10 New Yorkers Talk Holidays in the City

Their answers will make you see the city in a whole new sparkly light


People say it, and it sounds cliché, but I swear this is true: There is something magical about New York City during the holidays. It’s as though everyone is on his or her best behavior. People bump into one another less forcefully on the street; we mutter “excuse me” and “pardon” instead of curse words under our breathe; and if you accidentally steal a taxi from someone, the nail of the finger that flips you off is likely to be painted Santa Claus red. The cold is do-able if not enjoyable (at the very least, you know it’s the last time you’ll opt to walk the long way home until April), the odd snowfall feels novel and there are so many sparkling, twinkling lights that you can’t help but look up in in awe. Touristy things feel fun. Stores are wrapped up like presents. For one short month we all agree to not act jaded. It’s very sweet! Click through above for 10 New Yorkers’ take on what it is that makes the holiday season in NYC so special.

Illustrations by Amber Vittoria; follow her on Instagram @amber_vittoria.

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