The Kim K Robbery Plot Thickens

*Reaches for popcorn*


Yesterday, French police arrested 17 people in connection with an October robbery, according to CNN. I know you have a lot on your mind so let me jog your memory: It involved $10 million worth of cash and jewelry, this woman named Kim Kardashian and the opinions of millions of people delivered via half-baked tweets.

It happened during Paris Fashion Week and the following things promptly came to a halt: Kim’s social media accounts and public appearances, her husband’s tour, her family’s reality show. But the radio silence from Kim and her camp wasn’t what made the week following the robbery so freaking dark for pop culture. That gold prize goes to the raging debate happening online around whose fault it was. Congrats 2 us!

Luckily for literally everyone, Twitter is not in charge of determining fault! That would be the police. And investigators and stuff, per crime shows I’ve watched. And they think it was some combination of these 17 people whom they apprehended yesterday and took in for questioning. Here’s the interesting part, though: Among them is the man who acted as Kim’s Paris chauffeur.

YEP. Chauffeur! As in, a person who had access to Kim because he was hired to, not because she shared too much on Instagram. That was the popular theory, as you’ll remember, as to why Kim brought being bound, gagged and threatened at gunpoint upon herself. I told you this shit was dark! People can really be the worst. And I say that confidently even after seeing those security-footage reels of people doing nice deeds. Another theory, which we ought not to pay any credence, was that she made it all up for attention.

Either way, arrests would disprove the latter and her chauffeur’s involvement chips away at the former. Sure, Kim Kardashian didn’t take pains to hide her wealth, but any rich person is vulnerable to being robbed by the people who have access to them, regardless of their social media activity. Staff, friends, family. So maybe her robbery wasn’t so special and pseudo-self-inflicted.

Anyway. Kim is going to be okay. She’s back, anyway. And very into her family, evidently. The rest of the world needs our attention more, I know. But victim blaming is a shitty, destructive habit in our society, and seeing one instance proved potentially wrong put a little jump in my step this morning.

Photo by Alessio Botticelli/GC Images via Getty Images. 

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  • acidic bubbles

    Kinda bothered that the caption for this horrendous act was: “*reaches for popcorn*.” This is a very serious issue — taking an armed robbery lightly and as an opportunity for entertainment just because the victim happened to be in the industry is ridiculous.

  • Lilli

    I’m leaving a comment asap so I can thank you for writing both of the Kim K robbery pieces (gives me hope that empathy still exists in some people) without having to read all the vile commentary from some soulless people 🙁 </3