5 Women Are Letting Us Track Their 2017 Resolutions

Get to know them and their goals!



New Year’s resolutions are a bit of an enigma. We hate them but we set them anyway because we can’t resist the magnetic appeal of a fresh start. Their reputation for being bullshit, though, keeps most of us quiet about the specifics. Which is why the women I’m about to introduce you to are kind of heroes.

Andrea, Lucille, Isabel, Jasmine and Tyler, five longtime members of the Man Repeller community, have agreed to not only share their resolutions with all of us, but actually track them monthly. Their resolutions run the self-improvement gamut: health, money, sleep, creative pursuits. Above, read about the specifics and then join me in checking back in over the next few months to see how they’re doing (and root them on!).

Wish them luck below and, if you dare, share your resolution as well!

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