Office Apropos: Winter 2017 (Part 1!)

It’s heeeeeere so get it while it’s freezing!



So we meet again, Office Apropos, this time at the intersection of when does it get better and did my finger just fall off? (I’m pretty sure it didn’t, and it’s already getting better! Can’t you feel it?)


Moving on! As was the case for Fall, this installment is a two-parter (the team is growing, the style is evolving and Amelia just can’t seem to shake her love of stockbroker trousers). This week we’re featuring our editors and writers, peppered over our sales team’s shiniest new member, Shari Brown, resident marketing strategist but also bomb-ass boot-wearer. I’d say more but what’s the point? Have at it, people! Click until your fingers hurt.

We’ll be waiting in the comments.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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