The Chatroom: Gwyneth Paltrow

Attention all Goop fans!




I wish you could have seen the list of for-approval questions that we sent to Gwyneth Paltrow’s team before filming this.

We wanted to know things like: What flits about behind her eyelids during a midnight’s slumber? Even though one cannot see them, how many pores does Gwyneth Paltrow actually have? What is her policy on literally everything? What does she wash her face with?  Where does she shop? What does she eat for breakfast? Does she drink?? What does she talk to her daughter about? What does she say to the haters? What are her favorite jeans? How did she build this business? What is it about her new perfume that makes it different from other perfumes? How does she respond to criticism? IS MAN REPELLER GOOP-APPROVED?

We were surprised that the majority of these questions were given the green light. Breakfast = smoothie, by the way, even though she said she’s really not a huge breakfast person and would rather a coffee with half-and-half. Watch, learn and enjoy in the video above.


Follow Gwyneth Paltrow on Twitter @GwynethPaltrow and visit her website Goop, too. Want basically shop Gwyneth’s closet? Check out Goop Label.

You know who loves Gwyneth Paltrow? Our Editorial Director, Leslie. Remember the Chatroom with Jenna Lyons? Watching it may inspire you to try the J.Crew Model Diet.

Edited by Jay Buim; photographed by Simon Chetrit.

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  • Christel Michelle

    I love her, and Goop! The gift guides are some of my favorites to look at during the holiday season. Also, where was this filmed?! It’s so dreamy.

  • Lina

    I usually don’t comment a lot on MR (or anywhere) but I have to say that I really admire your way of asking questions, Leandra! They’re thoughtful and intelligent and I still feel like I can relate to them.
    Always love watching these videos, keep up the great work!!

  • I love these Chatroom videos and the women who are featured on them. More soon please!!

    • Stephanie

      Agree- they’re awesome!

  • Delaney

    The idea of how the current and next generation of women have this ability to be so freely expressive is incredible. Thanks to the internet we have this relatively new connectedness that allows us to see that we are not alone! Man Repeller is a real example of this, in my opinion. Thank you Leandra and Gwyneth for everything that you do!!

  • Grace B

    The body language in this video! That is all.

  • Sarah

    oof. gwenyth paltrow is the worst.

    • Leslie Price

      But wait, why? I really like her.

      • a

        I’m pretty neutral on her but I can see both sides. I think the common criticism about her is that people find her pretentious and out of touch – i.e. a lot of her Goop stuff is crazy $$ and I think she can come across as a little holier than thou (I don’t remember the exact quotes but if you google, people have dedicated tons of time to compiling these things – ouch).

        I can’t tell if she purposefully does/says some of this stuff to bait people or if she’s actually really out of touch though

      • Adrianna

        Charging $400 for a sweater and $140 for night cream signals that you believe only some people should have access to toxin-free, healthy products.

      • Sarah

        uhhhh idk because there are people in this country with out access to clean drinking water and she’s using her platform to publish things like this:

        she’s totally out of touch, and the idea that she pushes clean eating and clean products, but promotes consumption of that kind is hypocritical.

      • Mara

        so i have to be honest…. what bothers me most is that…look at her fragrance packaging– remind you at all of byredo? her emphasis on the ‘G’ – remind you at all of Glossier? she just isn’t that original and much of what she adds to the dialogue is self-serving..ultimately, i think other wellness/beauty/lifestyle bloggers (ie leandra/emily/garance) have far more provoking ideas about womanhood and leadership.

  • She is so great! In some cases she sounds very Hollywood eco-friendly stereotype, but I admire how she grew two successful and very different careers, while being maternal and sexual (as she said!).

  • myra michelle

    Love this segment! I am huge fan of Goop and appreciate their dedication to clean beauty and wellness

  • Niccola

    How does Gwyneth know that she’s reading criticism that is clearly, in her words, “gender biased?”

    I’d be interested to know what she considers valid criticism?

  • Olivia AP

    I feel that lately Leandra’s style is more mature, she has always looked great. but lately she’s been killing it even more. Like a sophisticated cool woman

  • Such good questions Leandra! Thank you!!
    xx Jenelle

  • Antoinette

    More of this Leandra! You were awesome! Also, I’m interested in the number of pores Gwyneth Paltrow actually has. Her skin is amazing!

  • I love that you guys are totally Ying and Yang, all black, all white, blonde, brunette… The neutral background <3 And of course the conversation. I've always loved Goop, seeing the two of you together is like woah! Amazing, team MR! xoxo

  • Kayla Tarynn Viteri

    “We’re living in such a fascinating time to be a woman.” LOVE <3

  • Audrey Fromson

    Holy guacamole we are all so complicated and it’s wonderful.

  • I don’t really know much about Gwyneth Paltrow, but in the above video, she comes across as an intelligent, interesting person.
    And of course beautiful, almost as much as Leandra (No schmaltzing intended, it is just that the chat seems much like “2 Hollywood princesses having a meaningful talk”, in the most positive way, and for some reason, I felt inclined to pick my favorite :-))

  • cbBKNY

    I loved this – well done Leandra!

  • Meghan Bas

    I admit in the past I have judged Gwen and her crazy Goop content, but this chat really brought her into a new light for me. Leandra, great questions as always, very thought provoking and always on point, Loved this one!

  • smillipede

    cool swing

  • Amanda Eisenberg

    I spy a Glossier black ribbon

    • Leandra Medine

      you sure do!

  • Leyla Javadova

    Ah Leanda, Leandra. You made this interview so much sweeter!
    Loved the talk, ladies! It was pretty inspirational, seeing someone talk about their ups and downs in such a modest way!
    Leandra, have someone at MR interview you! I would love to hear some blog-start tips from you!

  • Jenna

    I really like Gwyneth and what she talks about. I guess some people don’t like her but that’s not my concern. Thank you for this conversation. I totally get how ingredients cause mayhem on our bodies/systems.

    But, I know this is totally superficial but, what makeup is she wearing? It’s absolutely beautiful. I think her MUA is Angela Levin 😉

    Thank you, again.

  • Haro

    these type of things come in all shapes and sizes

  • Rafaela Garcia

    Love the chartroom videos, had actually put off watching this one, because I’m actually not a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, not too much about her ever struck me as especially interesting. Butttt she does seem very intelligent and yeah. Would be amazing to see Gina Rodriguez and her work with Naja…just throwing that suggestion out there