How to Get Through Winter? Wear Summer Jewelry Now

Hooray for impatience!


We’re only, like, ten days into winter and I have already had it.

The whole boots thing was cool while Christmas decorations lit up Nolita but now that I can’t even smell the pine anymore, I’m pretty sure I’m ready for sandals, capri pants (leggings), iced coffee and forehead pimples from sun-induced sweat. I know well enough that you can’t speed through time. That we’ll remain nestled between fall and spring for at least another, like, 80 days (and who knows! Maybe even longer!). That if I’m going to get through it, there’s only one way.

There will be no talk of coats, or snow boots — anything utilitarian or highly functional — here.

On the contrary, this is a way to make January the Best Month Ever by attempting to delude yourself into believing, with the help of summer-appropriate accessories on your winter-hating person, that warmer weather is near. So that the next time you’re washing your hands in the bathroom at work and catch your headshot wearing turquoise earrings in the mirror above the sink, you might stop and say to yourself, “Whoa, I thought it was July for a second.”

It will be temporary, yes, but a fleeting interlude from reality is better than none at all, no?


J.Crew men’s blazer, The Elder Statesman beanie, Figue necklace, Simon Miller wooden cuffs, Alison Lou X STAUD mushroom brooches

You can have your beanie and puka shell too. Meaning: Keep your head warm, but your heart warmer because there are stacks and stacks of puka shells all up on your chest calling out to the wooden bangles on your plaid-adorned wrist, trying to make conversation with the seasonless (but still awesome) mushrooms all up in your lapel.

What? Moving on!


No.21 rainbow sweater, Maison Michel hat, Aurélie Bidermann necklace, Oscar de la Renta earrings, gold Agmes and Jennifer Fisher bracelets

Remember those turquoise earrings? Here they are! And a straw thinking cap to keep you far from warm but in the right mindset if you know what I’m saying. I know I may have previously told you I was not making a New Year’s resolution, but I take it back. I will wear this necklace every day and let it jingle against my navel until it breaks.

End scene.


Totême sweater, Shourouk chokers over Tome turtlenecklace, Shourouk earrings, Marni sunglasses

And here we are at the finish line, neither compromising warmth (turtle necklace, which you can make from an old sweater), nor hedonism (sparkly chokers tied over turtle necklace), nor healthy retinas (sunglasses), nor ear safety (they’re clip-on).

If you have a better suggestions for Getting Through It in one piece, I’m willing to listen, but so far, this seems like our best bet.

Special thanks to our model Arpana Raya Majhi; follow her on Instagram @arpanarayamajhi. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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  • Pa La

    she’s such a beauty and I love her style!

  • Amelia Diamond


  • Harling Ross

    bonkers good.

  • Alison

    The Shourouk jewelry is lovely. Thanks, MR, for the tip!

  • patricia Thévoz Ruiz

    OOh gosh ! good one …

    Patricia from Switzerland the blog “la boite à Madame”.

  • sneha

    Don’t know where to ask this, but I would love to hear MR’s thoughts on wearables (fitbit, jawbone, etc.). I don’t know if I can commit to wearing one, since it would become a rather permanent fixture on your wrist. Is tech fashionable (enough)? Does it cramp your personal style? Would you grow to love it? Work with it? Are you willing to hop onto the fitness lifestyle (maybe a little late)? It would be cool if someone (or multiple someones) were to wear this and have a step challenge, and give us their thoughts on having a bracelet telling them how much they walk. :^)
    And I guess this is somewhat relatable to others since it’s a new year with new ~fitness~ goals!! Or maybe they just want a fitness tracker like me!!

  • Pily

    Nice jewelry! This is a great idea. Thank you for the tip! I’ve been wearing some gorgeous jewelry from for a vibrant mood. They jewelry is eco-friendly and every purchase helps endangered species.