5 Women Are Letting Us Track Their 2017 Resolutions

Get to know them and their goals!



New Year’s resolutions are a bit of an enigma. We hate them but we set them anyway because we can’t resist the magnetic appeal of a fresh start. Their reputation for being bullshit, though, keeps most of us quiet about the specifics. Which is why the women I’m about to introduce you to are kind of heroes.

Andrea, Lucille, Isabel, Jasmine and Tyler, five longtime members of the Man Repeller community, have agreed to not only share their resolutions with all of us, but actually track them monthly. Their resolutions run the self-improvement gamut: health, money, sleep, creative pursuits. Above, read about the specifics and then join me in checking back in over the next few months to see how they’re doing (and root them on!).

Wish them luck below and, if you dare, share your resolution as well!

Read about how a scary threat became one women’s new year’s resolution last year.

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  • AryaChic

    Good luck with your resolutions! I know I need it for mine 🙂


  • Andrea Raymer

    YAYY!!! So far so good! my first Vlog is up! hopefully i dont run out of things to say!

  • Mon Valdés

    Good luck ladies!

    My resolution this new year is simple: to love myself more. I think this involves being healthier (excercise and eat better), but enjoy a brownie or three when I feel like it -balance, you know?- This also means to look for a job that fulfills me and makes me happy, where I can be creative and still have a social life.

    • Mariana

      Can I steal your resolution, since is e-va-ry-thing I want? THANKS

      • Mon Valdés

        please do! we need more self loving all over the world.

    • rachel delvecchio


  • Such a cool idea – good luck everyone!

    – Natalie

  • anonymousanemones

    Yessss love these! Any chance there’ll be a book recommendation thread? I’m trying to read more too and would love to crib a few ideas from the rest of the lovely MR community.

    • Sam

      Right now I’m trying to make my way through Haruki Murakami’s catalog of work. He’s such a brilliant writer, I can never tear myself away from his books!

    • M Rae

      I have been on a bit of a social kick (aka bender) trying to make sense of our world and have loved Between the World and Me, Hilbilly Elegy and The Female Brain. Still on the list: Divided Sisters, The Social Sex, Thank You for Being Late and mayyybe the ‘My Struggle’ series

    • Leliforever

      I’m currently reading The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir, which I highly recommend. The book was written 60+ years ago and she describes the world women lived in THEN that still feels (sadly) familiar to this day.

  • I am sort of jealous I have not been picked by MR to distribute my resolutions to the world wide web so the whole internet can hold me to it! Good luck ladies! And no pressure, I am sure it is not the whole internet!

    I once eavesdropped on some people brunching on a New Year’s Day talking about how they knew someone who met up with one friend, just once each year to share their resolutions for the new year, and reflect on how the previous year’s had gone! I thought that sounded very purposeful and forward thinking in theory, but in practice, how do you tell a friend from now on you only want to see them once a year, and each time you see them they must resolve to be better, and analyse how good you are…

    • Lucille

      Lolz that is such a weird friendship

  • Sam

    Best of luck to you all! I love that these goals all appear well thought out, well paced and attainable. The money saving one even has monthly objectives to reach, which is an awesome way to keep oneself honest.

    So excited to scroll through the comments and read everyone else’s goals too–hopefully there are more coming! 🙂

  • rachel

    Loved this! Recommendation for Tyler: use Mint to help yourself track your budget! I was working on this same goal a few years ago and it really helped me realize where all my money was going.

    • I’ve used Mint in the past and it didn’t work for me because I wasn’t committed enough. I’m going to draft a giant spreadsheet in Excel to make sure everything evens out, and then I’m definitely going to take this advice! Thanks Rachel!

      • Lucille

        My mom has used the exact same Excel spreadsheet since the program went mainstream. Good luck, Tyler!

  • Kelly

    Oh I love this! Definitely motivating to have the community holding you accountable for your resolutions.
    I always just try to be a better version of myself every year. Take steps forward and not back. I had a big and successful 2016 in terms of career goals and this year I just want everything to keep moving onwards and upwards!

  • What an awesome group of women, I’m looking forward to hearing how this all goes! For my part I’m going to try and get a handle on my emotional eating. To stop connecting sadness/ anger/ laziness with the McDonalds drive-through – and just eat to nourish my body and my brain 🙂

    • Lucille

      Girl, McDonalds drive through is the ex boyfriend I just can’t quit. Godspeed.

      • I knowwww right!

  • Love this! Already watching Andrea’s vlog and Jasmine – I too have a goal to finish the first draft of my book! I’m even half way done but actually sitting my ass down to keep working on it feels impossible most days!! 1 hour a week is very doable and you’ve inspired me to get on it again. Good luck ladies!

    • So glad you’ve been inspired by this Katherine! It was definitely impossible for me at the start of this month but I’ve found a bit of rhythm and am writing pretty consistently now. Hope that other half of that draft of yours goes well! 🙂

  • Leliforever

    Dear Isabel (and everyone trying to read more books this year), if 30min reading/day doesn’t work out (for whatever reason) , aim for page goals per day.
    I have an everyday habit of reading just 5 pages. Of course I rarely read just 5 but on busy days (or exam months!) 5 pages are better than nothing and it doesn’t stess you out. The idea is to build reading as a habit in general. Eventually in a year you’ll have read more books since it adds up 😉
    Good luck! 😉

    • Isabel S

      Thank you for the advice!! So far so good with the 30 mins, but this sounds like a great way to read more books too. If it doesn’t work out with the 30 mins, I will try setting page goals per day! Thank you 🙂

  • Michelle Poler Stramwasser

    My resolution this is year is to fail. Last year my resolution was to be happy, so every decision I made had to go first through the happiness filter: will this make me happier? If the answer was YES I would go for it, doesn’t matter how scary it looked. This year I decided to turn my biggest current fear into my resolution. They say that if you’re not failing you are not aiming high enough. Having my fear as my resolution makes me feel less afraid of it somehow. So here’s to a year full of big steps and daring 🍻 because that is the only way to grow, learn, improve and ultimately succeed ✨🙌🏼 https://www.instagram.com/p/BOxLHLjj3bY/?taken-by=hellofears

  • I agree with Tyler, my 2017 resolution is to earn more money, and next week I’ll go to the bank to make it happen.

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    Have a lovely day! MG

  • rachel delvecchio

    Love their resolutions! Good luck!
    My resolutions are to start and stick with Yoga classes (been obsessed with the idea for years) and to “Kon Mari” my house! (I am reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and have an overwhelming urge to ‘kon mari” the heck out of my living space! Wish me luck! Namaste

  • Daria

    My goals are:
    1 eat less take out – for both body health and financial health.
    2 buy gifts in advance – by the 30th of the previous month! It’s a way of both saving money (because I can take the time to search and compare) and being a better gift giver (no more last minute candles)!