3 Weekend Outfit Ideas Just Because…

…It’s Saturday, you’re definitely not trying to work out, but the thought of a button and zippers sounds (and feels!) like death by a million paper cuts:


Omondi sweatshirt, Outdoor Voices leggings, Cutler & Gross sunglasses, Golden Goose sneakers, Staud coat, Dior bag, Celeste SF earringsAlison Lou x STAUD pins

Good thing you’ve got your pearl croakies, AMIRITE? This look is simple in execution but complicated in meaning; the gist is that you are a very fancy lady (robe coat), who cares about the well-being of animals (teddy-bear faux fur), does not carry very much around (small, expensive handbag), but still appreciates kicking it back with people (millennials) who take yoga at Sky Ting, wear Outdoor Voices and drink Moon Juice-branded ashwaganda powder. The earrings are important because they connote your unwillingness to work out and thus cancel the efficacy of your sweatshirt.

Glad we did this.

…It’s Sunday and you’re ready to put on clothes again:


Isa Arfen trench coat, Rosie Assoulin sweater — similar here, Brock jeans, Balenciaga boots, Francesca Maria Pepe earrings

The no button and zipper sanction has been lifted and you want to get dressed for you today. I get it, I’m right there with you. If you’re at all sympathetic towards my proclivities, what you’ll note is that I have obviously been bit by the Balenciaga/Vetements bug. I’m annoyed that it happened, but this is the year of Doing Whatever the F My Heart Wants Me to Do, so if it says neck drawstrings and white, patent-leather kitten heel boots, so be it, I shall comply.

I do also think I’m onto something with the high ponytail anti-aging correlation.

…You time-traveled back to Saturday night and remembered you have going-out plans for the first time since 2014:

Saks Potts jacket, Topshop dress, Dries Van Noten sandals, Aurélie Bidermann and Aracano necklaces

No? Just me? Well! I forgot how to dress for a NIGHT OUT because my nights out usually involve 5 p.m. sushi and a movie in sweatpants, but here’s a jog that will not burn calories in the form of a mini dress, light overcoat and platform sandals worn with tights. I should have paired the look with these shoes, but there will be another opportunity — possibly even before 2019. I don’t know.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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  • Amy Mills

    team leandra in a high ponytail

    • Leandra Medine

      Do I look like I’m growing down?

  • Aydan

    So game for these this weekend!!

  • Natali

    That 2nd outfit is the bomb! 🙂 Also, thumbs up for sushi weekends in sweatpants, we all need those. 😀


  • Why real fur, though? If it were vintage or fake my heart would be so, so happy about the first look! I actually have nearly the same (real fur) coat, scored at a thrift shop for $15, but still can’t bring myself to wear it in public due to internal conflict. Makes for a delicious winter lounge/house coat, though!

    Repellers! Save money and adopt a vintage fur if you must have the real deal! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Omg it is faux fur! I knew MR was cooler than that.
      I followed the link to the retailer’s site before reading the actual article and the fabric is listed as mink. Another click would’ve told me it was faux. 😬
      I love you guys!

    • 808kate

      I inherited my grandmother’s long mink coat that she beautiful care of (she even would send it out to cold storage during the summer?) and I think I could only bring myself to wear it if I were like in Russia in the winter. Might just have to start rocking it around the house with yoga pants and save on my heating bill!

      • Mika M R

        Use it! Honour the dead ones. I’m sure you’ll look wonderful.

  • jess

    All these outfits are great. Have no weekend plans per se but will wear an amazing outfit on an afternoon art gallery wander

  • Erin

    I love that you shoot in front of Overthrow! My girlfriends and I started working out there almost a year ago and its one of my favorite boxing gyms in the city! So well curated, down to the background of the photos! <3 <3 <3!

  • Coco

    I love everything about all these combos. Great inspiration for the weekend.

  • Sheri

    Obsessed with the Saks Potts Jacket…any recs on similiar, maybe not as aspirational, versions of this?

    • Leandra Medine

      Topshop has some cool versions of fluffy coats in the same silhouette, but not with the same color block thing!

  • Samantha Lee

    Haha, love this! Obsessed with that faux fur coat. <3

  • Perry

    I know that you’re anti-Vetements, but does that mean you’re now anti-Balenciaga? Concerned consumer.

    • Leandra Medine

      I’ve been by the bug! see: look2

  • Emma

    how can you never stop amaze <3

  • lily

    I have a serious question and it is remember that Man Repeller trench?? is it still being sold? where can i cop????? HELP PLS & THNX

  • Mika M R

    Jeans like this a little a bit less than 500 us$, please? Besides Madewell. Suggestions?

    • Leandra Medine

      Yeah! How about 3×1? I know they’re stupidly expensive but I also wear them EVERY DAMN DAY and for me made for a much better investment than a pair of like, high heels, because of the cpw

      • Mika M R

        hahaha. I’m gonna try to elucidate ASAP your response (I don’t live in the U.S., I’m from South America… but that 3×1 I sort of can imagine its nature). muejeje >:D

  • Carrie Asby

    Leandra, it’s people like you who make me want to live in NY so bad. Authentic and awesome. I’m working on it. Hope we cross paths one day.

    • Leandra Medine

      Me too!

  • Yekaterina Vysokovskaya

    all three outfit look original and catchy for eyes.
    How I wish many New Yorkers dressed this way. The city would look so much better!

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    I had my mother’s vintage muskrat coat which I wore for years when it was cold. Then it no longer fit and it was wearing around the cuffs, so off to Goodwill it went. I then had my mother-in-law’s mink stole which was all show and no warmth, so that went to the Goodwill. I have seen some amazing fake fur that looks so real. It’s really not cold enough in our area for a fur coat, and the women I know who have the real thing have it to show off that they can afford it.

  • Olivia

    Discover the blog THEDAILYDEB.fr 🙂 many cool ideas on how to dress !!


  • Zoe Harewood

    Appropriate backdrop as it appears somebody was proudly torturing animals making that coat. But it’s faux, Zo. No! Still resembles a patchwork of little jackets which once rightfully belonged to the little critters born wearing them.
    Mater inherited a non-faux version from her mother but yours makes the fur stand up on the back of my neck just the same way that does. Yuk!
    Handsome is as handsome does…get it in the bin.