I Dressed Like Kim Kardashian for a Week

OMG don’t I look like her???


Perhaps it was inevitable that I’d commit to single-color dressing at some point. Based on the frequency of unsolicited comments (not compliments) I get on a given day, I’ve sort of taken up neutral, monochrome dressing as part of my personal brand. I’m sure all the executives invested in my brand were thrilled I finally pinned this down.

It didn’t dawn on me, though, that I was really just copying Yeezy-era Kim Kardashian until a few weeks ago when I was wearing some combination of beige-y whatever and my editor Leslie told me I looked like Kim Kardashian. She was totally right. I looked like this photo, if this photo was one person who lived in Bushwick and had no staff:

Later that same day, Maria from our imagery team told me she couldn’t believe I owned so much beige clothing (note again: comments, not compliments), which prompted someone else to echo that it was akin to “Band-Aid dressing.” Remember the Band-Aid trend?! ‘Twas a Kim K thing, 4 sure.

It was at this point that it seemed only reasonable that I should commit to this. Give monochrome dressing a real whirl. Thus ensued the Kim Kardashian Diet. One week of solid-color dressing, as best as my wardrobe would allow. Here’s how it went.

Monday: The Canadian tux


Madewell shirt, vintage Levi’s jeans and jacket, bandana, ASOS boots

You may have caught me donning this getup on Man Repeller’s Instagram Story last week. This was a bit of a soft-launch, I’ll admit. I’m very comfortable in a full denim ‘fit, even if it’s kind of 2014, which is consequently when I bought this shirt from Madewell (it has a tear in the shoulder).

The big takeaway here was I need a denim turtleneck. I had to make one out of a bandana, which actually worked okay!

Tuesday: A cornucopia of camel


Jesse Kamm pants, ASOS sweater, Zara coat, Madewell shoesZenni glasses

This I could have saved for a finale, because LOOK HOW CAMEL. In fact, I think it was this very pant/sweater combo that prompted the inaugural Kim K comparison. (I believe that was also the same day Harling caught me microwaving butternut squash soup and made me pose for a very yellow photo.) (Love my fans.) This time I added the jacket, because holy shit, it’s an exact match.

The shoes I hated, but I was dedicated. (See slideshow for more pix.) Also, these pants need an iron like I need more camel. But who owns an iron?

Wednesday: A great beige


Opening Ceremony shirt, J.Crew turtleneck, Loft silk scarf, vintage Levi’s, vintage jacket — another here, vintage boots — similar style here, Zenni glasses

The day I wore all beige and white clothing was the only day of the week (in a month) that it rained!!!!!! This was actually worse news for my hair, since it’s not supposed to get wet post-Keratin treatment (that’s why it’s freakishly straight this week, to the two people that noticed) and I didn’t have a hood or umbrella. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I did feel pretty Kim in this one, though. How chic is it to wear all white in the rain? Such a bold move.

Thursday: Gray goose


NEED coatJ.Crew turtleneck, & Other Stories sweater, COS trousers, Zara sneakers, Topman hat (I have a big head and have to wear men’s hats)

Omg, I’m such a goose in this photo! Jk, I just really wanted to use that as a title. This day was fun because I knew I had a ton of gray in my arsenal. I wear a lot of it. Seven gray items! This was the day I got the most looks on the subway. I wasn’t too mad about it.

Friday: The 13th!!!


H&M coat, & Other Stories sweater, Aritzia pants, Zara boots

This was curiously the day during which I felt the most unlike myself, despite all black being a classic New York lewk. I also got more compliments on this day than any other (more than just comments!) which I will not read into too deeply. (K now I’m panicking.) I will say it was fitting for Friday the 13th (spooky!) and I felt pretty chic, actually. My swinging coat even felt a little reminiscent of a Kim K walking candid, if everyone in my vicinity squinted their eyes to near-closed.

All in all, I really enjoyed wearing all one color. Ascribing to such a strict rule took an incredible amount of guesswork out of getting dressed and forced me to pair things I normally wouldn’t have. Monochrome outfits, when taken to the extreme, also have the benefit of feeling kind of unexpected. The fun is built right in!!!! Give it a go, I say. And DM me the results.

Just beware of the paps. I couldn’t get a thing done last week without being swarmed.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis. Kardashian Family Photo via Getty Images.

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  • Heleen Peeters

    I love it ! Looks way cooler than Kim’s looks .. will try this starting tomorrow !

  • ValiantlyVarnished

    I love wearing all one color. And I feel your love for camel so much – I basically live in camel from September to March.

  • Mariana

    Kim, step to the side, Haley is coming!

  • I am really jealous of your coat collection. I love it all!!!! Wish I had that much grey and camel and THE BEIGE/WHITE outfit slayed. Also, you have the newsboy look down, Haley.

    • KaitlinC

      Yes!! I was thinking the same thing! I’m seriously envious that she had an amazing coat to go with each outfit.

    • Haley Nahman

      I was also very surprised by my ability to match coats! Maybe people have more coats than they think? Is that a thing? I might be terrible

  • Jessica

    hmmmm. i expected some tighter clothes.

  • Senka

    Those last two looks in gray and black are what dreams are made of to me. It’s perfect dressing, and anyone who argues that functionality combined with unapologetically minimalist aesthetics of those isn’t cool is either a) blind or b) plain malicious! I must add (as much as I try to be body positive and all) that your leaner frame, and more properly fitting clothes, make those looks far more fashion friendly than the blatant display of curves that is Kim’s thing. Now excuse me, I must run to buy those exact or similar gray sneakers in Zara, because I figured I need them.

    • Anni

      I get where you’re going, but I think the “curvier/sexier” your body is (which many people’s bodies are), the harder it is to look “chic/ in fashion” because a lot what we think looks chic is very body-skimming / waif-y and when you have a more curvaceous body a lot of these looks are just not as flattering. A simple silk shirt that skims the body on a small figure is going to give a someone with a bigger chest the pregnant woman look – for the shirt to be more traditionally flattering for a curvier body it would have to be more tailored to the curves which would probably make her look better, but also emphasize the body in a more obviously sexy way that fashuuuunn doesn’t love.

      • Agreed! Overtly displaying one’s curves and being fashion should not be mutually exclusive, especially since so many people have body shapes that rarely allow their curves to be “hidden”.

      • Senka

        I agree, but it also can be achieved to some extent by wearing clothes that are not as skin tight. I myself have pretty pronounced hourglass with both some chest and hip, and am a bit taller than Kim at 5’7, and if I’d wear body con dresses I’d probably get the “Kardashian look”. But since I mostly dress the way Haley did in last two looks, people would never guess. Clothes help us creat optical illusion.

      • Magical Unicorn

        Yeah it’s a struggle… anything that doesn’t accentuate my waist makes me look (for lack of a better word) *fat*, but then if I go for figure-hugging it’s va-va-voom, which makes me feel uncomfortable… gah. Oh well.

  • Tanya Karpova

    The ‘Gray Goose’ is the best one, I love it

  • Love the gray! I live in Berlin any outfit that isn’t at least 80% black I find myself hating. Maybe I should experiment with color more…

    • Senka

      Gray is blacks less harsh baby brother. Give it a try 😀

      • I like grey a lot, too: it makes me add all kind of color splotches I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, while keeping up the pretense I am a serious person 🙂 And the older I am, the more I am sceptical of my desire to wear black so often, so grey is a good alternative – the other one being dark blue.

        • Senka

          Exactly. Black is undoubtedly cool, but there’s something classier in gray. Love the idea of gray with some color splash. Good trick to be fun and interesting yet put together at the same time.

    • Aydan

      I wore a burnt orange dress yesterday and had three day old hair at work and numerous coworkers told me I looked amazing. Points to wearing color over my usual black (or earth tones) for the win on that one!

      • YES! I love how wearing color is in itself “effort”.

  • Lauren

    friday is chic af

  • Ñiki Dury

    I think the fact that your outfits aren’t as extreme with the bodycon aspect makes them so much more chic!

  • Madi Swain

    Everything about this makes me so happy.

  • MG

    Love this. I am really beginning to buy into a work uniform. After binge-watching “Call my Agent!” I am making the conscious to slowly change my work wardrobe to straight leg pants and booties.

  • CDC

    Haley, you’re my favourite

  • “My swinging coat even felt a little reminiscent of a Kim K walking candid, if everyone in my vicinity squinted their eyes to near-closed.” – This line had me laughing in a fit for a few seconds there. Looking good!

  • Perla

    Haley This is soooo perfect!

  • MK

    i love this so much. also haley you have a beautiful head of hair, there i said it.

  • LOL … so noone told Kim there is this thing called “pensioners’ beige” happening in Germany (aka “Rentnerbeige” – it is legitimatelly a thing, some people try to explain it and Google does not take long to add Kim/Kanye to the beige bunch -> click here for proofs) where senior citizens flocking places all wear beige or similar colors and look the same in the process. While I have nothing against senior citizens per se, I am afraid of monocolor uniforms, especially in great numbers, which is why I get scaries when there are so many around.

    But I find your styling intriguing, most of it (I really don’t like “camel”, generally), and which is most important: finally I have found someone with a head size requiring men’s headwear! Finally! Also: can I have your hair, it is so beautiful?

    • Miss J

      In Albania during communism, everyone would wear cream colored wool long underpants and long sleeved undershirts. At the local street market they sell them on the street. I want to buy a “set” and wear it as outerwear, and will definitely DM that!

      • Interesting. So we already have 3 beige uniforms …

      • HildeMeike

        Amazing. I wish that I could get my hands on a set.

  • tmm16

    Of course I love the all black and all grey looks. Nailed it.

  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    Thank you for including the word “staff” in this piece. Very relevant.

    • Haley Nahman

      You’re welcome

  • Andrea Urdaneta

    Haley is my style hero 🙂

  • EJS

    LOL @ “(Love my fans.)” Haley, this is so good.

  • fleetwoodwhack

    1.) you have the greatest hair AND (i’m guessing) a baller sock collection
    2.) monochromatic is surprisingly no-fail chic. good on you, kim k, for identifying and monopolizing on this look

  • Amber Troska

    These all look terrific. I don’t know why you hate the shoes from the camel look-they were my favorite part! However, not wearing camel on Wednesday was a wasted opportunity for a hump day joke. Color me disappointed (not really, though).

    • Haley Nahman

      fuckkkk you’re so right

  • Pandora Sykes

    You’ve done a sort of louche normcore version of her boobcore booty-kloset

  • You look really good! Not so Kardashian like, but I love how one person’s twist on another person’s style can change it up so much

    – Natalie

  • Alexis Thomolaris

    Thursday and Friday’s outfits >>> You’re the coolest!! So much chic-er than Kim K.

  • hilary

    Haley you look even better than Kim

  • Kim’s lewk has two components that I’ve never concsidered separately until now: monochrome and skin-tight. I’ve always found the way she dresses post-Kanye to be impossible for a mere mortal to pull of, but this article has made me realize that the absurdity of her outfits is in the diaphragm-killing, thigh-hugging, boob-smooshing fit of absolutely everything she puts on her body. Monochromatic looks, live on 🙃

  • too clothed, too few body con dresses (and too cool) to be kim!

    • Amy Mills

      and yet haley looked a milion times better

    • Senka

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Agreed

  • Casey Bock

    I’ve been waiting for this story since I saw the sneak peek on Instagram! So good.

  • Mariana

    Grey look: where is the coat from??

  • Love all these looks! I feel like the monochrome thing makes one automatically look super put together and that’s preeeettyyyy sweet.

  • jess

    Um, all your outfits are nicer than the corresponding Kim ones lol x

  • Alejandra Ruiz

    Love the glasses on the camel outfit: are those the candy eyeglasses?

  • Aydan

    Haley yessssss!!! Love all of these!!

  • Ally H

    this was so inspiring!! I’ve been known to wear variations of the canadian tuxedo but now I guess I need to invest in some more colorful pants

  • Mariam Elle Zoghbi

    I recently realized I have enough garments to pull off a silk mauve monochrome look (even have mauve silk shoes). Not entirely sure how I feel about it, but might have to give it a try!

    • Senka

      Silk mauve everything sounds classy AF. Go for it.

  • Shea

    These are all so great. Especially love Wednesday’s a great beige, definitely worth braving the rain. So ballsy, so Kimmy K.

  • Claire

    Off-topic but your hair looks so good, Haley! Would you recommend keratin treatments? I have really frizzy/dry hair so I’m not sure how it would work for me.

    • Haley Nahman

      YES YES I live and die by them.

      • Claire

        Yay thanks!

  • Madeline

    I love all of these outfits so much! You’ve inspired my outfit to do list.

  • Hannah Cole

    Definitely going to implement this one in real life to spice up le wardrobe life. You do Kim better than Kim gal.

  • You look so much classier than Kim though! I’d like to try this but I’m not sure that I have enough clothes in one colour to make a head to toe outfit apart from black.

  • Mercedes Ayala


  • Laura

    Okay, I get it. Great piece. I really see your style, and I love it! Now looking back at your Dian Keaton piece, it’s interesting to see that we can attempt to copy other people’s dress, but our personal style always has the last word.

  • Jt

    Haley!!! You are so chic!!

  • Naomi du Plessis

    Reading this and seeing your lewks makes me think “I love what you’ve done with the place”.

    • Haley Nahman


  • If KK actually had any class, that is! You look amazing and I want it ALL

  • Paola Diaz

    Actually, you wore ’em better!

  • i want to wear that all black outfit everyday. and i just always love your hair oh so much.

  • such a chic and wearable interpretation, I love it !!

  • Claire Chen

    First comment on Manrepeller and I am dedicating it to commenting, no complimenting (!) you on how ON POINT all the looks are in this series.

    • Haley Nahman


  • theanichelle

    Love the translation from Kim K to monotone for 2017.

  • Great looks, but Definitely not “Kim Kardashian”. To me, essence of Kim looks is the sexiness and ultra femininity and HEEELS!!!

    • Haley Nahman


  • Alex

    I would wear every single one of these. The black being my fave. Tres tres chic. Well done!

  • Caro A

    OMG i am clapping for this

  • HildeMeike

    Monochrome=Circa 2001 BCBG team member dress guideline.

    • Haley Nahman


  • You definitely didn’t succeed, because every outfit looked really good.

  • Tess

    Of all the outfits I’ve seen you wear these look the coolest and chicest.

  • I had no iron until exactly 2 months ago when my mom visited my apartment and, aghast at my lack of iron, bought me an iron. I have used it exactly 0 times since

    • Haley Nahman

      If I bought an iron I would also not use it, despite needing one desperately

  • Kimberley Walker

    A great beige is definitely a highlight.

    • Haley Nahman

      Have a great beige kimberley!

  • Ché Hot Chocolate

    These are suprisingly good looks. Dare I say I prefer your interpretations to hers? I’m so trying the monochrome look soon.

  • Maria Jia Ling Pitt

    My comments are compliments!!! I am amazed about how much beige and camel you own, it’s thoroughly impressive! I am also a super fan of your all denim (one time I decided to only wear denim for a whole week and it was an amazing experience)

  • Basil

    I know you didn’t ask, but in the battle of “who wore it better?” Haley. Always Haley.
    I has made me reconsider monochrome outfits – it looks quite good but I imagine the execution can be hard? I have flashbacks to trying to do all black outfits, and ending up looking a hot mess because of different coloured black clothing.

    • Haley Nahman

      Trust that I was V surprised these blacks matched! As for the difficulty, easier than expected! But I have a lot of neutral clothing, which helped

  • Shirley

    Very well done.

  • NinaNorwegian

    I am girl crushing.. This girl is so pretty, the hair looks amazing, must try keratin-treatment whatever it is, and also; too cool style. In awe. Is this too many compliments from one chic to another? So be it, I even have one more; your writing is damn good. Have a good day!

    • Haley Nahman

      Omg I very much love you

  • I don’t like her but I love these ideas.

  • Mun

    Hahah! I love your interpretation 🙂


  • Elle Clements

    I swear solid-colour dressing is the key of looking chic, yet casual. Btw, I think I clicked on the link for every coat!


  • kforkarli

    Man, I think the white, black and camel days really suit you. Can definitely outfit repeat those (very un-Kim!)

  • estefania

    my god, yours is so so so much better!!! i dont understand that “sausage” fashion, it looks so tacky to me

  • Aesthetically Amber

    Honestly, this is the only “I dressed like ..Kardashian for week” blog post I’ve seen, that I liked. Don’t get me wrong, some of the Kardashian looks are cute but when everyone dresses EXACTLY like the trend, its refreshing to see someone take the trend but make it their own.

  • Purple queen

    You’re missing the shoes !! Most important part to understand her life struggles……..

  • The denim on denim look is the best of all.
    Great job .

  • Alba

    Omg! This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long while! I’ve been reading it out loud to my BG and we have been laughing big time thanks to you! Very fresh, humorous and fantastically well written. Just became a fan.

  • I LOVE the all black look, I really do, but I can’t help feeling it would have been more interesting to actually where what Kim wears for a week, rather than just the same colour palettes. The perspective of someone who doesn’t usually wear overtly sexy looks on what it’s like to go skintight would have been really interesting.
    Whiskey Tango Flat White | Life and style in weird short essays

  • Mary

    So witty. Made me laugh and I do like your outfits

  • Beautiful dress. I love this color, you are looking good. Fashion Trend is going on.

  • This is eye opening. Thank, Haley for showing us how it’s done. I wouldn’t attempt anything KK but you’ve shown me how. I shy away from monochrome looks but I must give it a try. Would love to see Navy with the black! I know that’s cheating…

  • Love your take on the outfits! Probably love it more than Kim’s. 🙊 You look good, girl!


  • Rain

    This is so Mainstream Stockholm Hipster

  • claire

    ok, girlfriend that black look is THE BOMB.

  • Melissa

    When I was a kid I had a red suitcase and every time I traveled with my family I would insist on wearing my red pants with my red t-shirt and carry my own luggage
    I felt SO CHIC