Monocycle: Episode 47
The Pursuit of More Than Cool
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You might remember a dramatic meditation that I wrote, which essentially made the case to abandon the pursuit of becoming cool in exchange for simply accepting who I am. I read it back to myself after it went live and felt like it came off somewhat kumbaya. Originally, I wanted to write the story for the simple reason that it seems like people are aspiring towards this weird umbrella word (cool) that doesn’t actually mean anything because it’s so subjective and mutable, but once I got to sitting and writing and simultaneously thinking, it came out as something else. So this week’s episode of Monocycle is a new way to critique my own mind (if you thought I couldn’t get more vain, surprise!). It appraises a story I have written, agrees with the clauses that still hold subjectively true, corrects the ones that could have been misunderstood or just articulated more clearly (my mind is a windy road, and I’m sorry you’re so regularly subject to the ride), considers the comments under the story (so often best and smartest parts of these stories), and ultimately leaves you gasping for air and respite at the end of this tunnel I like to call love, but which you may refer to as damned.

And that’s that.

Happy fourth Friday of 2017!!!!

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Monocycle is edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander. Logo illustration by Kelly Shami; photo by David Lees via Getty Images.


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  • SL

    But Leandra, I am pretty sure 95% of people think you are cool. I don’t think any cool people consider themselves cool even though they are 😀

  • SL

    But Leandra, I am pretty sure 95% of people think you are cool. You would be a lot less cool if you’d think you are. I don’t think any cool people consider themselves cool even though they are 😀

  • Alexis Thomolaris

    You touch on a super important thing by asking us “what even is cool?!” and truth is I have no idea!!! Does anyone know?! Because (I assume) we all have different meanings behind what we think “cool” is, there is never going to be a way to universally materialize it. Sometimes I associate cool with $$$, sometimes it’s a mutated personality trait that makes you immune to the realities of the world aka the “so what” attitude. Props to you if you have that trait, I am eternally jealous!! The thing is, you are SO “cool” to me Leandra. You are yourself, flaws and all, and are over trying to change the things about you that make you special (or nuerotic or funny or whatever) simply by virtue of them making you, you! I believe that there is nothing cooler than owning your individuality, which you’ve done x a million. We may never stop aspiring to be “cool” but let it be the version of “cool” that allows you to be totally yourself 🙂

  • Lilli

    Leandra, the thing that makes you cool is you don’t think you are! I love that you think you are neurotic, crazy, emotional etc, that is own own brand of cool and you wear it better than anyone could!