I Still Can’t Stop Wearing Leggings as Pants

No zippers, no buttons, no problem


I would say more, but do I really need to? I am embarrassed at the number of times I have brought up how much I like wearing leggings over the course of the last few months, not because I am actually wearing them but because I refuse to move on. How self-centered can a single person be? Until I receive some version of a dramatic reaction from you, I fear I will never invite zippers and buttons back onto my crotch. (Not the worst thing.) Until then, I will commit myself to elastic bands and tiny ankle holes, see:

Exhibit A

Céline jacket and sunglasses, Chanel cardigan, Outdoor Voices leggings, Topshop socks, The Row loafers, Color Temperature tote

A curiously literal manifestation of leggings as pants, because they’re not even trying to masquerade as anything more (or less) than athletic apparel. Here, they’re styled with a blazer and cardigan, both of which say, “I’m serious about this,” as well as sheer shin-length socks and suede loafers, which say, “Hello, and welcome to AOL Moviefone.”

Exhibit B

Leandra Medine Style Leggings Pants Man Repeller-42

Céline leggingsJ. Crew turtleneck, Rejina Pyo dress, Mansur Gavriel shoes, Fendi sunglasses, Roxanne Assoulin bracelets

Here, the inclusion is a bit more nuanced — that is, a styling hack ripped directly off Celine’s Fall 16 runway with leggings shown under an ankle-length skirt. The turtleneck is optional but makes for a solid addition or subtraction should you be day-to-nighting and in need of something to demarcate the two choice looks. Whatever you do, don’t take off the sunglasses.

Exhibit C

Leandra Medine Style Leggings Pants Man Repeller-69

Outdoor Voices leggings, Ellery bandana scarf, Illesteva sunglasses, Atea Oceanie shirtdress, Gucci sandals, Charlotte Olympia basket bag

You know what they say, right? MORE IS MORE AND LESS IS LAME!

That’s it. That’s all.


Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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  • melissa

    THAT DRESS!!!!!!

    that is all.

  • perfect

  • tmm16

    I want the watermelon Charlotte Olympia bag for summer. Amazing.

    • Leandra Medine

      Why summer and not winter????!?@?@#%##@@$^&&YYYS

      • ally marin


  • Frankie Cwls

    That first outfit is incredible! This post arrived just in time, as I’m currently venturing warily into legging-land after starting yoga classes, and definitely needed reassuring as well as legging recommendations!

  • I just got two pairs of really nice leggings for xmas and I am HOOKED. Never thought I’d b a leggings girl ever again (I wore them a lot in high school) but here I am. Leggings and all. They’re addictive, it’s unreal.

    • Krista Anna Lewis


  • Had to interrupt my initial reaction beginning with “Why would-“, having just remembered the (Greenery) green leggings I had ordered this week, to go with a mumsy flowery black dress I am unwilling to let go. A fast learner, right?

  • Erica

    When Outdoor Voices exists, why wear anything but leggings?????

  • I always wear leggings as pants. No shame.

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • starryhye

    Side bar: I’m totally laughing at the models on OV’s website. “Is this how I fitness?”

  • Caro A

    Beautiful! Brilliant! Absurd! “I’m serious about this”

  • Zoe

    i have half a mind to cut some cheap leggings to look like those Celine ones.

    • sdanorth

      I totally cut some thrift store jeans to look like Vetements. Go for it!

      • Marta Millere

        Plz enlighten me, how did you do this/what Vetements style did you try to recreate? x

        • sdanorth

          I cut the legs off at the ankle, short in the front and long in the back, and left the edge raw. I’ve mostly agreed with people who say they just don’t get Vetements, but that raggedy cropped jean looks cool with ankle booties!

          • Marta Millere

            Ahhh yesss, I do it as well 🙂 Looks 10 times better on wide straight vintage Levi’s vs skinny stretch jeans though…

  • Ok now I’m kind of confused about what wearing them as pants really means. To me that always meant wearing leggings with a short top that shows all the seams (or lack of them) and the waistband of the leggings. I love leggings but make it a rule to always wear them with a top that covers my ass. If wearing them any way means wearing them as pants then how are you supposed to wear them?

  • Giulia Bottaro

    I’ve always despised people who wear them as normal trousers but I found myself getting throught my last year of university thanks to leggings. I don’t wear them to class or when I go out but EVERYWHERE ELSE. My boyfriend has seen me in a normal outfit like four times in two months. So thank you very much for make me feel even more allowed to wear the shameless leggings and maybe try to dare more with the rest of the outfit too.

  • I’ve always loved leggings and will forever wear them as pants. Especially beautiful patterned ones. <3333

  • gwats1957

    As a man, it took me a while to get used to the ladies wearing them as pants, but then, you just get used to it… as long as what a woman wears on her legs or feet isn’t a health hazard, I don’t see why anyone else should care… Wear your leggings in happiness and good health……

  • Miss J

    I was ashamed until three months ago. Now, I’m slowly introducing them into the corporate environment.

  • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ec3629c2cbef3bf2fbb7b6608993c869fe5fdc15db746bf4ed099ba50e6a62c.jpg

    Currently I’m obsessed with a pair of metallic blue leggings I wore last year to a costume party. Yeah it’s that kind of Jane-Fonda-aerobic-pants but (or maybe therefore) I love them to death.

  • SL

    real fur??

  • Honestly, I don’t like this ideas.

  • Olivia

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    Really cool advice on how to dress !!


  • Haha! Lead the way Leandra….!


  • If you are wearing them under a dress or a long-ish shirt or blazer aren’t you just wearing them as leggings?

  • Andreas Ebbert-Karroum

    I fully agree, and I love how you combined them. For me, the first combination (Exhibit A) is the best one, as there they are the main clothing part for the legs – as opposed to B&C, where the leggings are kind of an underwear under a long skirt and dress.

    I’ve just started to blog about my styling experiences with leggings (meggings, in fact), would be honored if you stepped by to take a look.