Photos to Remind You That Summer is Real

And happening somewhere right this very second


Hi. How many layers are you wearing right now? While you count, I just want to remind you that it’s summer in Australia, New Zealand, South America and Southern Africa. Like, people are wearing shorts and going to the beach and squinting while they eat sliced strawberries and stuff. I’m sorry if this is a blow to your morale, but that’s why I’m here to bridge the gap between reality and your fantasies with the above slideshow.

When the sun came out last weekend in New York and the city transformed into a temporary Disneyland of goodwill and cheer, I saw the power of vitamin D firsthand. I walked down a sunny sidewalk with some friends, sunglasses perched on our noses and light sweaters hanging off our shoulders. We looked around and saw smiling people in flip-flops and shorts and swingy spring dresses and couldn’t help but laugh. It was sunny, yes, but it was also only sixty degrees. We were nothing if not not seasonally overzealous, but it just felt so good. Don’t forget: There is a biological reason we get stupidly excited for summer.

This week, we’re back in the 40s in New York — it’s still February, let’s not get greedy — but last weekend was important in that it reminded us that we have something to look forward to.

The above slideshow of Australian beachgoers/heaven-havers, captured last month by Australian photographer Tabitha Karp, was originally meant to offer all of us a little escapism this winter — and it still does — but after this weekend I’m thinking it could also serve as a style guide of sorts. Who says we can’t appropriate beachwear for February? I’ll do anything to recreate the fleeting joy brought on by this weekend blip. Ideas:

A thin, oversized T-shirt (under a cardigan and then under a coat)

A huge, floppy hat (instead of a beanie)

Massive sunglasses and a sloppy ponytail (that serve no purpose beyond making you feel good/look kooky)

A sundress (over pants)

An ice cream cone (eaten under a blanket)

Maybe this is the seasonal affective disorder hack we’ve all been waiting for?

Photos by Tabitha Karp, follow her on Instagram.

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  • dietcokehead

    Just fell in love with the girl in slide #3

  • I needed this so much! It’s so grey and dark in the UK, I really just need to see some daylight

    – Natalie

  • AryaChic

    Ugh yes, there’s a heat wave in australia while we all freeze

  • This is so evil haha but so good, looking forward to summer (not that we get much of one in the UK!)

    Kirsty xx |

  • Mackenzie

    It’s also summer today in New York!

  • Regular Reader

    All of these people in the photos are white… Not sure South America or Southern Africa is represented.

    • Nicole

      What about in #15, 18 or 21? (Among others, I think). Many beaches around the world will be multicultural purely due to their popularity as tourist spots & appeal for families. Whilst it may have been possible for the writers to purposely seek out & photograph an incredibly multicultural beach, I don’t see any problem with the way they have captured the location, and it was incredibly reductive of you to assume all of those portrayed are white…

    • belle

      Aren’t the photos just of an Australian beach?

    • And I quote: “The above slideshow of Australian beachgoers/heaven-havers, captured last month by Australian photographer Tabitha Karp,”

    • Amy Brumbpo Tungus

      It says it’s taken in Australia. Most people in Australia are white….

  • Ah. I miss the heat of the sun, watching my feet disappear into sand, stringy hair from salty water, a warm towel to wipe my face and pruned fingers with before grabbing a slice of watermelon or homemade sandwich.

  • Annie

    Great blog post! Can’t wait for summer now, which is in the very distant future.

  • Lara

    I am counting the days until summer. Can’t wait to bring out the sandals.

  • Greer Clarke

    BUT BUT BUT I’m sitting here *in Australia* and college has gone back so no access to beach for me 🙁 🙁 🙁 Jeeeeeez it’s so nice while it lasts though

    • Greer Clarke

      Okay I now recognise the exact beach these pictures were taken at and the fomo is too intense

  • Mariana

    “It’s always summer somewhere” 🙂
    I love the intersection between summer and winter, that is so metaphorical of how life really is. That really rainy night in summer or, like you write, that sunny weekend in the end of the winter.
    I love mixing clothes and, except for coats or big sweaters, I have an all-year-round closet and I really love that now is cool use baskets or wayuu colombian mochilas in the winter.

  • starryhye

    It’s supposed to get into the high 70s low 80s here in PHX this weekend!!!! This mama doesn’t do winter

  • elena martinez

    It is happening right now in my country and I am dying of dehydration for sweating too much, if I lay in bed I sweat, if I do anything that implies moving I sweat… I want some winter please!!

  • Lilly

    This is the exact beach that I have been going to with my family my whole life. It’s called Noosa and it is AMAZING! So happy to see it featured on Man Repeller 🙂