Office Apropos: Winter 2017 (Part 2!)

Alternative rain boots, winter white, hair bows and weird heat



AND WE ARE BACK. The women of Office Apropos, Part 2 had a funky week for getting dressed: rain in January, heat in January and random bursts of freezing wind. Act like that stopped anyone from testing the boundaries of no pants, white jeans in the winter (while on periods) or leggings as office bottoms. Speaking of periods, notice the subtle red punctuations throughout. Planned? Or one of those things that happens when you work in an office of females and everyone — cycles and outfits alike — start to sync up?

Ponder that as you click through, then have at it in the comments. If you want more ways to get dressed, check out Round 1 featuring our newest team member, Shari Brown.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis and Elizabeth Tamkin.

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  • Hannah Nichols

    I love love love these but honestly guys how do you afford these clothes????

    • Julie Meowmeows

      Jeepers creepers, yes, this. Bravo for success, but I think I’m living large if I find a pair of used Tod’s on clearance.

    • Different values, probably, and maybe a little bit of sharing?

      I like shopping/dressing, so my clothes budget each month is probably a little bigger than my RRSP fund thinks it should be, but I think about what I buy & it really makes me happy to have a cohesive and fun look, so that’s how it is.

      • Elif Nimet

        Same here. I probably spend far too much time digging through sale racks and creating inspo boards before I go to bed, but each item I (thoughtfully!) buy works with my closet and college-student budget. Plus, I re-wear things until people start noticing, and then re-wear them a little more.

  • Beatrice

    I really, really needed this today.

  • Charlotte

    I think it’s so sweet and cool Krista is wearing her grandpa’s coat! (L)

  • shayna gonsalves

    Elizabeth – Jaime for cuts, Lucille for color, both at Sally Hershberger in NoMad!

  • Claudia Tetreault-Percy

    Krista, your style personally speaks to me and I just want you to know it! I love getting inspired by your combos. Have a positive day!

    • Thorhildur Asgeirsdóttir

      I agree! I am always most excited for Krista’s outfits!!!!

  • Ana Tellez

    Y’all look good

    • Harling Ross


  • libs

    I love this series but I’m still SO CONFUSED as to how any of you are ever warm enough … like even if Thursday was unseasonably warm I don’t get how it was THAT warm. what are your secrets!!!

    • Ms. Ainee C. Beland

      sentiment as well.

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      SPOILER ALERT: we were **really** cold during this series! Not pictured: many scarves, hats, and coats. Wednesday under the scaffolding was rainy and “les mis,” so to speak.

      BUT I would rather show you my full *~lewk*~ than the same coat/hat 5 times. I freeze for u.

      • libs

        I don’t know why I didn’t realise that you could take your coat off for a photo. Sad there is not a big MR warmth secret behind it tho.
        Endless gratitude for yr freezing efforts though!

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      I am one of those weird people that any sort of movement makes me start dripping with sweat, but for everyone else, see Yvonne^^ (or wherever her comment is in relation to mine).

  • Gabby

    Krista’s hair! <3

  • Savannah

    Hey, Yvonnne! I think I may have found an “alternative” option for the conventional rain coat for you! Have you heard of the Stockholm Mole by Stutterheim Raincoats?

    Here’s a link if you’re interested:

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      Savannah! YES I have. My boyfriend has one and I stole it from him for a year and then….he took it back… dare he. They are so good, on my list. Do you have one & do you love it?

      • Savannah

        I don’t… at least not yet! Definitely on my wishlist as well.

  • Katie N.

    To what extent can we call something vintage? I would love to see an article defining this. Because (no offense to krista, loved the jacket), but can we really call a jacket that her grandpa had probably in 2008 vintage?
    Not trying to be a jerk, I’m just curious. What’s the cut off? I was under the impression that something pre-2000 was vintage. AND (not OR) that it was something very special (which the jacket is).
    For instance, I found a great vintage DVF dress. It was from the 70’s. Or, whenever I go to Nantucket there is a place that sells lilly pulitzer dresses from before the relaunch.
    Or can I dig up my old Hollister stuff from high school and call that vintage?
    Is it subjective or objective?
    What do you guys think?

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      Good q! I like to think the definition is subjective, and tend to think 10 years (or maybe 5) is a good cut off. But I know that some will call anything older than a season vintage. Great post idea! BTW, that jacket, is from the ’60s or ’70s.

      • Katie N.

        Whoa! I think I assumed since it was so well taken care of that it was newer. Cudos to you for taking such good care of it.
        Yeah I’d be interested to know the general concensus on what’s considered vintage.

      • rachel

        I have a deep, burning hatred for anyone trying to call their H&M dress from 2013 “vintage”— especially if they’re trying to sell it. While what qualifies as vintage is pretty subjective, I like to stick to a 10 year rule.

  • Eva Skewes

    Krista, you’re making me want ALL the Carel shoes (I have the red ones and they’re one of my top 3 clothing purchases ever). Also high waisted, wide-legged, cropped pants.

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      the red ones !!!! also … they’re like rain-proof!

      • Eva Skewes

        Omg I’d be too afraid to test them in the rain! I just wear chelsea-style rain boots and pop them in my bag.

        • Elizabeth Tamkin

          in the chance you don’t look out your window or check… I can tell you they ARE ok in rain. But yes, not ideal.

    • Charlotte

      Hi Eva and Krista! I have been thinking about purchasing those Carel shoes (red (L) ). Are they worth the money? I do not doubt the quality, but are they also ‘comfortable’ to walk in? Too many shoes ended up on Vestiaire Collective.

      • Eva Skewes

        Charlotte, I also wavered about pulling the plug for the shoes and don’t regret in the slightest going for them. Mine were in between sizes (I’m a sold 8 1/2 and got a 39) and I ended up adding a suede heel liner to great success. As far as being comfortable: I walk to work and haven’t had many problems behind an initial blister (it did not help that I ran about a street in them on the first day…)

        Because they’re patent leather, my feet do sweat in them, which could be an issue. I haven’t tested it out, but I think “hidden” socks would solve this issue if you want to look like you’re going barefooted.

        • Charlotte

          Thank you Eva! I love how the MR community is always so helpful. Questions about shoe comfort or bigger questions (not referring to the shoe size although that is useful too!). I’m heading over to the Carel website now ;).

          • Eva Skewes

            Happy to help! They’re the kinds of shoes that make me want to dance and I hope you love them. (And I’m with you, the MR community is great, especially in these times).

          • Charlotte

            Exactly – especially in these times. Hope we march and then dance and celebrate in these shoes together 🙂

          • Elizabeth Tamkin

            GUYS YES THEY’RE REALLY AMAZING I’ve had mine for almost a year a half and I still wear them a loooot

        • Krista Anna Lewis

          YES! Mine are kind of a size too small, but they’ve somehow stretched nicely. Like Charlotte said, there’s a bit of breaking in, but socks help with that phase tremendously!

  • diane

    WHY I LOVE MR: Is there anyone else in the universe (i.e., online) that you can go from fervently discussing the morality of the refugee ban to seriously pondering what constitutes vintage fashion? I think we need both discussions now, and it is a delight to do so with this group of like-minded and forward-thinking women!

  • I think this is (must be!) called What A Wednesday! Wow!

  • 2017 mood: the sweater that Elizabeth was wearing on Friday

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      It Lingua Franca and sometimes I cry holding it

  • Natali

    Krista is incredible, I love her style!

  • Michael Gonzalez

    Liz is looking so fine and fresh! So cute! Very good! Not bad at all!

  • Michael Gonzalez

    Liz’ outfits give me life! Yass kween!! <3 So cute! Not bad all!

  • Rheanonn Clarissa Perez

    can office apropos be every week?!? just by the outfits it seems like u guys have a lot of fun at work! if i worked at MR i’d be excited to go to work just to see what everyone is wearing lol!!

    • Harling Ross

      check out our Monday outfit recipe series that we’ve launched on Instagram stories! every monday someone takes over and shows you the brainstorming process behind putting together an outfit

      • Rheanonn Clarissa Perez

        coooll!!!! thanks!

        • Clara

          But I agree, I would still LOVE to see more outfits from all of you! So fun to see what everyone’s wearing! I still cannot imagine doing anything else than warm sweaters and/or layering. It seems to be much colder here!

  • Alexis Thomolaris

    Yvonne!!! Loved your insta story this morning/take outfit inspo from you regularly. Is it possible to want to be you and Elizabeth wrapped into one (?!) because I think that’s my dream aesthetic…

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      that would be a “Yvonnabeth” and she’d be quite the creature!

  • Hannah Cole

    Harling – you look like a superlady with those boots #win

    • Harling Ross

      superlady is definitely better than cereal box character

  • Caro A

    You all are really inspiring

  • Jackie Homan

    This has to be one of my fave office apropos ever: Yvonne your Monday layering look, Krista your Wednesday coat, Harling your Wednesday boots, and Eliz your Wednesday sweatshirt and clogs wowzaaa, you’re all fab

  • rachel

    Harling your Wednesday outfit is amazing, as is the glow of youth emanating from your hair ribbon

    • Harling Ross


  • Mariana

    i love Office Apropos and it gives me courage to dress different <3 thanks

  • Bless you, Elizabeth, for that wonderfully embroidered sweater. 🙂

  • Hilary

    Every. Single. Outfit. IS AMAZING. <3
    I think my very very favorite is Harling's Tuesday outfit ! I want to channel those witchy/schoolmistress vibes. (Also feeling like that ensemble could've been in Hocus Pocus forreal.)

  • Fran

    I love seeing what you all wear to work. This week I especially liked the tights, the dresses, and the jumpsuit 🙂

  • Lisa

    harling. nailed it. i still dress like that at 50. 🙂

  • Franzi

    Love it!!

  • Sarah Gbaguidi

    Elizabeth on Wednesday is fire !

  • Lauren Simenson

    OMG. I am from Hudson, WI!

  • Anastasia Arts

    Oh, that’s very stylish and all, but how is that winter fashion? Do all fashion advisers live on tropical islands? In my book winter is when it’s snowing and you can’t leave your house without a puffy down jacket and wool socks, not to mention a hat or a hood at least! :))