Use “Love Story” to Inspire Your Winter Wardrobe

Bundling up has never looked so romantic


Love Story’s title tells all: It is a love story, it is simple and it is short.

In addition to its tragic tale — terrible for lashes coated in regular, non-waterproof mascara and anyone with a stoic, imperfect tooth that was corrected in vain through orthodontia (if you don’t sob at the end, you will at least shed a tear that you do not have Ali MacGraw’s smile), Love Story has some of the greatest wintry cinematic fashion of all time.

Yes, of all time! That includes Doctor Zhivago and Home Alone!

Because cold weather should never threaten the thrill of a great outfit or romance, may I present the Erich-Segal-book-turned-movie’s Rules of Style.

Thick black glasses and a middle part will make you look sharp while cutting through the heart of potential suitors.


Here’s a good pick-up line to use while wearing them:

Oliver Barrett IV: Well what makes you so smart?

Jennifer Cavalieri: I wouldn’t go out for coffee with you that’s what.

Oliver Barrett IV: Well what if I wasn’t even gonna ask you to go out for coffee with me?

Jennifer Cavalieri: Well that’s what makes you stupid.

Match your plaid scarf to your plaid skirt.


You can never over-tartan.

Never give up the hunt for the perfect suede and shearling coat.


Just as you should never give up the hunt for your perfect other half.

Don’t be afraid to repeat outfit ideas.


It’s like a uniform but with a bit of a color variation to keep things fresh. Apply to the bedroom, too.

You need a hat.


It will warm your head and your heart so that you can stay focused while being annoying in an endearing way, sort of like a cat who asks you to rub its belly then claws you.

Pea green is not just for soup.


It is a great color to get all mushy in.

You Don’t Have to Be a Preppy to Pop Your Collar.


You just need a great coat to stand up to the wind and your future fiancé’s hard-headed father.

Wear red when you need to feel powerful!


A tea dress may be polite, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t speak its mind just as clearly as you do.

Wear a button-down under a cardigan if you want to show a little extra skin; wear a button-down over a turtleneck if you suspect a cold front’s coming.


Family will keep you cozy either way.

Dressing up for important occasions doesn’t mean going all out.


Sometimes a simple, short white dress is the only thing that feels right.

Besides, it’s the details that count.


Like this delicate neck bow.

Wearing Flowers in Your Hair Does Not Have to Conjure Up Coachella



Pilgrim cuffs always look chic.


Shout out to the Puritans.

Pack white jeans if you’re a winter traveler visiting a warm climate.


And pair with navy.

Men’s shorts need to shrink again!


Why hide such lovely legs?

Even when wearing skirts, channel Katharine Hepburn.


+ Points for speaking with a mid-Atlantic accent when just a little bit mad.

A little bit of Starsky and Hutch goes a long way.


Especially as you think more and more about cowboy boots while getting increasingly sick of skinny jeans.

Find yourself a party blouse.


Let it become your go-to for every tricky celebratory “what-do-I-wear-to-x” situation.

Just because it’s the morning doesn’t mean you don’t need to Get Dressed.


Capital G, capital D, capital H-D for Hair Do.

Regardless of Regina George’s rules, say yes to the vest.


Then challenge anyone who questions your logic.

Try to find the kind of lover whose sweaters you can steal.


Because two wardrobes are always better than one.

A cream coat is dangerous, but what’s life without a little risk?


So you spill. Wash it off with a some snow, good as new.

Invest in beautiful sleepwear. 


^ This scene. Don’t make me talk about this scene.

And finally, remember those famous words: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”


Now off you go, across the threshold of one very romantic winter ahead.

For more Rules of Style, check out those of Felicity Jones and Sienna Miller. And if you’re curious as to why shopping makes you feel good…

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  • Brittany Berckes

    ahhhh my favorite movie of all time (not ashamed, used to be, but not anymore). love every outfit. love it all.

    • Amelia Diamond

      never be ashamed! hi brittany!!

  • cicillionaire

    Cuffs! This is how I aspire to dress EVERY WINTER. I need more plaid in my life.

    • Amelia Diamond

      i need the cuff situation badly

  • Grace B

    1) Find a lover whose sweaters you can steal — done. My fiance is obsessed with 90s sweaters,yes, those crazy patterned ones. And he also has a shearling & suede coat! I win. And this movie is SOOOO GOOD. What Notebook?

  • Ella Viscardi

    Same page, girl. I use hashtags on rare occasions, but that ninth photo is serious #goals…

    • Amelia Diamond

      srsly. HI ELLA

  • rachel

    be right back, I have to go purchase some red opaque tights IMMEDIATELY

    • Amelia Diamond

      same and that never happened when BLAIR WALDORF wore them

    • Hannah

      SAME – need red tights and more plaid, asap

  • Christel Michelle

    “i don’t know what it is, but i suddenly hate my style lol” a text I sent to my best friend when I was about halfway through this post.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Emma

    when ITG did an article on how to get Ali MaGraw’s look years ago my life was MADE and now Manrepeller?! LOVE. I have honestly aspired to look like ali macgraw in Love Story since middle school

    • Amelia Diamond

      ugh i am in love with her

  • Rafaela Garcia


  • Senka

    Plaid, coats, hair and brows are literally goals. Loved Ali McGraw since I watched movie with mom as a kid.

  • Joshua Fetzer

    Honestly this look – forever iconic. My best girlfriend and I were just skiiing in Andorra with the great company Stoke Travel that handled all of the details for us. Every moment was us trying to replicate these scenes haha.

    For anyone that might be interested:

  • Kelly Funderburk

    This article is my favorite thing!!! Ali in this movie is ALWAYS my answer for fave style icon of all time…perfect mix of sarcasm, brains, & style. When she has her little camel scarf tucked in her matching Max Mara-esque popped-collar coat over that perfect red dinner dress……every time I swoon. And her top-knot got me into top-knots at an early age. Forever grateful.