The Non-Boring Sweater Market Report

Grab a chicken and raise it high if you agree with the following statement: Getting dressed in the winter sucks.

It has taken me so much time to come to terms with the fact that I don’t know how to get excited about clothing when it is cold out given how much I love the holiday season and my birthday and sequins, etc.

The main culprit of my aversion, I think, is how awful and boring the most dreaded (and yet most comfortable and obvious) combination of clothing — a sweater with jeans and boots — can be. Ugh! What can you even say in a pair of straight leg jeans that are cropped and paired with ankle boots that you loved in 2012 but can’t stop rolling your eyes at in 2016. “Hey, I’m Martha from accounting???”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s too cold for your cool-ass graphic T-shirt, and you’ve been drinking a lot of chocolate (hello, it’s the holidays), so you’re not trying to tuck button-down blouses into your jeans (Am I projecting? Yes. Do I regret it one bit? No.), which leaves you caught at the intersection of sleeping and boring. In your sweater. And jeans. And boots.


Kidding, guys. I’m totally kidding. It’s just an outfit and frankly, winter is awesome because you’re covered as fuq and can wear whatever the hell you want. No one knows, no one cares. Put on your leggings and the same sweater everyday, heck, just roll out of bed and into your office. It’s your life, your rules, and if anyone suggests otherwise, please direct them towards me.

But it is true, you know, that sweaters can get snoozy this time of year, particularly because your holiday antenna is up, so every time even a slightly festive sweater crosses your purview, you’re forced to wonder: how high am I ranking on the scale of Psyched for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

This is why we are bringing you five of the least boring sweaters to buy now, on sale, and also wear now until later. Clothing proprietorship is so much cooler than food proprietorship because you really do get to have your cake and eat it too.

Pass me a fork, would you?

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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  • Natalalaa

    Hey I am Nata from accounting (group accounting manager), but I still refuse to wear the outfit stated above, thanks to my no-dresscode-wear-whatever-you-wanna-wear office 🙂
    This said, I totally agree with you about dressing for winter. I don´t like transition weather anyways – always totally confused when the weather changes and either way freezing or sweating. Somehow I forget how cold 32F (0C for my european fellas) are and refuse to wear propper boots, coats, scarfs etc. once the temperature drops until I cannot deny that winter has finally arrived and then I am completly overstrained with actual lack of possibilities left. At the moment I am trying to get some inspo from skandi folks because they have no other chance then to somehow work an outfit around the shitty weather (and they always look soooo cool!)

  • Wow, I actually like all of them. A lot!
    You must be right about winter being a boring season for dressing: after all, I have been sticking to my apple green fleece jacket for days now, as if this was the only wearable color (I have at my disposal)…

  • Senka

    I actually like winter, because it allows me to look semi decent while wearing huge oversized coat in either beige or light gray, cashmere sweater and scarf in matching color ( I’m a walking snoozefest I know) with black slacks or jeans. Sometimes I add a white silk shirt under the sweater to spice it up a bit (risky as can be, right?). I have only recently discovered the joy of sneakers, when everyone else is already sorta sick of them, but I’m 33 and my feet deserve to be comfy at last. Point of big coats is that they remind me of my favorite clothing item ever, which is a bath robe, so walking around in what looks a lot like one is bonus. I like the idea of cute, fancy earings like those Shouruk ones, hwith bulkier winter stuff, and even peaking under a knit beanie. It’s season to shine after all.

  • That cropped sweater and the MR shoesies were basically made for each other!

  • Christel Michelle

    I’m always surprised when you describe how much you dislike winter! The layering possibilities are endless and some of the layered outfits you put together in the summer and fall could easily be tweaked and worn now. Remember that piece you did on 3 ways to wear a denim skirt? Or what about the one where you showed us how to wear pants under a skirt? I feel like if you use those outfit templates you could have really cool non boring winter outfits! I look at a lot of older stuff when I need inspo for getting dressed in the morning.

  • Jessie Erikson

    I love everything about this post because I don’t hate winter (I live in warm winter paradise, tbh) but I hate that I feel like it’s the season for everyone to fully push their Superiority of Neutrals Agenda and this just gives me hope

    last week I spent a long time debating whether I could buy a tan puffy coat because I really wanted to confirm that it was truly “gold” instead of just slightly shimmery tan before I could commit. thanks mom for speaking to my heart.

  • Johanna

    Love it when you write with a bite!

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    omg that pixie market sweater is so good and something my poor post grad self can actually afford BUT ITS SOLD OUT!!! why must the fashion gods test me so?

  • Nan hare

    I love dressing in winter! When else do you get to wear
    trousers, a jumper, a dress, a cardi and a scarf at the same time? Works best
    (as they say) with bare ankles.