Real Cool People, Real Cool Apartments: Kat Typaldos

Check out the two-bedroom home of the NYC-based stylist


As with clothes, the way you decorate a room expresses your personality. In its most ideal form, it signals to guests how you interpret yourself. In this round of Real Cool People, Real Cool Apartments, we check out the two-bedroom Greenpoint, Brooklyn home of stylist Kat Typaldos. Our intentions behind the creeping: to — what else? — learn what she’s all about.


Kat Typaldos


Greenpoint, Brooklyn

How long have you lived in this apartment?

For five years.

Who do you live with?

My roommate and plants.

What do you like about your hood?

I love that I live across from a beautiful park with speckled light next door to a church which functions as a recording studio, venue for shows, dance parties and farmers’ markets. I love the community here. I have made neighborhood friends!

What about this apartment?

It feels like a true home with good vibes.

What’s the worst thing about the apartment?

Thin walls.

What’s the best?

The light.

What did you think about when decorating?

I used to live with my sister and we inherited a lot of pieces from our parents (rugs and a couch) when they were moving. It was a touch-and-go process, and now it’s time for a revamp.

What are your favorite apartment “scores” and where are they from?

My “POO” painting made by my near-and-dear friend Andy Meerow. It was part of his senior thesis from college and I was able to keep it post-break up with my long-term boyfriend.

What does your dream room look like?

Amazing light, all-white, very Mediterranean in spirit.

What’s the one thing every apartment should have?

Plants, plants, plants and light!

Check out Kat’s website here and follow her on Instagram @kattypaldos. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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