How to Wear Plaid: A Primer

Wear it like a neutral. Let this be your khaki.


Sometimes, I don’t know who loves Christmas more: Buddy the Elf, Jesus (the birthday boy himself) or me.

The problem with being so stoked on a holiday that you celebrate it for the entirety of one dedicated month, however, is that certain things get mentally assigned to that month. It can be very hard to unlearn these associations. For example, I cannot look at candy canes, the combo of red and green, snowmen or fir trees without thinking “Christmas.”

That’s all fine and well leading up to the holiday, but when it ends, it can be hard to see those things…without thinking “Christmas.” And I know how easy it is to let plaid slip into this category.


Tibi sweater, Cedric Charlier skirt, Brother Vellies boots, Wild & Woolly earrings

See? She thinks it’s funny.

Plaid is so often characterized by its theme (if not Christmas than punk, ’90s grunge or a Scottish Fling) that we rarely let it just be. Sometimes plaid is just plaid!

Pixie Market wrap dress, J.Crew pajama pants, Amélie Pichard shoes, Christopher Kane sunglasses

Although I will admit it’s quite festive.


J.Crew men’s tuxedo jacket, La Ligne pants, Roxanne Assoulin hoop earrings

Below and above, four ways to wear plaid that won’t give you a Christmas complex — one that forces your prized tartan item to the black of your closet for three seasons until you once again deem it fit for visual consumption.

As for the “HOW TO” portion of this thought process, all you have to do is wear it like a neutral. Let this be your khaki. Do not worry about it clashing. I’d avoid pairing cliché Christmas colors with it, if you can, and instead use the pattern as an anchor for anything else that feels as equally confusing in your closet. (Two clashes often make a right.) Wear plaid proudly, much like your leopard print coat that you finally stopped reserving for Special Occasions Only.

Gucci dress, J.Crew turtleneck sweater, Cedric Charlier trousers, Pamela Anderson x Amélie Pichard pumps, Gag & Lou earrings, Jennifer Behr Swarovski head wrap

Gucci dress, J.Crew turtleneck sweater, Cedric Charlier trousers, Pamela Anderson x Amélie Pichard pumps, Gag & Lou earrings, Jennifer Behr Swarovski head wrap

And whatever. Be a little dramatic about it.

Follow our lovely model Alisha (she’s a student, what!?) on Instagram @alisha.b1. Styled by Amelia Diamond; photos by Krista Anna Lewis; market assistance by Elizabeth Tamkin.

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  • Alice

    It’s a tarty party!

    • Amelia Diamond

      *Yes* be tarty for the party!

  • Babs

    fab styling! What household cloth item do we think could most closely approximate the gucci dress??

  • Yara & Jude
  • Amelia, this is great. One of the best shoots I’ve seen on here!

    • true. Amelia has been killing the styling game as of late.

    • Harling Ross

      WORD, EMMA.

  • Zoë

    And I just watched this classic tarty party last night.. O’ what timing

  • Qamar Shehzad

    She is looking very graceful in perfect wrapping of Plaid. Slim girls are always looking attractive and unique in it. The pattern of wearing Plaid is very simple. I like this pattern under Sweater and trouser. The matching of plaid and trouser is incomparable. Your post is better.
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    I LOVE everything about this

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    That pink sweater outfit and the drapey dress outfit have me swooning. I had done away with plaid as frumpy, but this article has me seriously reconsidering it!

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    I love these plaid pieces! So pretty!