amelia has already seen because she got a preview a couple of days before. They did something similar to last season where many friends of the house moonlit as models and the clothes were fresh-as-fuq. Taylor Tomasi Hill wore a leopard print coat, tutu skirt and shoes I can’t believe I don’t own yet.


2:02 p.m.: I stop by fittings at Rosie Assoulin. This collection is so many things: antique, modern, apres-ski in Switzerland. It looks like my parents’ ornamental-ass apartment. There is this weird and cool silk fabric that Rosie and Claire keep referring to but that is flying way over my head. And the earrings look like furniture moldings. See?

leandra medine-day in the life-nyfw 17-man repeller-3928

Cut to 2:45 p.m. when I haul ass to the Hilton at 54th Street and 6th Avenue where Sies Marjan is showing. Of course I get there at 3:24, in spite of the fact that it’s Sunday and Waze misled to believe I could be there at 3:08, so I miss the show but!!! I do get to watch it from outside. I see models being cued to start walking and then, I see what they look like when they’re off the runway post-walk. It’s kind of eye-opening because there is so much conversation about how sad models look on the runway. When they’re backstage, though, they’re jumping and dancing and giggling and really making the clothes feel alive. And re: those clothes — think melon and mint green and light blue and all of those colors in metallic, too. The shoes are groovy and…

4:09 p.m.: …now I’m at DVF, where Jonathan Saunders is (or at least should be) celebrating his second collection for the house. What great energy he’s bringing to the establishment. All of the designers that Americans are recruiting from overseas (see: Raf Simons for Calvin Klein) are single-handedly responsible for the fresh air being injected into this market.

leandra medine-day in the life-nyfw 17-man repeller-3939

When I get back into my car, I ask myself this: Is there an element and attitude of FUCKKIT everywhere? I remember feeling damn miserable last year at this time. Is that personal affliction, or am I vibing on the zeitgeist? You don’t have to answer that; I don’t want to either.

4:53 p.m.: I’m now on Ludlow Street and walking into Sandy Liang’s presentation. The first thing I notice is a pink, velvet dress with rhinestone spaghetti straps. I ask Sandy about the awesome shoes — black slingbacks with green ostrich feathers at the front. She tells me she found those feathers in midtown and taped them into the black Manolos she’s been using for shows and lookbooks and campaigns since season one. Genius, no?

leandra medine-day in the life-nyfw 17-man repeller-3944

5:17 p.m.: Hey, I’m currently at a liquor shop buying a bottle of white Burgundy.

5:27 p.m.: I’m home, opening the bottle, hoping to get ~intellectual.~

5:43 p.m.: My delivery from Souen arrives (I did that while I was at the liquor shop); it’s salmon and rice and steamed vegetables.

6:09 p.m.: This is being written in real time. As in, as I’m writing this, it’s 6:09 p.m., I’m about finished with that first glass of wine and have a mouthful of squash and salmon in, you know, my mouth.

6:10 p.m.: Woah, so weird, I just recorded the happenings of the previous minute, also: feast your eyes on THIS! Boom boom pow.

6:23 p.m.: I just reread all the copy and now don’t remember what “THIS!” meant at 6:10, sorry.

7:25 p.m.: Prabal Gurung starts at 558 Washington Street. Sarah Jessica Parker is here, seated right across from Anna Wintour, and the clothes look fantastic. “You Don’t Own Me” is playing and I’m watching the pictures stream onto Vogue Runway as they’re walking in real time and thinking what a shame it is not to see these clothes in person — the way the color comes off the garment and the fabrics move. Before I could finish that thought, the finale begins and each model is now dressed in a different shirt boasting a feminist slogan. The crowd goes wild. Prabal comes out in a T-shirt that reads, “This is what a feminist looks like.” It is so honest and so true.

prabal gurung nyfw leandra medine review man repeller

7:42 p.m.: On our way to Altuzarra, Amelia and I talk about the political statements being made at fashion week — the Planned Parenthood pins and the white bandanas and the various comments designers have used their clothing to make. We talk about turning it into a story (she calls it a “package” as if she is Leslie Price), but wander off to specifically mention the designers of Tome, Prabal Gurung himself and what’s expected tomorrow from Phillip Lim. Noting that we follow them on social media and thus know how involved and active they’ve been, Amelia wonders if this is the only reason their political intentions shine through so brilliantly.

altuzarra leandra medine nyfw review man repeller

8:34 p.m.: I’m sitting behind Christina Ricci (forever Wednesday Addams in my playbook), Alexa Chung and Emily Ratajkowski. I very much look forward to observing my photo bombs tomorrow morning. At one point, I stack my head on top of Alexa’s. It’s weird but we forget all of that once the show starts and boom boom pow! Velvet headbands (very Hillary Clinton ca. 1990s), big combat boots, suspender belts over delicate dresses with big huge pockets attached. I feel like I need to throw away all of the clothes I own and start over. This happens every season.

9:16 p.m.: Just got home; Abie is in bed with the city of New York complaining about a car alarm that has straight-up been going off for 48 hours, no exaggeration. I have to take a shower. He says it’s too late to watch Girls. I watch it anyway. See u tomo.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit. iPhone Photos by Leandra Medine. Runway Photos Courtesy of Vogue Runway.


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  • ReadER451

    I have gone back and forth, back and forth in my mind if I should buy those red isabel marant boots. A day in the life = +1 for the BUY.

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    i had to stop reading after i saw that you woke up at 7:20 am on a Sunday. my shame was too much to bear.

    (kidding, i read the whole thing. hilarious and genius, as always)

  • I love Day In The Life posts like these! It would be great to have it with different members of the team or other professionals in the industry. Also Girls was bomb. ..always staying up to watch.

  • rebunka

    really hoping we can get a full piece on prabal gurung/others because i’m so conflicted. on the one hand i’m happy that having a distinct political voice has become such a celebrated element of fashion week. but on the other…most of these t shirts are blatant rip-offs of smaller independent designers (most egregiously: “the future is female” in this exact design started and championed by otherwild, an independent queer-owned business that donated proceeds to PP). is it really such a “statement” to send conventionally attractive women down a runway wearing $900 T shirts with stolen designs that don’t even really manage to make much of a point beyond the feel-good pop feminism that’s already saturated the current zeitgeist and is still not reaching the people who are most alienated from the movement? what is this really trying to say, let alone do?

    • dietcokehead


      • Leandra Medine

        Don’t worry, we are on it!

        • rebunka

          y’all are the best. i would so love to see an opinion piece or even a roundtable at the end of nyfw about how this theme has played out across all the shows, because so many people are doing it, but not all in the same way. i feel conflicted even bringing it up because it did make me emotional/hopeful at first to see a runway full of racial/bodily diversity shouting this message so loudly…but i want to talk about what that message really is too.

    • Caitlin Crow

      THANK YOU (i was literally scrolling down to write a very similar reply, but you did this beautifully for me already)

    • i am also kinda uncomfy with marketers capitalizing on current social unrest for profit…. part of me is like “why are you so mad companies are spreading progressive messaging” but other part of me is like “i hate that you are seeing this all as moneymaking opportunity”… this may be a simplistic view but i would be interested in MR fleshing it out more

      • rebunka

        agreed. i am never gonna be that person who turns their nose up when creative artists engage in Discourse (like the “so what, what does a celebrity speaking about so and so issue actually Do About It” naysayers because no, art that doesn’t have such concrete effects still matters). i would rather have this than not a peep from anyone about the hellscape we’re trying not to fall into. but context matters! this feminism-lite is what’s trending now! so to what degree is this simply a new kind of commodification?

    • allie

      I felt similarly about the whole Balenciaga/Bernie Sanders situation. If you’re really inspired by Bernie Sanders, you wouldn’t be making a $$$$ coat that basically epitomizes the amount of income inequality in America.

      • rebunka

        snaps!! the only way i could see bernie being aligned with this at all would be if a commune of fashion lovers gathered/pitched in to buy one coat for the collective (sign me up!). talk to me about the democratization of fashion once you’ve figured out how to create beautiful pieces while paying your workers fairly and then how to sell it for less than the average person’s month or two of rent

  • “beautifulxnutx0” – AIM screenname inspo for when it returns (or did i miss it again) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/464b8031a885b77e079392032eece834119b65fac97c28d0bce1aacf87d113a0.png

    • Amber MB

      I already love all the DITLs but this was just the best thing to spot ever

  • Allie


    • Allie

      in retrospect, this was aggressive.

  • elpug

    love the isabel marant boots. like devil horns for feet and a red carpet all in one!

  • lily

    i always look forward to these

  • Kate

    Umbrella details please?? I just lost mine and I want something uplifting for sad rainy days. Your clear one with the pink trim is perfection!!

    • Leandra Medine

      I bought it on the street! on 5th ave and 59th

    • Meg S

      Look up Japanese clear umbrellas. These were everywhere when I was in Tokyo a few years ago, because you can actually navigate a busy Tokyo sidewalk with your umbrella open. I’ve seen a lot of cute ones on ebay.

  • Yas loved this! I agree with peeps below, do it with all the members of your team! Also it would be great to see it on video!! (also add more exclamation marks!!!!!!!)

  • diane

    Wouldn’t it be more effective if all proceeds from “statement clothing” went to support Planned Parenthood?

  • Kubla

    Which specific st Laurent jeans are you wearing? They look goood. The link takes me to a bunch of random st Laurent stuff…