I Still Can’t Stop Wearing Leggings as Pants

No zippers, no buttons, no problem


I would say more, but do I really need to? I am embarrassed at the number of times I have brought up how much I like wearing leggings over the course of the last few months, not because I am actually wearing them but because I refuse to move on. How self-centered can a single person be? Until I receive some version of a dramatic reaction from you, I fear I will never invite zippers and buttons back onto my crotch. (Not the worst thing.) Until then, I will commit myself to elastic bands and tiny ankle holes, see:

Exhibit A

A curiously literal manifestation of leggings as pants, because they’re not even trying to masquerade as anything more (or less) than athletic apparel. Here, they’re styled with a blazer and cardigan, both of which say, “I’m serious about this,” as well as sheer shin-length socks and suede loafers, which say, “Hello, and welcome to AOL Moviefone.”

Exhibit B

Leandra Medine Style Leggings Pants Man Repeller-42

Here, the inclusion is a bit more nuanced — that is, a styling hack ripped directly off Celine’s Fall 16 runway with leggings shown under an ankle-length skirt. The turtleneck is optional but makes for a solid addition or subtraction should you be day-to-nighting and in need of something to demarcate the two choice looks. Whatever you do, don’t take off the sunglasses.

Exhibit C

Leandra Medine Style Leggings Pants Man Repeller-69

You know what they say, right? MORE IS MORE AND LESS IS LAME!

That’s it. That’s all.


Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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